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  1. huh? did someone say Mechwarrior 4!!!? Need any maps? shiver's MW4 Map Terminal
  2. are u familar w/ that window that pops up when you double click the box that holds your foreground and background colors? Because you can enter colors manually via numbers. You would enter 255, 255,255 in the R G B boxes to get white. Check under image->mode and make sure you have rgb checked.
  3. what file were you trying to open?
  4. I'm sure it will work...someday.<g> when rse moves up to 3dsm 6 they'll get some new plugins made for it. Maybe they already have and will release new plugins w/ the next version of GR ?
  5. GRT's map is definitely worth downloading...it's a fun map.
  6. ah. thanks chems.. I was mainly interested in seeing the walls, but I'll gladly look at anything you wanna send me.
  7. Chems, are you still using the map I started and if so how much has it changed? Can you shoot me a SS?
  8. ah.. ok. I was misled by the title of the post. I think you've covered every possible cause Deleyt, I can't think of anything else that might cause polys not to show. I ran into a problem once w/ a rock that wasn't fully rendering in game... sorta looked like a ghost.. and it was because I had left an alpha channel in the texture that wasn't needed. So if anyone wants to do a GhostTown mod...
  9. Are you putting copies of the textures in the export folder? They need to be in that folder as well as the map folder of the mod.
  10. could it be possible to get that error if you don't have a roomlist file?
  11. hawkeye, could you pls give the steps u used to apply the textures? I'm assuming you made sure to put a copy of the texture files in your export folder. You must ofat least put some of them in there or you wouldn't see any textures at all.
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