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  1. hey guys.. LoL are attempting to arrange a ghost recon reunion night.. hope this is ok by admin but head over to the lol gaming site and get info ... www.laughoutloud.the-talk.net
  2. can remember FWT for some reason , or it looks familiar anyway ....... xfire lol.... what ever happened to that.. took a break from pc gaming and when i got back it was gone... now i just fk about on the ps4 and the odd time fire up some old pc games for old times sake. the good old days are gone. Ghost Recon was the ######... basic but a tactical game., not like the run n gun ###### thats out there now. wish they would bring it back ., remastered ghost recon
  3. Hi all... taking a trip down memory lane and came across this site.... how did i not know about this whilst i was gr mad ? anyway ,... anyone on here that once played on .:TAG:. ? as you can see i have my tags still on in everything i sign up for .. cant seem to let it go... was BRO then DME before i created LoL with some other gr players ... would be good to hear from anyone that i either used to shoot with or shoot at ...
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