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  1. Yeah, I already figured that out a few days ago but thanks anyway for your feedback. I'm afraid it needs some pretty extensive scripting with the upcoming SDK. So we'll have to wait for a really smart modder I guess (in the meantime I'm going to have a look at that file again to see if maybe something can be done, never know, hehe) EDIT: Maybe I can start with disabling the camerazoom when locked on a target (I hate autolock, autoaim, autowhatever). I have a question BTW about the drone: is it right that it's only available in missions 1,5 and 9? That's what I found in the mission__.xml files... EDIT: I lowered the Cypher's height by a factor 5 and disabled the zoom. Much better now I think, although it can get stuck against buildings at this height. Funny thing: it flawlessly follows every street, every corner. Sometimes it moves to a very high position where it gets stuck too... Strange. [i now know how to spawn a cypher in e.g. Mission 2 (Coup D'état), works fine]
  2. Actually I was afraid for a moment there won't be a SP editor at all, never, ever. If it takes like 2 or 3 months, no problem here. Really, from the moment the bundle got unbuindled I saw some great potential for this game. Looking forward for some SP mission editing simply because I happen to like GRAW. A lot... but if I had to say something "less positive" about GRAW it's the fact that certain missions, when played over and over again, are getting repetitive. I'd certainly like to see more randomization in the game => replayability! But still:
  3. Hi, I read HERE that mapeditors will come out for several MP-modes. Does this mean there won't be a mapeditor for SP? Personally I was looking forward so much to be able to make myself a bunch of missions. If that's not possible, I'm afraid it's the end of GRAW for me personally (well: first I have to play me another 7 or so missions but really: I'm quitte dissapointed about this news. Maybe one of the Grinners could clarify things a bit?
  4. Not only for MP but also for SP I'd like to see a Drone without the autolock system but instead a totally controllable one. If someone could mod this in the future... would be a great addition to the game. At the moment the drone is merely a gimmick instead of being a real tactical device. So, I agree!
  5. Hi, I use the setup with the /Local/mods/ path and modding works fine except for sound. When I try to replace certain wavs (the flesh_hits) by a totally different sound (for testing purposes), I don't hear any difference at all when hit. Can someone explain what I should do to get this working? I also tried placing the wavs in their original folder but that doesn't work either. Thanks.
  6. Hi TC, I'm looking forward to this mod (although I couldn't see the movie because of problems with my PC). Can you tell me how you did the entrance wounds (earlier post)? If you won't share it because of the Teen rating, could you PM it to me? I'm 42, so no problem there Thanks a lot!
  7. that's what it was supposed to be Thanks TC! This is so much better!
  8. I guess that would be ghost_members.xml in the strings folder (haven't tried it out but should work) EDIT: OK. for testing purposes I named Kirland "Poepie" (yeah, it's Dutch ). Works great (although I don't use it myself, I have my superminimalistic HUD ).
  9. You don't because you don't have to. GRAW will read every changed xml-file in it's DATA directory (I assume you know where to put the unpacked files) when you start it up (instead of the code in the bundle). The only two things you have to be sure off are: 1. for every xml file there's an already compiled .bin file (same name, other extension). You have to delete that one. 2. change all "false" values in the last line of the file "context.xml" to "true" Elsewhere on the forum this is all explained earlier so please have a look over there if my info is hard to understand (it's a bit hard to explain these things in English for me and besides I'm writing this on another PC than the one GRAW is installed to).
  10. I use Autohotkey since GRAW (to be able to use voicebuddy actually) which is freeware (www.autohotkey.com) and is actually a small utility that comes with a really impressive scripting language. It just takes a few lines of code to make the peekkeys behave like in other games.
  11. I might as well answer here because the other thread is a bit dead I'm afraid. I can tell you I tried really everything to get this to work (including extensive testing with the shakers, nothing worked but I won't stop you from experimenting ofcourse, matbe you find something). I gave up on this but I added some black-red-out effects myself by altering the interferance.xml file (in the gui folder). This lastst for 2-3 seconds or so and I can assure you: you are forced to seek cover because I think it really messes your sight up. Just made the blue line into a red rectangle (screensized) in which the alpha is being tweened, I did the same to a black plane I made). I also extracted the sounds and gave them a little boost so now it feels better when hit (or actually worse ). (tt gave me some complications in the first place (I opened a topic about that BTW: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35069 ) so always backup the entire GRAW-folder before you alter certain files). Anyway finally After some problems I got it right now).
  12. No problem: first search in mission03.xml the following line of code: <element type="ChangeMission" path="/levels/mission04/mission04" level_number="3" start_time="30.0"/> Copy this line to your clipboard. Now find the following lines of code (in the enter_embassy_boom event block): <!-- <element type="TriggerEvent" event="go_tank01" start_time="21.0"/> --> <!-- <element type="TriggerEvent" event="go_panhard_embassy_a01" start_time="23.0"/> --> </event> Now paste the contents of your clipboard between these lines just before the </event> tag (last line of this piece of code). That's it. I also tried something else: inserting more savepoints. That works too! Just insert the following pice of code: <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point77" start_time="1.0"/> just before the end of one of those eventblocks (the "77" is just a unique number (not used in the rest of the .xml file). This works perfect!
  13. Hi Guys, After reading all the complaints about the embassy mission ((I'm talking about he last part of VIP2 mission after the embassy gets destroyed) and after several attempts I decided to look in the mission_03.xml file. It'very easy to tell the game to skip a part of the mission and to continue with the next mission. I don't have the file available at this moment (posting from other PC) but all you have to do is to search for the line that says something like "mission change" and copy it to the end of the "embassy boom" block. If you load the checkpoint where the explosion will occur (shortly after), the mission will end! Sorry for this bad explanation but I'll post a better one if asked for. P.S. I assume you know how to mod GRAW (the bundle extractor and stuff).
  14. The moment we got blessed with the bundle extractor I immediately changed the frag's explosion_radius but a week or so later I'm still looking for the 40mm (GL).... I think you're right about the diesel file. Guess we just have to wait for the SDK. Thanks anyway.
  15. Great work nemon! Can't wait (already tried some editing with a hexeditor but that's almost impossible (you can't tell what are opcodes and what are values).
  16. Thanks for the input guys! learned another thing. BTW: I forgot to mention: in those cases you can even throw away the XML and the BIN-files in which I made the changes: the game still worked including the changes I made. Thtat really stumped me but now I know it's "normal".
  17. I've done some (well actually more than some...) modding over the past week or so and since recently I noticed something which can be very confusing. I noticed sometimes GRAW "doesn't accept" anymore changes you make to an XML file. Whatever you try to change, it does'nt have an effect any more. It appears, other files are involved which seem to inherit certain values(??). The only thing I can do at that point is replacing my whole GRAW folder by a backup and start again with that specific file. I hope you guys know what I'm talking about and I wonder if I'm being stupid here (maybe I am), if so, please help me out on this and tell me what am I doing wrong. Thanks.
  18. Hi InsaneSnyper, Maybe I should this adress to you? Do you know how to mod the explosion_radius or the damage off the 40mm grenades (grenade launcher). I looked everywhere but still can't find it.
  19. Thanks for your input. I'm afraid I haven't been able to execute an animation, not even an "effect" (which looks not so hard to do, I mean I think I know how it works but I'm missing something here...). Almost forgot to tell: I was able to alter the camerashaking which occurs when a nearby car explodes. In that same file I expected to be able to change the bullethitshaking but I'm afraid it's a dead end at this point.
  20. Yes, Im interested. OK, here it is: serach for the file e_hud.xml in the effects folder. At the end you'll find a block of code for the "hud_sand_splat_a". What follows is the already changed code. I changed "test_distance" to 70 although I have absoluteley no idea if that was necessary... The most important variable however is: "time" (now set to 180 seconds). I also added more lines to the piece of code for the transition to a clean HUD. That's the stuff between the "opacity_controller" tags. There were only 2 or 3 lines in there but I added more for a smoother transition. The rest of the code is untouched. <effect name="hud_sand_splat_a" test_plane_width="0" test_plane_height="0" test_nr_instances="1" test_spawn_offset="0" test_spawn_rate_hz="0" test_unit="" test_effect_surface="" test_distance="70.0" test_normal_Y="0.0" test_normal_X="0.0" test_normal_Z="1.0" > <particle_effect num_particles="6" time="180" align="normal" normal_align="world" gravity_align="world" > <visualizer type="halo" > <assign_particle range="0 5" /> <data image="hud_sand_splat_a" blend="normal" billboard_type="screen_aligned" size="0 0" size_min="0.1 0.1" size_max="0.75 0.75" rotation_speed_min="-50" rotation_speed_max="50" origo="0.55 0.5" /> <rotation_speed_controller > <key t="0.0" v="1"/> <key t="1e-006" v="0"/> </rotation_speed_controller> <opacity_controller > <key t="0" v="220"/> <key t="0.100782" v="180"/> <key t="0.214867" v="150"/> <key t="0.344867" v="120"/> <key t="0.4714867" v="90"/> <key t="0.5914867" v="60"/> <key t="0.73514867" v="40"/> <key t="0.8514867" v="20"/> <key t="1" v="0"/> </opacity_controller> <uv_randomizer frame_start="0 0" frame_size="0.5 0.5" num_frames="40" /> </visualizer> <particle range="0 0" start="0.000000" end="1.000000" normal="0.000 0.000 0.000" /> <particle range="1 1" start="0.005000" end="1.000000" position="0 0 0.3" normal="0.000 0.000 0.000" /> <particle range="2 2" start="0.001000" end="1.000000" position="0 0.6 0" normal="0.000 0.000 0.000" /> <particle range="3 3" start="0.001000" end="1.000000" position="0.3 0 0" normal="0.000 0.000 0.000" /> <particle range="4 4" start="0.001000" end="1.000000" position="-0.3 0 0" normal="0.000 0.000 0.000" /> <particle range="5 5" start="0.001000" end="1.000000" position="-0.6 0 0" normal="0.000 0.000 0.000" /> </particle_effect> </effect> </effects>
  21. In my opinion that would be the nicest thing to have (although it could be just to much because the chances are you'll never get up, because it takes to much time). Anyway: this is probably even much harder to do then what I'm aiming at now (blackout texture or better: a more pronounced shaking effect). There is a shakingeffect going on but I think it's just the menushaker. I just found out that I can alter explosionshaker nut still no luck with the bullethitshake... @TC: I almost forgot about that. Can't wait for that one!
  22. @Grin-Wille: Yeah, I was afraid of that but thanks for your reply anyway. @TC: Yes, I would not be surprised if the bloodsplats and stuff are remainders of the XBOX (not sure). I had'nt got the time to post the "dirt-on-HUD-for more than a few seconds"-modification I did yesterday (don't know if anybody is interested?) but I'll continue my search for a way to create a blackout effect when hit. Won't be easy I'm afraid
  23. First I want to say: Thanks for the info. Anyway: I managed to find and change the dirteffect on my goggles when sliding to prone. Now the dirt on my HUD very slowly fades away and it takes minutes (I like that gritty effect!). It should be easy to replace the dirttexture with a blackoutefect (well, actually a simple texture) of some sort but I'm still finding a way to trigger that dirt-effect when hit by a bullet. I found the blood_hit and bullet_hits but I still don't know how to do this... If Grin_Wille could help us out on that, that would be great!
  24. That's something I also thought off. I already tried findig the dirttexture to find out where and how this texture is called so I could learn more about how to call the bloodsmears and -spots but I couldn't find it so I looked at some other files (e.d. composition_manager) and concentrated on the shaking but no luck so far....
  25. Thanks Ted. At the moment I'm looking in the composition.xml Interesting file. If I'm right, you could build your own triggers (something like that) in taht file.... theoretically...
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