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  1. I know this has been asked before probally but how do you get the Avaltar to work I got everything in right but the lenght by width..what should I put for that?
  2. Whats the longest guy you've ever kept? For any verision...I rember I have Jemary Wong (I don't know how to spell his first name) till mission #8 then my friend deleted my account He had the bronze, silver, and purple heart meadels.
  3. Dannik...thanks...lol yeah the OICW/GL is my new fav gun that is amazing!
  4. Is the OICW a real gun? I mean I looked it up and all I found was guns from game
  5. My comps too slow and crappy to hold Ghost recon lol i just tell my friends to take the turtoriel (or however you spell it.) Waht I hate about X-Box Ghost Recon is when you peek around a corner you can see like mabye one inch to your left or right...I mean by then the emeny will shoot you by the cause you'll move left a tad bit till you can see by the time you've moved over that fad your dead.
  6. lol I have no clue. I rented it for Game Cube with my friend and we took it back and said it was broken. LOL We hated the controlls and you can't even play Co-Op
  7. I like being Rifelman because of my fav gun in the game and the gun I work best with M16/M203
  8. I like to use Tunny a lot. but I use all of them but only in quick mission not in the campian.
  9. I like the Full Auto fire on M-249 (SAW) (sry I hate speaking gun slag like just 203 instead of M16/M203) I'd have to addmit that my fav weapon for X-Box would have to be M-16/M203 . Usually I liked to be a Demolitions but I got crap at that so I like being a Rifelman now. I can do really well with that gun...espasilly with the M203. When everyone eles uses this gun (if they do) do they use Burst or Single Auto? I always liked Single Aout...more accurate and if you get the Cross-hairs in the right spots you can get one or two shot kills without wasting an extra bullet or two.
  10. Wow! That was awsome! I think out of all the videos i've senn on the internet...well ANYWHERE that HAS to be the best one i've seen.
  11. IceXXMan


    Hey all i'm new to here. I not too too shure but i've got a question to ask. Is this form just for PC or is it for all platforms? Other than that my name is Jay i'm 12 from Canada. I'm on the comp a lot. I also play X-Box with crap games right now. I'm getting X-Box Live the day that Ghost Recon: Island Thunder comes out for X-Box and i'll be renting it for a week or so (I don't have enough money for both but anyways I'm a big fan of Ghost Recon. Actually the game (well...was ONE OF the games) that inspired me to join the army. And thats all I can think of right now.
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