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  1. Every time I played this level (Athlete Training) I always thought I should get a screenshot. Finally got around to it!
  2. Wow, over a year later.... but since I found it I might as well answer it For magnified optics such as scopes you normally keep one eye closed. Red dot sights and similar magnified optics can be used this way. Companies such as Aimpoint actually bring this up as a selling point!
  3. The Kafee Soundpack mod has some pretty good bullet sounds. More along the lines of loud whizzing sounds than a supersonic crack, but it does the job well.
  4. Spot on. I'm playing through the game again after getting in the mood from the Wildlands mission. This time I turned off the music just to pay a bit more attention to the AI. There are a lot of small details in conversations and actions, like AI making the rounds making sure certain doors were still locked. You can tell a lot of hard work went into the AI working like it does, especially after the video shows you a bit of what to look for.
  5. I tried it again without a vehicle. Without giving away too much I was surprised to find that sneaking in through the front gate was the easier route. The firefight afterwards is always crazy. You need to take out the snipers right away to have a good chance. I always had to call mortars in directly on the building because I'd get gunned down trying to call accurate fire. Perhaps a LMG would make things go smoother.
  6. The firefight music would be worth an add-on mod I think. It would be cool if the "quick move" feature from the PS2 version was implemented, if its even possible that is. Also has anyone ever moved the Jungle Storm maps and missions to the PC?
  7. Yup that was part of the latest update! About time!
  8. It's kind of a cheap tactic but I ordered an Unidad vehicle and used that to slip through. It still took some care to stay undetected but it worked for me. If you don't want to completely cheat there is a small combat outpost nearby that you can clear out and use to nab a vehicle.
  9. And as a comparison, everything reloaded and maxed out.
  10. And here we go! Everything as low as I can get, including screen resolution. It might not be the prettiest but I've never seen the game run smoother haha!
  11. Checking out the PC version for the free weekend! It's awesome but as I suspected my computer performance couldn't handle the cool graphics without some serious tweaks. Anyway I decided to bring the Conflict: Desert Storm team out of retirement!
  12. Hi everyone, I came across a presentation given by the AI lead for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Plenty of cool behind the scenes info. Here it is for you viewing pleasure!
  13. Be advised everything Ghost Recon is on sale until Feb 19th Wildlands- 55% off, now at $26.99 (DLC and passes share a similar discount) Future Soldier- 66% off, now at $6.79 Original Ghost Recon- 66% off, now at $3.39 (not including expansions) Perfect time to get a friend in on the action if they still haven't. That is all
  14. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a strange request. Could one of you please take a screenshot with all of the game settings and resolution at their minimum? My brother and I were messing around in The Division when we got the idea. Two of the resulting screenshots are below. Since we only have Wildlands on the PS4, we can't do it ourselves but we're still curious.
  15. This is a simulator being made with intention for real world military training applications. Some MilSim fans are getting hyped up thinking it will be released to the public as a game, but at this time I doubt it. The scale and detail is still impressive though. http://titanim.net/www/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_khhSsLaJBE
  16. So if there is one thing that bothers me the most about Wildlands, its the voice acting. Playing it for the first time I thought it was meh even though it had its moments (Like the jokes! Gotta admit they are on point for the military). But it was the first time I heard most of the dialogue and I wanted to catch the whole story, so I went along with it. Now that I'm hopping into the game again, I find it tarnishes the atmosphere of the game. The semi serious acting just doesn't meet the tone I was trying to get out of it. After hearing "######balls" one time too many decided to experiment
  17. What makes immersion? The million dollar question, especially for tactical games. We have all experienced this- getting so engrossed in a game (or other things like reading a good book) that is just feels like you are there. You become lost in it, and for gamers this can bring out the best moments in gaming. But for tactical shooters, what makes that awesome immersion? Immersion takes a few general elements. Atmosphere, controls, and interaction/reaction within the world. Atmosphere involves the world created and overall authenticity to that world. The world needs to follow th
  18. One of the most talked about online games as of late is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. If you are unfamiliar it is a 100 player battle royale shooter. You leap out of a C-130 transport flying over a large but walkable island style map. You land and begin a hunt for weapons. If you land in a city full of other players (you do control where you jump and land) the first minutes can be a fierce scramble for gear, trying to avoid a machete to the back or a pistol round to the face. If you find a secluded area, you might be tight on supplies, but it gives you a second to breathe. Then the play zone
  19. Hey I just got this a week ago. You're right, it does have a bit of Ghost Recon's special sauce in there. Both games are tactical (PUBG isn't always played that way of course but it gives an advantage if you do), have fluid controls, are easy to learn and hard to master, and can be brutal but lots of fun. Pretty much distilled and optimized Arma, which is what Ghost Recon has essentially been from the beginning. No high tech superpowers, no weapon unlocks. Just you (and maybe a buddy or three), the things you find and your wits. The ever shrinking area boundaries keeps matches from becoming et
  20. Ready our Swat has potential, I'll keep an eye on this for sure!
  21. True Rocky, people sometimes forget that Ghost Recon simply isn't an Arma game, and isn't supposed to be. It is Arma lite. Heavy focus on complex yet fluid infantry combat and more on authenticity than by the numbers realism. Playing on console it amazes me how many of the little controls (reticles, rate of fire, and zoom on weapons alone) they managed to squeeze into the game and still keep it fluid and practical. If Ubi provides one thing I've been waiting for in a newer Ghost Recon game, it is the tactical flexibility allowed by the map, the gear and the controls. And for that, I appla
  22. 1. Soulswap. Even just for SP. If I go down, keep the action up and let me control someone else until I revive. Or go all out and let me control anyone. 2. SP team tweaking. More lethal team that is more responsive to AI commands. Let them drive while I plan or shoot it out? 3. Mod capablity (perhaps just for the PC version?). At the very least a FarCry 4 ish editor. That way everything that wasn't included here can be.
  23. It's gonna take me a day or so, but I'll put up real pics soon! I made one of my outfits match Bradley from Conflict: Desert Storm It's a shame you can't customize your AI team or I'd get the whole band back together lol
  24. Cool, that was a big question mark for me. Thanks guys!
  25. Alright here's my situation.... I haven't bought Wildlands yet (waiting for lent to end ), and I'm going back and forth between getting it for PC or PS4. My big issue is that I have zero internet at my home, and that isn't changing in the foreseeable future. My gaming laptop's portability lets me go to the internet, allowing coop capability and immediate access to any updates that come along. However, I would be using mouse and keyboard exclusively. I heard some vehicles are difficult to control with keyboard. For PS4, the pros are bigger screen and (probably) smoother controls, bu
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