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  1. Thank you for all the hard work APEX Can't wait to sit down and play a real ghost recon game this weekend.
  2. I really dislike how the unlocks work on this game, running around the map looting boxes to get weapons/attachments is not my idea of fun. And now micro-transactions are in here....... Even if i liked the game, i wouldn't be buying the game ever, i don't support these practices in AAA 60$ games.
  3. I'm really happy you guys/gals are excited and hope you have fun, this game is not for me though, not too bothered anymore though, kill some cartel for me Ill just fire-up OGR and play through that again for the 1000th time. I will probably pick it up at some point in the future when its at a bargain price, just like a did with future soldier.
  4. Only when first launched for authentication purposes, after that you can play offline as long as you want.
  5. I dont play coop or online in general, i like to game at my own pace I played on Ghost difficulty, though, most of the HUD off, long story short, i hate it.
  6. Had enough playtime with the closed beta to know this is not the game for me, i am a fool to expect a GR1 experience, or even something remotely close to it. I doubt the new region is reason enough for me to dive back in and give it another go.
  7. So GRW, where do i begin... The missions were pretty much all the same, go into a camp, kill/interrogate/find info about something and thats about it The story/dialogue/voice acting is cringy/cheesy, its so bad i wanted to skip them, it even tries to be funny/cool but fails miserably On the hardest diff, you do die easily during combat, which is good, but being stealthy is soo easy it didn't matter at all, it was a cakewalk.. AI is abysmal, especially your teamates, they are useless, they couldnt kill anything, and the command interface is so limited it might as well not be there, a
  8. Bunch of videos got released today, lets post them all here
  9. I didn't see the s.shot cooldown, why would they add that? Seems like a weird choice.
  10. I didn't know this was a race seriously though, i was just lucky and saw it in my subscriptions while i was browsing. Anyhow I just finished watching, and it most definitely is the best gameplay in terms of basic gameplay info, like zeealex said this is the type of video they should have been releasing The commands is pretty much what i though they would be, they are ok i can work with them. The movement system seems off, idk how to describe it, but it feels stiff and unatural in terms on animations the rain effects that hit the player are awful weapon models/so
  11. Finally some gameplay, haven't had time to watch it yet though, will post my thoughts later.
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