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  1. It took about two mags, so a total of about 10 shots to inch your way up to the target without over shooting
  2. Thanks a lot! Hopefully this will save people a lot of trouble.
  3. Thanks! Still figuring out Ansel and all of it's features.
  4. Hello guys, I'm just looking for some advice as to what editing software and what not to use. I know the quality is garbage, but for my first video I needed to use get the basics down. If you are interested in joining the Cartel Special Operations Unit Task Force please PM me. I need officers to help other players learn and grow as ghosts! - Orca
  5. Hey guy's! thought I'd make a topic to post all of the favorite pictures I've taken! let me know if you guys want to play as well! Looking for someone to snipe with and be sneaky sneaky.
  6. How do you guys post pictures without exceeding the 1.95 mb limit?
  7. Is this for all rifles or just the MSR and that scope? I just hit a 700m+ shot last night and I'm not quite sure how accurate the mils are yet.
  8. Hey guys, I hope you are all enjoying GRWL! I've been trying to snipe a lot more in the game and I was wondering If anybody has found the general ranges for the mils on the T5Xi Tactical scope or any others. I know it might be different for other guns. Let me know if you have any info!
  9. Hey guys, I'm just now having trouble looking at my task force on the website. It say's I need to buy the game. which I did. A long time ago... If you're having the same issue and it's something I should already know, Please tell me! :')
  10. CSOU, short for Cartel Special Operations Unit, is a Unit unknown to the rest of the world. This Unit was created for one purpose only, to fight the war on Drugs, Weapons and human trafficking. We strategically outwit our enemy to stop the production and distribution of these illegal goods which support the Santa Blanca Cartel's existence. We are a tight knit group of individuals who explore, discover and utilize our God given talents to work together on destroying the Santa Blanca Cartel. We believe in teamwork and respect which allows us to work and succeed as a team. Recon, investigation and execution of our day to day missions is crucial. We might implement a ranking system in our TeamSpeak if enough Ghosts want it. If we implement the ranking system, it would look like a unit of 4, the highest ranking Ghost is the leader, aka Ghost Lead (Unless lead position privilege is given by highest ranking Ghost). Each Ghost is encouraged to explore all fields of a unit, for example Stealth, Driver/Pilot, Support, Sniper, Explosives expert, etc... We will work together to see what works best for you and is most beneficial to the unit you are operating in. We strive to implement all of these things to get the best experience we can out of the game! My email is cryingorca@gmail.com, email me if you want to be a part of this task force! if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please email or speak to me on TeamSpeak! TeamSpeak - serv1.ranksr.com:3145 Task Force - https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/15225/Cartel-Special-Operations-Unit -Best regards, Crying Orca
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