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  1. Well, Mr. Chems, you are off the hook for a few more days! I'm heading home for the weekend, but when I return from my study epic, I plan to be able to promptly release my tension on a bunch of alien arachnids! Have a good weekend!
  2. Let the man rest.. atleast for a bit =p
  3. Hey Chems, what volume of enemies will be allowed on this map? IE: How many of those damn bugs are we going to get to squash?
  4. The thought of this mod is getting me through exams!
  5. Looks beautiful so far guys. But in the meantime me and Slink will be cyber-energizing the spector light radar thinga-ma-bob. =p
  6. I just read the front page about Chems finishing this mod and I about pee'd myself. Absolutely fantastic news Chems! Thanks for not forgetting about us
  7. Then you can pass it over to me and I'll defunct the discombobulator that way the tricilatitinator will macroprocess the gigateraical bytes to mask the dumbobulators and supercapcitators.
  8. Just remind her that Santa Claus is coming soon and he doesn't appreciate whining ^_-
  9. With such a talented and generous community of modders, I'm sure you could find somebody!
  10. All the best/revolutionary mods are dropped before completion minus HX.
  11. Thanks Any other suggestions?
  12. An unexpected but handsome mod. Good luck!
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