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  1. I dont care about Face customization, i skip that or just choose a default/random that seems ok to me, don't have the time or care about how my character looks. Choosing Female/Male ghost is important to me however, some of my favorite Ghost members in OGR were Female, so i'd love to have the option to choose. And of course camo/clothes/gun/gear customization is equally important to me, since i like to be immersed and proper uniform/equipment plays a big role in the game for me. I would also love to have some default "officially" made Ghosts to choose from, 12 or so, with their own bios/personas etc, would be better than just a ghost u make.
  2. He means a playable public demo. Which won't happen, Betas are a thing however, but not the same thing as a demo, mostly because they only run on a limited time.
  3. You CANT make an DUDEBRO action game AND a tactical game at once and give the option for both and say "there, both teams are happy" its a formula that destroys games, (look at SCBlacklist) Can't you? What if there are difficulty options, like a hardcore mode that removes HUD and god like information - and makes the enemy AI one bullet Ghost Recon wonders? I'm not saying any of that will be in the final game, but if it was, would that not solve your concern? Indeed, thats why i asked, difficulties would go a long way to make it a more tactical experience. Of course, i still have loads of questions, (mainly about how can we command the AI Ghosts) which are hope will be revealed soon.
  4. Yeah more info would be nice, i want to hear more about how will they support the singleplayer gamer, how does the command system work etc
  5. But it can be played that way?Please no, running around without any requirement of tactics, and that horrible AI? Shouldn't it be punishing? imagine if you were playing the OGR, but you also had regenerative health and Terrible Aim AI, it can still be playing like the OGR but at any moment you can also say ###### it and wing it without any repercussions The only excuse for making it so easy and so not tactical, is for newcomers and action-open-world gamers who dont want to play slowly and just run&gun, and thats a mistake, i strongly believe there are people out there that want games like the OGR and i believe Wildlands can/should be like that, You CANT make an DUDEBRO action game AND a tactical game at once and give the option for both and say "there, both teams are happy" its a formula that destroys games, (look at SCBlacklist) if you are ok with having a game like that and turning a blind eye to bad gameplay design decisions that betray the core of the genre of GR, your standards and mine are canyons apart. Please tell me there will be difficulties, please? it would be some consolation.. Ghost Recon like Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six are not games where you can show a gameplay demo slow-methodical and stealthy in an event like E3 (as you said) it would be boring, that's why you release it separately for the community to watch and show a marketing flashy quick trailer for the masses. I still have a bit of Hope, its a long way to March, but i ain't expecting anything anymore, they F Advanced Warfighter, they (i dont have words for that) Future soldier ,Lets see what they do with Wildlands..... Its ubi afterall, they try to listen to feedback, i can see that, they are trying, but for the past 7 years, their games have been sub-par for me. I respect your opinion and no offence is meant anywhere, i hope you do the same for me. Over&Out
  6. Tactical game my friend...tactical.... Tom would be proud..
  7. I did, i miss OGR, they dont make games like that no more I am probably going to play OGR again instead of Wildlands.
  8. It looks and plays horribly... That AI, the animations, weapon handling, even the visuals... yuck. Wow... i mean... i know this is still in development, but jeez, my interest and excitement went the lowest i ever thought it could go "tactical" shooter my butt.. its another open world 3rd person shooter, oh joy.... Still i am not writing this game off yet, its WIP and has a long way to go, however this demo did not excite me in the least.
  9. Bigger isn't always, better i personally prefer a smaller scale maps with multiple approaches etc The open-world approach could work, but for me all open world games i ever played (minus the witcher3) always got a boring and highly repetetive after a while, lots of running and traveling from place to place, and a crapton of samey sidequests filtering the map I am hoping for the best.
  10. I hope that we can customize our squadmates too when playing singleplayer.
  11. I agree with this, a 30min gameplay demo would go a long way to prove us this is the classic GR we want (i want at least) more so than flashy 2min trailer (which always look good to be honest)
  12. I dont play MP but i can see it being annoying there, so maybe not include it in that mode. But for singleplayer (which is the only reason i buy games) the answer is yes, im weird i guess Im not saying it must be the most realistic sniper sim ever, but i dont want to just aim dead center with my sniper and get an instant kill, its not satisfying (for me) Maybe add the option along with the difficulty modes, some kind of custom difficulty mode? It does mean a lot to me though to have realistic ballistics.
  13. That's great work man, keep it up!
  14. I think they also confirmed that Gunsmith will be back in a dev-diary
  15. Will there be bullet drop/wind that will effect gameplay? I certainly hope so
  16. Awesome! Thanks for the links guys, i will try to play them all Currently started Frostbite and i'm loving it!
  17. I see no reason why they shouldn't include Female Ghosts, female Ghosts existed in OGR so why not in wildlands?
  18. Hello fellows Ghosts Big fan of the OGR (not so much the future games) and i recently decided to play some of the fan-made content for the game, my problem is that i am totally lost!! i have spend 4 hours looking and downloading campaigns and maps and now i dont know which ones are actually worth playing My question is which maps/campaigns are the ABSOLUTE best for me to play. i have downloaded so many and i don't know where to start..
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