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    Windows 10, a "top of the line" laptop, purchased in 2016 with an i5 chip. Can't connect to GRAW2 - says "server refused connection" - any tips? Thanks

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  1. Hey gang. I realize it's not optimal, nor helpful, I'm just wondering -- could this game (online, co-op) be played without a headset? If I can listen to teammates (through regular headphones) but not speak to them, is it possible to get things done and not get kicked out? I'm an older dude, and wearing headphones while holding a controller and talking to the TV with other people around has always embarrassed me. I regularly kicked ass w/o a mic on GRAW2, granted because I knew what to do (constantly looking on map, making sure to cover areas human teammates were not addressing). I admit this is not GRAW2. So, barring "get a mic" or "I guess, but don't" -- how much fun could I have without ing up others experiences can I have? I have the game, no headset. Thanks for entertaining my question and accepting that I realize this is a compromise. Just want thoughts. EDIT: I realize the content of my post will most likely prevent anyone from wanting to play with me, but I'm an old school GR fan (Xbox GR and GR2, and both GRAW titles only). If you're on Xbox and could appreciate that I mean well, please consider "friending" me on Xbox so I can play with you. My gamertag is Jingle Johnson. Looking to see one of you this afternoon, please! Thanks! (I can hear you!)
  2. I bought this game today after giving up on backwards compatibility (Xbox One), downloaded this program to get multiplayer to work, and am getting the error "server refused connection". Any help? Also, please let me know how or if I can use an Xbox One controller. Didn't plan on using a keyboard (been about 20 years since playing games from DOS). Thanks!
  3. Hey all. Long story short, I downloaded the "GRAW 2 Launcher" from the main page of this website, and when I attempt to create account or play multiplayer after following the directions on this website, I receive the error message "server refused connection". Any tips? Sort of disappointed after buying this game today....after giving up on this game becoming a backwards compatible title on Xbox One. If you are reading this, and also know how to use a console controller (Xbox One), that would be helpful. Thank you so much! Eric
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