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  1. Question, I too was going for this but have found the hud to need to be on. Games to big to not have a mini map and it seems that when you turn other aspects of the Hud off you loose options displayed on the screen like what options you can do when grabbing a character, choosing between skill points and side ops. Just commit it all to memory?
  2. I play pretty often with two of my friends, we could use another guy if interested. We are east cost USA. Here is our Task force page Task Force: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/2563/Task-Force-Mako
  3. So what are these awards anyway? Is there something in game that correlates with them. I know some are like the GR Wildlands Network stuff. But what about things like Recon? what is this award?
  4. wow 700+ I am having trouble having the game Load Bad guys past 600M? Whats your secret? I've tried pushing the drone out and spotting but even with that I've only managed a shot at 617M.
  5. Yeah I'm OK with this, It does not give anyone an actual advantage But allows the player who only gets on an hour a week to still use the gear/weapons they want to use. Once there's a specific weapon I want that there is no way to get other then purchasing with real cash. That's where I start to have issues. But this, buying weapons already in the game or offering the exact same weapons with a fancy paint Job. Not a big deal.
  6. We are getting close! Only a few days now, I have myself and two other guys that I work with Setup and ready to go. Looking for at least one other like minded individual. We work in the IT Field, 2 Network Engineers and myself a DevOps Engineer. We shoot guns on the weekend for fun and enjoy a good beer. So if you like Tech, Guns, and Booze hit us up. We do plan on playing tactically most likely on Extreme with limited hud when all players have the controls down.
  7. Thanks man, the more characters you unlock the faster it seems to come. I go for those little folder looking things too. Suppose to increase the chance of loot i believe.
  8. oh weird, i re-uploaded, hopefully it shows now. same here. One less thing to worry about. Figure it will truly let me play the way i want vs hunting for resources when I'm not feeling like it.
  9. Yes it is more of an add on, not a needed thing in anyway. The Phone app has its own mini story in the realm of quests for the characters. It seems like a prequel to when you first land in Bolivia. The resources can be sent to the main game. I tested it out on the beta and it worked fast and well. (gasoline, communications gear, food, medicine). These resources are needed for leveling up your Charter abilities. If you want night vision for example it will cost you 1 skill point and maybe 1000 communications gear. Grenade launcher 2 skill point 250 gasoline and 500 medicine. Not the actual numbers for those two but just how it works. You can in game get these resources through side missions and finding them around the world. The phone app is just another way to get the resources. Rather easily too. I almost wonder if they meant to put a cap on it but forgot. Ill take a screen shot of my current resource list, it its much higher and still climbing then i thought would be allowed. At this rate side missions are a complete option for me it seems.
  10. No worries either way, I got the group name out there at the least. Good enough for the early stages. If we are a good fit then good to go right.
  11. Oh for sure, With how large the game is a constant grind might drive you a little crazy. One thing the game has for sure is A good amount of content with something like 21 bosses and those bosses all having missions that lead up to them. I took a dive and bought Gold, I normally don't do that with out knowing what the Season Pass content even is but I see this as being a constant pickup and play for at least a good year. Its setup to where you can load in and play 15 minutes or 15 hours. Doesn't matter nothing to hold you up.
  12. Just an FYI. Ghost Recon Wildlands has a companion app. In the app there is a Guerrilla game. Whats nice about it is you gain resources that you can then sync and send to your actual Wildlands game. Its a good way to get ahead on resources. I've gotten just about 10K in everything so far with just under a month to go. Needless to say resources will not be an issue for me nor you now ;-) Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubisoft.grwhq&hl=en Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-wildlands/id1101757184?mt=8 Haven't checked if its on any other platforms Phone wise.
  13. I can see some repetitiveness. I played about 20 hours of the Closed Beta replaying some missions a few times. The Story does seem like it is pretty involved but based on your progress speed you may forget whats going on from mission to mission. There is no mission to mission suggesting/pushing though. It is truly in any order,speed, and how you want to play. The biggest issue to the possibility of things being repetitive would be how consistent your play style is. Play the same way and each mission will feel the same. In the end you will always be going to an encampment and sneak past or kill bad guys only to kill a specific target, gather Intel, or extract a target. But the process to getting to that end goal. It will always be the same if you make it that way. I found playing the game alone was great if you wanted to be super slow and stealthy where playing with Friends was a blast but you have to be willing to go with the flow since any friend can blow it at any moment stealth wise. The game dose reward stealthy play over loud and proud. Shooting a bad guy might net you 15 - 30xp where grabbing then knocking them out undetected will net you a solid 120xp. Big difference. So in a way for me i do feel a slight push to go quiet initially in this game just to rank up and get skill points faster. When the open Beta comes around im going to try Ghost Mode no Hud. I hear that really makes the game Feel like a Tom Clancy series game. On Veteran mode with Full Hud felt almost like the Mercenaries Game With a little Just Cause combination. Still a lot of fun but tactics didn't feel needed as much.
  14. Thanks man, my wife would disagree but to each their own right.
  15. Hi, all looking for a few players to get a squad together. Initially casting a small net. I'm looking for players who prefer being slow and stealthy who communicate well. Primary play times being the weekend, living on the east coast is a bonus just for time keeping sake but not necessary. I'd like to build this small team up. Once we are comfortable with one another you would be my officers. From there we can cast a larger net and grow as large as we feel fits us as a player base. Here is the task force Page link: https://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-US/task-force/profile/2563/Task-Force-Mako If you're interested hit me up in a Private Message or go to the link and click on the "Contact The task Force" link. Looking for Fun to be the primary goal but with like minded players who actually like being slow and eliminating targets without using bullets as a goal. Edit: Sorry, just realized today. You may not actually be able to sign into the ghost network until you have a character in Ghost recon. At least from reports that I'm getting? Once open Beta is out that issue should be resolved. At least it seems that way? Either way if still interested you can PM me on here and we will just keep track until access is possible.
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