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  1. man, thats great. Congrats on your anniversary. May you have many more happy years. and I agree, that shadow off the ring is very clever, did you plan it like that?
  2. with all do respect I don't think it will work, look at all the other large mods that have begun to drop. But if you need any help outside of modding I'd be glad to help.
  3. WOW, I've never seen anything like the stuff you've been putting out. Do you have a site, or place you post up other works of yours, that we can check out?
  4. I can't wait to see the stuff from that, it can only be great
  5. or an SPR, theres not alot of those out there
  6. I'm not sure if the military can use hollow points or not. But full metal jacket rounds for sure. There are also subsonic rounds for suppressed weapons to help cut down on the noise. They're slightly weaker. Unless you get into big stuff like the .50 I don't think there are many different rounds to be used. Theres a bunch of new rounds available on the civilian market, some are downright evil, but thats another story.
  7. the .gun file in the equip folder I believe. That holds all the data for the specific weapon. At least I'm pretty sure thats how I edit all my stuff and move it around.
  8. its......so.....beautiful Someone needs to make one of those PLEASE
  9. scopes looking into lights? Either hes really tryin to make some space for batteries or he has no clue whats goin on with weapons.
  10. in some mods you will be inserted via helo. While in the helo you can look around and shoot and whatnot. Would this be possible in one of your landrovers. Would be a neat insertion.
  11. yeah so make sure when you do it snake you back it up.
  12. if I can find the .rsb plugin for PS again I would be glad to. Just hit me up on msn.
  13. if you have PS download the .rsb plugin then you can open, edit, and save .rsb's
  14. couldn't change it you wanted to, unless you found new sound files to replace the ones supplied. Kafee soundpack has some nice ones. But only weapons like the MP5SD will give you the report I think your looking for. All you should hear is the click from the bolt moving back and forth. But don't forget the 5.56 is a decent size round compared to the 9mm so logically your gonna get alot more noise sub-sonic or not.
  15. Anyone heard any talk of the price going down. Or even speculation on when and if it will. I really wanna get VBS1 but the price is beyond me right now. Even a place to get it a little cheaper would help.
  16. www.redwolfairsoft.com www.airsplat.com
  17. yeah you need to use sub-sonic rounds for it to be nicely suppressed. Otherwise you still get the super-sonic crack when the bullet exits the barrel.
  18. nope nothing updated since I installed GR. I updated DX to 9.0c when I got the laptop.
  19. the only thing I installed between the time it did and did not work was not GR related. Hitman Codename 47. It didn't work after that. Even though it didn't work I still installed Prozacs M4 mod, but again, it already stopped working before I did that. The most recent mods I installed before it went out were Brazilian Special Forces, and Kafee Sound Pack.
  20. that sounds right, I've heard about all that stuff from him but he said they only really did it once. I wish I could try out some of that stuff
  21. and my ike logs, most of the crash log is up there if anymore is need tell me Ike don't think that would be the problem as no actors need to be loaded for the game to start. Thats prolly from a different crash earlier.
  22. aight then, pretty sure all this isn't necesary but heres all the dxdiag info
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