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  1. Ohh...did get outro video, but then took me to the debriefing screen...thought the campaign included all the missions in the game...thanks.
  2. Campaign Mission 34 - Righteous Archer..."Mission Complete", then Mission Debrief page, press ">" for next Campaign Mission and end up at Campaign Menu page... Re-played mission twice with same result...no progression to next mission. Verified files...none need re-acquisition.
  3. Ah...overlooked the jeep heading to the drop zone...uh...oops! THANKS!
  4. Can't seem to get the "Neutralize vehicle pool" objective. Disable tank and jeeps and fighters after getting map to minefields, then acquiring prisoner and when reach extraction zone only 75% of objectives are successful and results in "FAILURE". Tried three times. Verified files in STEAM... Cannot progress further in Campaign. Any ideas?
  5. Well, turns out by using ALL the demo charges, was able to get that objective "completed" and mission successful.
  6. Heroes Unleashed - Campaign Mission 11 - Brazen Eagle -- can't seem to get the demo charges to go off... tried different kinds...mission fails at extraction. Sorry, but has been a long time since playing.
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