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  1. I really dislike how the unlocks work on this game, running around the map looting boxes to get weapons/attachments is not my idea of fun.

    And now micro-transactions are in here....... Even if i liked the game, i wouldn't be buying the game ever, i don't support these practices in AAA 60$ games.

  2. I'm really happy you guys/gals are excited and hope you have fun, this game is not for me though, not too bothered anymore though, kill some cartel for me ;)

    Ill just fire-up OGR and play through that again for the 1000th time.


    I will probably pick it up at some point in the future when its at a bargain price, just like a did with future soldier.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Rocky said:

    Did you play co-op - hardcore?

    Like these guys?

    Plenty of the old Ghost Recon feeling there, but with sumptuous graphics and open world to enjoy too!



    I dont play coop or online in general, i like to game at my own pace

    I played on Ghost difficulty, though, most of the HUD off, long story short, i hate it.

  4. So GRW, where do i begin...

    The missions were pretty much all the same, go into a camp, kill/interrogate/find info about something and thats about it
    The story/dialogue/voice acting is cringy/cheesy, its so bad i wanted to skip them, it even tries to be funny/cool but fails miserably
    On the hardest diff, you do die easily during combat, which is good, but being stealthy is soo easy it didn't matter at all, it was a cakewalk..
    AI is abysmal, especially your teamates, they are useless, they couldnt kill anything, and the command interface is so limited it might as well not be there, and for some reason i could only mark 1 person for synch shot (probably some stupid skill to unlock more)
    The map is huge.... so i passed most of my time driving&flying to my objectives.... how i love open-world games *sarcasm*
    Animations are horrid, i have no idea if this is acceptable over at ubi but i have seen games from 2005 with better combat animations.
    Performance was pretty terrible, 40fps on medium, playable but not smooth
    You cant pick up carry bodies, in a game with so much emphasis on stealth all i can say is ######, that said bodies disappear in 5secs, cause magic and next-gen and all that jazz.
    3rd person combat in this game is...awkward, especially in Close Quarters, cant really explain it.

    That said the game is a looker environmentally, the weapons,handling, and sounds are fantastic, and thats about it
    I didnt try any coop, im sure the game is fun with friends, like any game, i have no interest in online gaming however, and from what i experienced here GRW is not a good SP game.

    What wasted potential.


    Edit: On the other hand, i just finished the Ghost Warrior 3 beta, i am surprised how much better it plays/feels, they also offer the season pass for free if you pre-order, so that's nice, i am thinking of saving my money i planned on spending on GR and buy GhostWarrior instead, or SniperElite which also looks nice.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Rocky said:

    Dude you are fast.

    Better get ready to stick to your keyboard next week if you're going to keep up with things lol...


    I didn't know this was a race ;) seriously though, i was just lucky and saw it in my subscriptions while i was browsing.


    I just finished watching,  and it most definitely is the best gameplay in terms of basic gameplay info, like zeealex said this is the type of video they should have been releasing

    The commands is pretty much what i though they would be, they are ok i can work with them.

    The movement system seems off, idk how to describe it, but it feels stiff and unatural in terms on animations

    the rain effects that hit the player are awful

    weapon models/sounds are fantastic

    synch shot&gunsmith is back :D

    AI seems ok-ish, cant tell until i play it

    Arbitrary skill point system, i hate it, will probably cheat and unlock everything cause i don't care about it.

    The dialogue/VO is cringy, i don't like it, and the cutscene at the end was a bit of a pain to watch, idk why, ubi has some of the cheesiest storytelling/writing i have ever seen, feels like a hollywood high production movie from a bad writer.

    Highest difficulty  makes the player die with one shot, knowing ubi i don't know how well they will balance that, i will probably play 1 level below that, depends.


    I am still on the fence, i don't like open world games, especially ones with a lot of filler in them, thus far i haven't seen anything standout or unique to make me buy it on launch. 

    The Beta will probably make my mind on what to do (if i get a code)




  6. Being able to gear-up my squad comes to mind.

    Realistic weapon handling along with bullet-drop is another

    Proper command interface

    Freedom and no fail states, i dont want to see any STOP YOU ARE LEAVING THE MISSION AREA TURN BAAAACK

    A good/decent story that keeps me interested with multiple types of objectives/missions, if the entire game is kill this guy,kill that guy etc i will get bored.

    Mods would also be nice, but we all know this is just a wet dream.

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  7. Alright, i'm having lots of fun, however i have a couple of issues with it.

    The extraction timer and its sound effect: Personally i think its unnecessary, and the sound is WAY too loud, every-time i finish a mission i put my headphones down so i wont go deaf :whistle:

    The number of rockets on your soldiers: Almost every mission where i need missile launchers i get a mission failed screen (due to not enough ammo to take them down) so most of the time i have to play the mission, see how many tanks/armor (or try to remember) i get to fight, then restart and load-up half my soldiers with AT weapons, which i find to be quite dissatisfying, i understand the need for balance, and there is a loadout where your soldier can carry and extra rocket, but i find it to be way too low.

    The first mission in the campaign is not the first mission of the official campaign: Not much of a problem, it just was weird to me when i started playing, i thought i accidentally launched quick missions or a custom campaign.

    And finally i find it way to hard to play without the zoom (my aim is amazing ;)) i see above i can restore that with the legacy addon, where can i find that? i'm a total dum dum :P

    Everything else is pure puurfection, fantastic job!! :bounce:


    Edit:Ok, i found the addons, legacy zoom is activated :D

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  8. These types of trailers make me less interested about the game.

    I  understand you have to appeal to the "i wan explusions" demographic, but a bit of, hey old-school GR fans, there is a game here for you too!! Wouldn't hurt.

    And the cringe-worthy voice-over.. "Yo gotta THINK!! You gots to be strategic"!!

    Oh really?Well, good golly, i'd never.... Thanks Diana... (i think her voice sounds like Diana from the Hitman games)


    Thanks for the video Rocky :)

    Dont forget to sign-up for the BETA fellas, as of right now it appears down, but i will try to get a key for it, best way to judge a game is to play it.

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