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  1. Hey guys, so its been about 6 years since the last post regarding XRW (Xtreme Recon Warriors). I'd like to keep this topic alive in case any other XRW's want to stop by and say anything. And yes Rocky, I believe you did do a feature on us maybe having something to do with XRW_Drunkbob and modding. Its hard to believe its been 15 years since XRW started in the original Ghost Recon. We ended up with over 100 members at our prime and Ghost Recon was the catalyst that enabled such friendships to thrive for this long in the gaming world. A lot of us still keep in contact and game together including XRW_Chubby6, XRW_Goldy, XRW_Kalt, XRW_Fergie, XRW_Crazy, XRW_Morlander, XRW_AlleyViper, and XRW_Piggy. General XRW_Magoo was our clan leader and passed away just over 7 years ago. He was my brother and I think about him often. His wife Teresa made an online memorial in case anyone wants to post. https://teamxrw.wordpress.com/ I remember all of the old clans that used to play including the Sealz, FC, BSR, Xcal, OFC, and many others that used to stop by on the old XRW server. We had a lot of fun playing against everyone including ourselves back then. XRW_Lt.Macsog
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