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  1. First off, I commend you for the huge undertaking and effort you've put into this mod, as a long time GR fan back in the day, it was surprising to come across this mod and see the 15 year dedication you've put into it. But, I do have to ask why bother? This game is 15yrs old, and since then we've seen Flash Point, the Arma series, more R6 games, and countless other military sims. While I can appreciate the dedication to realism, why bother putting it into a 15yr old game, that could not have offered the ability to mod as such newer games as Flashpoint, or Arma, etc... Granted, there are too many games these days that claim realism, but are far from it. I've been mostly tied up in R6 Siege over the last year, but it's more of a ubisoft cash grab then Ubi carrying about realism. I mean, predefined area's where the floors can be blown, partial floor destruction...? I hate games that claim pure destruction but fail to live up to the hype they create. And over 20 operatives, but I can't choose which weapon I'd like to assign to an operative? The recent Japan ops, and the Defending Op has the MP5SD with no ability to use the weapon with the attacking op who you'd think could use it more when storming in? And anyone remember France last year when they raided the apartment, there was so much gunfire and grenades the floors collapsed? That's realism and what should have been in R6S. Heck, even in the original R6 back in 1999 you could choose your bullet caliber, fmj, jhp, unlike a 2015 game... So I do appreciate when modder's take realism to heart and put far more effort into a mod than the paid developer's do. I had countless LAN matches with friends in GR back in the day, and I know how great of a game it was, but back then. Not now. I haven't played it, yet, and so this is in no way a knock to the game itself because maybe it is a great mod, but the first thought I had when I came across this was, why the heck did this guy bother?... working 15yrs on a game engine that is 15yrs old now. At least in R6S I can fast repel, in Arma I have a real time open battle field that I can hijack a civi's car and get away. I've been watching the video's in this post of the mod and... it looks like a bit more realism tied into a 2001 game, maybe some higher resolution graphics. And maybe you did go to the extremes with bullet physic's and weapon sounds, and 100 other things, but so have many other games since 2001. So why build upon this old game that's obviously so constricting in what you could mod? I may come across as being harsh or an a$$, but sincerely I do appreciate effort that people put into modding community and realism in military sims. I just can't understand why you'd bother wasting time on a 15yr old game, that still looks like the same 15yr old game with some added realism. R6S isn't pure realism to me either because when I can predict when the AI will show up, it fails, and that game although fun fails.
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