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  1. Hi there, I did some hud-tweaking and stuff but one thing is still bothering me: I really don't like the blue animated "move" and "cover that" 'icons'. To be more precise: I would like them to dissapear right after I give an order (I know this is Advanced warfighter but that's not the point). I've searched the forums but could'nt find an answer to this. Is there someone out there who knows where I can find those elements and how to disable them? (.XML or, if neccesary replace some .DDS files). I still have no clue (maybe they're scripted??). Anyway, thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, I've stopped (actually paused) playing GRAW a few months ago; I've been waiting for the promised SP Editor, badly... Now I revisited these forums and after doing some searching it seems almost no one is even interested in SP longevity, let alone some words about an editor. I don't get it... So my question: Is there going to be a SP-editor (mission editor) or at least a SP-firefight mode (randomly placed enemies) or are we doomed to dig in the .XML's ourselves to edit some missions? (ofcourse it would be great if someone is working on some kind of utility to accomplish this). Thanks for a reply.
  3. I havent' been here for a while (other things to do) but before I rush to my PC and try edit some misions, I have one burning question: will I be able to change the enemies paths (and / or add / remove enemy soldiers) and stuff like that or can I only place or remove objects? An answer to this will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Now that's a good idea! I also have other things on my mind but that would be a nice little mod I think.
  5. Yeah, I have this sadistic urge to play through the campain on hard, with no HUD, no helath recovery, and dead teamates stay dead. Yeah, I misread it. Wow, you're one though son of a soldier But make that "masochistic" instead of sadistic. I think it's pretty masochistic to play half of the mission on your own You're a sadist if you can't stop shooting corpses Anyway in the file u_teammates.xml there's a line: <var name="clamp_at_save" value="true"/> I guess setting this to false could do the trick (haven't tested this and again: if it doesn't work, try restarting the mission you're playing!!). Your own character is in the file: u_player (you'll find the same line there) Good luck!
  6. I think you mean after each loading of a savegame? I have an alternative for you; making your teammembers more damageresistant; I made them 5 times as strong (even now they sometimes die because they sometimes refuse to get out of the line of heavy fire, but I like it a lot more now then playing half of the mission on my own I don't have the changes within reach at the moment but if you're interested you can send me a PM or I'll post it tomorrow if I don't forget NOTE: in order to make it work you have to restart the mission you're playing (the higher values in the XML only take effect at the start of a mission).
  7. Does anyone know how to add ghosts in the solo mission (mission #5)? I feel so lonely I looked at the xml file (mission_05.xml) but at the end you can find the usual lines with the words "spawn" and "ghost" in them for all 4 teammembers... I don't get it... If someone knows how to do this or is willing to find out how this can be done; thanks in advance!
  8. A while ago a member of the GRIN-team explained it's possible in theory to make a map as large as "Mexico City" (i.e. the Mexico City from the game) but because of todays PC limit's (especially memory) this is only possible in theory. So I guess maps can be made somewhat larger than is the case now (most maps now are about 800x800 meter) depending on your system but not too much.
  9. First again: this game is good, really good! (after making my ghosts 5 times more "damageresistant" ) ... BUT the nades. Man, they are so frustrating!! Do you remember the grenade throwing in ravenshield? Perfect! Needed just a little practice but in GRAW it's so risky and difficult to throw a grenade in a bunker for instance and it's dangerous because of the bouncing!! (feels a bit like Doom III...). I blew myself up a couple of times (OK, I have to admit I expanded the explosion radius with 80% ). Throwing from around a corner (leaning / peeking) is also very tricky somehow. Anyway, someone, please, please make those nades more predictable. In real life I'm really bad at throwing things but hey: I'm a highly trained soldier in GRAW Please EDIT: What about a "panic button"? A button that gives you and your ghosts godmode just for a few seconds in order to survive a bounced grenade? I know it sounds awfull but I hate it when blowing myself up...
  10. Don't get to excited guys. I rewrote one of the missions in order to get inserted (by heli) at a different spot (just to test things out a bit). That worked fine (although nothing was activated yet; no enemies). Somehow I was also able to walk further then normally (without the warning and stuff) but if you go to far, the city looks like **** : very lo-res textures (buildings, roads) and even flat cardboard-like buildings.... (it's the "backdrop" I think)
  11. Actually after increasing my ghosts damagepoints, I have no need for respawning teammates so you can forget about this post (sorry). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't like losing my men one by one because of their suicidal tendencies. I know it's also my responsibility but still it's quite hard to keep them alive. Does someone here know if it's possible to respawn your teammates e.g. after loading a savegame? Although the ghost AI is far from perfect I really like having them with me, this is a tactical game after all. An alternative would be to increase their damagepoints so they could outlive more hits, certainly not realistic but you have to admit: in real life the number of casualties in those kind of missions is much lower. Don't know, but one would say that it's not that hard to program the AI to immediately look for cover when shot at or is it? When in the offensive they do pretty well as far as cover is concerned (although shooting skills are set low in the XML files but I guess that's to stimulate the player to do some shooting too). EDIT: I made my ghosts "stronger" now. This will only have effect after restarting a mission though.
  12. I was looking for a way to implement a quicksave and in the process I stumbled upon the Aircobug: in the wall_airconditioner.xml file there are two lines of code (one for bulletdamage and one for explosiondamage): <element type="DisableSound" sound="ac_hun" start_time="1"/> As you can see, it says "ac_hun". Has to be "ac_hum" So, change these two lines to: <element type="DisableSound" sound="ac_hum" start_time="1"/> ...and the airco will stop humming after it's shredded Just a small bug but maybe something for one of the coming patches? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was trying to force a savepoint by destroying the airco (just for testing purposes) but that didn't work...
  13. Hi Snyper, Earlier today I had the idea to test something like triggering it by shooting a teammate in the foot Actually I think that's better then nothing. Do you think if that's possible? A couple of days ago I tried getting the game saved when killed myself, that didn't work though (would be not very logical to I guess) Keep up the good work, maybe you'll find the holy grail (well, actually I don't want too many extra savepoints, that would ruin the tension....
  14. Until a mod comes out, I have an alternative for you: I wrote some time-based savepoints in my missionXX.xml files. It's a matter of 3 minutes work for each mission. (Small note though: After reloading a time-based savepoint there won't be any of them again UNTIL the next standard savepoint occurs). Basically this method gives you as many extra savepoints as you like but when using one of them, this new autosave won't be there until the next standard savepoint because only then it gets triggered again (sorry, not English so I use to many words ) Anyway: in most missions there a a few "frustrationpoints" (what do you think of standing underneath a bunker before throwing a grenade, very dangerous in this game because of the"not-so-well implemented throw" (sorry Grin) There you have it: an extra saving point! Do I have to mention The Embassy Extra saving points! What you'll have to do is the following. Say, you want extra timebased savepoints in mission3, go to the mission03.xml file. If you look closely you see it's made up of various blocks that start with: <event name="bla bla"> they end like: </event> In some of those blocks you'll find a line like: <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03" start_time="4"/> That ofcourse, is the standard savepoint. Now: insert the following lines (ONLY the lines starting with: "element type"!!) in the "event-block" AFTER (!!) the "event-block" where the standard savepoint can be found (can you still follow me? So the block after the one with standard savepoint, will look like: <event name="trigger_drop_point"> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03-05min" start_time="300"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03-10min" start_time="600"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point03-15min" start_time="900"/> etc. etc. Do this for each standard saving point (if you wish). Ofcourse you can add as many lines as you like or change the time intervals. I did this because I got fed up of blowing myself up with my own grenades... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I see Insane snyper is now also bussy with this. I hope he'll find a way to get it to trigger (that's something I'd rather not find out myself... I've been modding this game for a week now and because of that I'm still at Mission 4... I want to play, play, play
  15. Hmm, well it should be that command above Thanks Ben but yes, I did do that already (otherwise the whole screen is black). ..
  16. Thanks, that's actually what I was hoping for. Well, cheers! What exactly do you mean by "professional"? I mean: - Special insertion? You mean like different insertion points? can be done easy by tweaking the XML-file (if not provided) - Lots of Tango's? I presume you can chose how many tango's will spawn on a map (that's usually the case in Tangohunt) - Nice move and Strategy? I think you have a point here; it's much nicer if tango's are well placed on tactical positions but that's actually never the case in tangohunt modes (like Ravenshield; in tangohunt it's pretty much randomized (spawning at certain spawnpoints) I don't care too much about that though as long as tango's are patrolling (not just stand there like a brick) and grouped and communicate with each other) Note: I'm a single player myself and I have to admit I can't wait for some mission modding tools of some kind but I think a tangohunt mode (if well implemented) would be a nice alternative.
  17. Do you know if this will also apply to Single Player?? I think GRAW is a great game but, like with Ravenshield, I would so much like to play some serious tango hunts (with more or less randomized tango's ofcourse). In Ravenshield I built myself quitte some missions with the mapeditor; great times! So ideally: a SP (!) mapeditor would be awesome but if there will be a tango hunt mode in which you can play with a botteam against bots, Ã will be more than satisfied...
  18. Me neither. I also have a lot of codecs installed... EDIT: I checked the codecs with G-spot and it says: FPS1. I guess that's the Fraps codec. Only have it installed on my gamingrig (I'll try it on that PC)
  19. If it were not for the moderator's merging of one of my topics (into a topic on the least visited subforum; mapmodding), I probably would have rewritten a mission by now... Maybe someone could help me: I was trying to get the ingame mapeditor to work, just to find out the coördinates on the map but I have problems with loading a level in the mapeditor. Please read this topic: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35372 Thanks a lot.
  20. I believe there's another thread about this but never mind: I agree. If I could make a wish, I'd wish three commands: - Hold your fire! - Fall out! (seek cover to save your own butts immediately!, don't you just stand there ) - Go! Go! Go! (in other words: "RUN" to point x instead of slowly walking and even hesitating when in a line of fire. Just RUN!) Would be fantastic additions.
  21. Hi, [i already posted this on the "maps forum" but I don't think many people are reading there at the moment. Sorry for the double posting] [Merged into existing thread - Please stick to existing thread and forum, multiple threads & forums will just confuse things]
  22. Thanks Paulkel. We'll wait for the SDK...
  23. Hi, I'm trying to use the ingame-mapeditor by the method you can read below these lines but all I get is a ghost on a grey plane in an empty world. I did set the post-processing to "false", and I use a clean 1.06 install for this purpose. Is someone willing to help me a bit on this please? Thanks in advance! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the method I use (from Vlad): "Can get it directly with these lines. <script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/mission03/mission03" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/street/street" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/animation/animation" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/e3vision/e3vision" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/ai_test/ai_test" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/e3street/e3street" editor="false"/> <script base="data" exec="levels/editor/editor" editor="true" enforce_texture_sets="false"/> paste those under this line. <script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="false" language="english"/> I enabled most of the things to make editor show more than empty space. handy way to use the editor when you wish and without loading trough the lan. Correct me if im wrong."
  24. I wonder if it's possible to mod (randomize even?) the time it lasts before a wounded enemy is getting on it's feet again. Some variation would be ideal. Someone? I think randomization is only possible with the SDK but simply a longer recovery time would be nice.
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