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  1. Yeah, I suppose it's all about the experience you want to have. Like I said earlier, it's nice to have the option to customize the way you want to play.
  2. That's great. Did you do that with the IGOR editor? I might spend some time today trying to incorporate some of the kits from beta 8, since I felt like the weapons in that were perfect. I love the overall content and polish in beta 9 though.
  3. I did some experimenting and made a new mod folder containing some of the HU legacy settings. It is working without issue at the moment. This seems like a nondestructive method to switch between the more simulation vision that Apex created for the mod and the more traditional ghost recon feel. At the moment it's just the cosmetic stuff like HUD and threat indicators. I'm still messing around a bit because I'd like to find a way to return weapons to original feel and reduce the stat points of the AI team. But, like you said, this could turn into a huge exercise!
  4. I went back and forth between vanilla and HU. I think what I noticed was that the crosshair expansion is more sensitive to mouse movement. It's difficult to track a moving target or eliminate groups of enemies with the sniper rifle now. Maybe more realistic, I suppose. I'm curious to know if it's one parameter that controls this mouse movement penalty for all weapons or is it unique to each gun.
  5. I think that the Castle map from the demo is my favorite. It's a great little map that encompasses a lot of the gameplay elements. Spent a ton of time replaying the demo over and over as a kid in coop with my sister before I was able to get my parents to buy me the full game. Good memories. If I only have a little time, it's alway a go to. I actually miss when developers would make a custom level for their demo version.
  6. Great update, Apex! I've been playing with an older version of HU for a while now and just realized that there is a new version and old forums no longer appear to exist. I love the inclusion of all the legacy stuff in extras. The mod is excellent, but I do prefer some of the original game mechanics. A questions though, I have been basically overwriting the files in the HU mod folder with the content from the extras folder. Is there a more elegant way to do this? I'm wondering if it is possible to make a new mod folder with just the changes and give it higher priority. That would present a portable solution when I play with friends and we want to run the same settings. Additionally, would this work with weapon kits? Second thing, I've noticed that the weapons seem more inaccurate than previous version of HU. It feels like the reticles don't close as far and widen with less mouse movement. Is this a design decision or am I imagining things?
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