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  1. Are you talking about the path in the game files themselves? Because I do not have the disks anymore, hence why I was looking for some assistance otherwise I'd find them myself. If I still had the disks or owned digital copies then I would have ripped the files from my own game. Or is that the path to follow on the website with the downloads? Because I'm having trouble following the path you describe if that's the case (I think you're using shorthand/acronyms I'm not familiar with). Regardless, it sounds like by attempting this project I would be infringing on your intellectual property seeing as you have already done something similar previously, so in that case I suppose this thread is pointless and can be deleted. I never played Arma 2, so if was available for that game I was unaware, and in my searching I didn't find anything concrete that was publically available that is similar to what I was thinking of doing for Arma 3. Clearly that was a mistake, so I sincerely apologize for infringing on your territory and I will abandon the idea.
  2. Hello, My name is Mynock. I'm new around here but am a long time fan of the original Ghost Recon trilogy (GR, GR:DS, and GR:IT) for the PC. I joined the forum to ask for a bit of assistance if possible for a project I am considering beginning in the near future. I quite enjoy making missions for the game Arma 3 and have been tossing around the idea of making a spiritual remake of the original Ghost Recon game in the form of an Arma 3 campaign. The campaign wouldn't be an exact copy of the original GR, but I'm hoping to get relatively close by using the same objectives as the original missions and adding some of the same features. I have been working on the same type of project for the original SOCOM games for playstation, but the Ghost Recon game seems like it would be a fun project to do as well whenever I finish the SOCOM campaign I'm currently working on. One of the ways I'm hoping to tap into that feeling of nostalgia with the SOCOM campaign is by using a lot of the original voice acting files and some original sound effects as well. I want to do the same thing with a possible Ghost Recon remake campaign. It was actually relatively easy for me to get my hands on the original SOCOM files, but I'm having some trouble locating the voice acting and sound effect files from the original Ghost Recon games (I was able to find the music soundtrack at least). I'd really like to find the audio files for the spoken briefings as well as the dialog spoken by the Ghosts during the missions to really have that authentic feel, as well as any unique sound effects that I think might fit well (the jet flying overhead for example, or the crickets in the background). I was hoping I could possibly get some assistance from the GR community; seeing as I no longer have the original GR games I don't have access to the audio files, but perhaps someone would be willing to rip them from the original games and share them with me, or point me to a place I can find them if they are already out there somewhere and I haven't been able to locate them yet. This is a fan made, non-profit endeavor, so you can set aside any fears of infringement due to monetization or anything like that; I'm doing these potential projects for the love of the original tactical shooters like SOCOM, GR, and even maybe the old Rainbow 6 games some day. You will be sincerely thanked and credited with helping me to realize my goal. Thanks for your time, if you think you would potentially be able to help please don't hesitate to contact me. If I'm able to get the audio files and begin work on the project I'll be sure to keep the GR community informed of course. Sincerely, Mynock
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