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  1. Great read, I see no reason for you to apologize at all for "rambling", this is your thread and you own the sh-- out of it!.. Isn't that why people use forums anyways, to read something, reply, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way? Still haven't played WL yet but I'm planning on getting it within the week, so this is a wonderful assessment of how far it's come since development and where it's at as a complete game now. I only have one opinion so far about the fact that there isn't a Rules of Engagement command for the AI Ghosts. It is really unsettling to me; I can't fat
  2. Dug Summit Strike outta storage.. I'm pretty hard up these days but gonna be hunting for a console soon too.
  3. Flaming Pillar was brutal eh!! Have you wrapped it yet MarkShot? That mission took me over a week on and off attempting to complete. I took 3 fireteams for that one, can't remember which classes but I do remember taking all med-Heavy weaponry with med-long range optics and lots of grenades (frag, stun and launchers). You've gotta bound and suppress like your life depends on it while hopping from cover to cover behind those boulders leading up to the left side entrance on the perimeter of the facility. I kept my secondary fireteam at the Boulder closest to the refinery, peekin
  4. Yeah man I had a lot of fun!
  5. Right on looking forward to this. Gonna be nice to meet you Havoc and Lightspeed. Any last minute thoughts on running the Not A Game mod by any chance? I know it's pretty late to ask so its understandable if it's not doable for you guys.. That's too bad it's too late for comms where you're at Zee. Never fun trying to play anything multiplayer without a mic..
  6. Yo brotha I can't seem to add you on Discord. Perhaps DM me your email so I can try to add you by email adress instead of discord id!

    1. Pvt. Snafu

      Pvt. Snafu

      Cancel that, I just had to verify my account first haha

  7. If I could pick one from OGR I think it would be Swamp.. I actually love the dense fog on that level and the murky feel.. it's great for staging point plank ambushes: I like to set my fireteams up in at least 2 separate concealed points within very close range of the enemy and set their orders to recon and hold so they all stay prone or take cover, and then do the old assault hotkey and a perfect coordinated ambush takes place. Of course there's always potential for mistakes but I'd say that tactic works more effectively on that level than some other levels. Refinery hands down on Desert
  8. Quick saves👎 Still a good time overall but I think that Quick saves would be regarded as cheating in the speed run world.
  9. Just finished watching your stone bell playthru, good stuff.. tough break losing a guy but that's better than having Nato casualties. Great series so far, personally I'd like to see the original expansions after the OGR playthru. If you do a HU playthru right away I feel that it would render the Vanilla expansions obsolete, due to the overhaul on enemy AI in HU.
  10. Yeah I'm beginning to see what you mean. Lost 1 soldier in mission 1 and thought it wasn't too tough so far.. and then mission 2 hits you like a surprise Rpg to the face Hahaha. Haven't made it more than 2 minutes yet on my 5th try. Btw, Is that the Navy specialist from CO2 in your sig, Havok?
  11. Yeah I was under the impression that he was quite a great madder back in the day. I've also been trying out his Sabre Team SAS mod and it seems pretty cool as well. Quality skins all around and I like the custom launchers he created, very easy to use.
  12. I've been dabbling in Baja Bravos Canadian Operatives 2(as a Canadian, I just had to check it out).. seems like a pretty awesome mod so far!
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