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  1. Hi, I'm trying to contact a member named parabellum in regards to help with an Arma 3 texture mod issue. I'm new on this forum, but had come across some posts of his indicating some level of competency with .PBO configs and such. My issue specifically is how to get TRYK gear by Teriyaki to work with Arma 3 1.54 and the Exile mod. I'm aware there is a fix for armor values, but the armor only appears to be part of the crashing problem as removing items with armor values from the loot/vendor tables didn't change server stability. TRYK is being blamed for the crashes because once removed, with no other changes the server became stable. Also, in addition to the new 1.54 armor changes TRYK mod has always spammed the RPT with errors and Teriyaki appears to no longer support the mod (and never responded to the error spam issue and "support" from him was always limited due to the Japanese/English language barrier). So, anyone with help regarding TRYK gear and Arma 3 v1.54 and Exile compatibility is welcome to respond, but I'm hoping to get in touch with Parabellum privately as I'd like to discuss the matter of fixing this nice looking mod, if possible. Thanks!
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