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  1. The time has come for Me to notify the Community that We as a Team - SOTO - Are no longer Operational. We have gone into Hibernation and may return to the Community in the future but that is still up in the air as of right now. That said, I've been picked up by a Game Company as an Employee, and so It has come to pass that it is time for Old Mac to hang up the Guns, and move on... I would just like to say I will miss You all - Old and New - And I also hope that You find what You seek in any endeavours You undertake. It has been a great 10 Years, but alas everything must come to an end. Take care everyone, and I hope to catch You all on the flipside... Keep Your Powder Dry... P.S. Inbox now empty enough to accept Incoming PMs (Ooops - My bad). Sincerely and Respectfully,
  2. Taker 'er easy MVD - Keep Yer powder Dry Holmes and we'll see ya when You rotate back. Remember to pay attention to Your Instincts on Patrol. That said - If it looks fishy and smells fishy - Then Its probably fishy... Be safe Mark. Sincerely and Respectfully,
  3. We have 2 New Members on Our Team and their names are; Crossbow and Noke. Cross comes to Us from Our Involvement with Brutal Arts as a BETA Tester and Noke is a good Guy that has played with Us off & on and through that contact has decided to join Our Team. We Welcome SOTOCross SPC. and SOTONoke SPC. to Team |S.O.T.O|. Welcome Guys... Sincerely and Respectfully,
  4. I Installed it and It lagged Me right the Flip out everytime My PC was up. As was said before... A step backwards IMHO. Owell back to MAB... Respectfully,
  5. I would like to take this Opportunity to welcome to Team |S.O.T.O| Grimace-GC-. Grimace comes to Us from an Allied Team that has since Folded and It's Members have scattered. Hes Gamed with Us faithfully covering Our backs since the Time We met Him and so We have finally brought Him home to Team |S.O.T.O|. Grimace-GC- will now be known as SOTOGrim SPC. on Team |S.O.T.O| and We look forward to many more Years than the 2 We've already had covering each other's 6... Sincerely and Respectfully,
  6. Team |S.O.T.O| wants You ! ! ! Respectfully,
  7. Or http://www.brutal-arts.com BF2: Reality. Respectfully,
  8. I must echo Cobbler's statement. I wish You the best of Luck in Your Endeavours on behalf of this Initiative and I will Indeed keep an eye as will others on the League's Creation, Formation, and Administration under the conditons that You've already specified above. Respectfully,
  9. Well - I'm not going to argue with You Guys. The Rage used to be "I wish there were Anti-Cheat Programs available". Now that People have them - All they do is complain about Them. As far as MORPF goes - At least some of Us tried to help which is less than I can say for alot of other People in the Community ( And Who knows If We'd had more support from Our Detractors - Maybe We'd have caught alot more Cheaters - Eh ? ). Anyways - I'm out of this Convo as I've said My Piece... Regards,
  10. I would like to take this Opportunity to Welcome to Team |S.O.T.O| the following New Member ; SOTORaptor APL. Raptor comes to Us from California. That said - We look forward to Baggin\' Tangos with Him for a LONG TIME to come. Please Join Me in Welcoming Him to the Team. Sincerely and Respectfully,
  11. I was 56K all through the 3 Years that I played \"GR\" consistently. Now that I\'m Cable I\'ve almost forgotten how good the Code was for a Game VIA IP over Dial-up as My Connection is pretty hefty now. That said - Yeah more than 3 Guys was pretty fun If You liked flying - LOL - But under than and even with It was pretty decent. I\'ll even say that I remember a few times where We had 10 Guys on and It was still playable with maybe a 200 + Millisecond Ping. Respectfully,
  12. I was scanning this Thread getting caught up and I couldn't help but notice an All Too familair Trend in mostly everything I'm seeing nowadays. Case in points... > Jee - I wish it would rain, its been kinda dry lately. > That night Nature dumps the largest rainfall of the Year on Your door and floods Your basement. What I'm trying to get at here is that be You have to be careful what You ask for as You just might get It... I and My Team have played with or without Anti-cheat Software and have been a large part of and supported a great deal of the Anti-Cheat Coalitions and Initiatives that have sprung up around the Net. For Instance ; > M.O.R.P.F. ( Replays and Screenshots ). > KidBu$ter ( BETA Testers for The GR Anti-Cheat Tool ). > PunkBu$ter ( We've Investigated Known or previously Unknown JOTR & JOE Cheats and then sent that Info to "PB" for Inclusion as It regards Code and process behaviour under those Cheats running While the Game executable is up ). Now while I can sort of see both sides of having Anti-Cheat Software - Its the side of having It that does even up and level the Basic Game for those with not enough knowledge to go farther as Posters in this Thread normally do. Not all People Mod their Games and want to run all of the Mods that are out there or even a few. Most People have trouble resizing their Desktop and let Me tell You I've seen alot of 'em - LOL. Now many would say that the current Anti-Cheat Software out there Limits Your ability to experience a Game to the fullest by limiting Your ability to Mod or Modify those Games whatever the Game may be but I say this - You must look deeper than that and You'll find Info that should make You pleased - Not angry about the ways things have gone. For Instance - With KidBu$ter All You had to do to use the Tool with Mods was to enter Your Mod(s) into the Program's Interface and Voila - The Mod(s) were now playable on Your Server. With PunkBuster - They're now accepting VIA Email Mods for inclusion into the Program's allowances as playable Expansions on the Original Game. VWACHE - Soldner Anti-Cheat Software which allowed most Mods I knew of at the Time when the Game WAS popular ( Which was limited let Me tell You but the Tool was not limiting is what I'm getting at ). So I say again - We have to be carfeul what We ask for as We just might get It and in this case - Mods are now finally being thought of ( Even by such Programs as PunkBuster ) and are finally being included as allowable enhancements to the Original Game. Please don't get Me wrong as I love Mods myself and many will tell You that I'm a Modder and not a bad one in My own right ( SPV4, GR Sachel Charges, Misc. Missions for "GR" ) but that said - I'd rather have the Tool and the ability to run It as I see fit with or without Mods ( Server Option ) rather than NOT. > I hear You stopped playing X,X,Z, Game because of all the Cheating. > Yeah - I wish they'd make it so You can't Cheat in these Games because I payed for an even playing field - Not this Crap. Sound familiar ? ? ? Respectfully,
  13. We've changed the Default Skin that Our Site has been using from the FlowControl Theme to the Charcoal2 Theme. We have 5 Themes for Our WebSite that ALL Users are able to View Our Site with. That said - These 5 Themes are Charcoal2, FlowControl, WFBlack, smartDark, and zoneBlue. From now on these 5 Themes will be rotated at Our Site on a Month-to-Month basis. Please feel free to access Your Account and change Your favourite Theme to any of the Themes that We have over @ http://www.sotoclan.com. Also - All of the Themes that are now available at Our Site have been edited to reflect Team |S.O.T.O| HQ Command Themes rather than the Generic Themes that were previously available. TY for Your Time... Sincerely and Respectfully,
  14. I would like to take this Opportunity to wish all of Team |S.O.T.O|'s Allies, Respected Friends plus all of the Members of GR.net a Joyous and Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year. Please take care and be safe over the Holiday Season. Sincerely and Respectfully,
  15. Is there any Jumping allowed ? Respectfully,
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