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  1. Oh yeah I don't ever mean disgrace any of the Previous titles, I have so many memories as well playing ever one of them along the way from the Original Xbox never played them on the Computer. Console only kinda guy really. And ya I had no idea what you meant by modding I was like dang shes just willy nilly with the cheating stuff.....kidding only of course....lol Yeah you very well could've ran into some of the HVT guys and girls there use to be a fairly large group of us...hopefully Wildlands brings everyone back in. Never owned any of the PS stuff, controller makes me feel like a baby tryin
  2. I would say right now Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain is the closest to what I would expect Wildlands to be just wasn't quite to detailed as it sounds Wildlands will be and theres really no major moving pieces in MGSV. One action doesn't directly effect other missions or impact the people in the villages locally placed on the map. Which I'm not sure will be on WIldlands but based off the Videos of animals and Civilians looks like they will be impacted in a similar aspect to that of which I speak of. I personally have logged around 230+ maybe more hours alone on just the Campaign something lik
  3. Oh no I wasn't trying to have any kinda of tone in that comment lol trust me I'm not that type of person...Don't think I know John other than just seeing him on here. Like I said it was mearly for those people saying Wildlands needs to stay as far away from GRFS as possible and I'm hoping they keep a lot of the play style in Wildlands from FS. Always being the odd man out on here makes defending my All-Time Favorite game very difficult and probably makes my comments come across wrong or a little too harsh but they are not intended to be. Purely Forum talk and sorry I just don't get ###### off
  4. Okay your referring to Modding as in Match Making not being able to take out Noob Tubes, Backscatters, ect....I get that and as nice as it would be and as frustrated as I do get at times with teams that run there tube first then shoot, its still a very Realistic Weapon and theres tons of Live Military action Videos on YouTube that back that theory or a grenade launcher to blow somebody out of there cover and either killing them instantly or allowing a instant invasion following the explosion. But I agree they should've made it to where you could host your games and take such weapons out. My si
  5. Well this post was intended for people keep saying Please don't make wildlands anything like GRFS, I referenced FS because everybody on this Forum just about everybody seems to have a huge bone to pick with FS. Honestly everyone just states its too different or it was to glitch/connection issues. So it really was intended for all the guys talking about Wildlands. Not FS, that's why I posted it in the Wildlands conversation, and hence why I titled it the way I did.
  6. Okay guys, I get theres a lot of hate and hostility towards the latest GRFS title. Apparently a lot of you guys didn't like the change from Graw and previous versions. I played all titles for Xbox, and I enjoyed everyone of them. This whole back to its roots don't sit well with me and I guess that's just cause I've enjoyed playing GRFS for 3.5 years now and still play it today with a lot of regulars still running it. What is the deal with GRFS? PLEASE DONT SAY CONNECTION that was established at Beta and I play 4-5 hours a night and yeah theres some lag and it host migrates and usually cleans u
  7. I think id like to see where I only have to create one guy MY character ya know! There can be class selections for my one guy and I select my loadout sets, along with apparel and gear. Much like MGO id like to see a weight effect...playing run and gun with a .50 cal isn't and shouldn't be possible. I like it to be more realistic when the scout wants to run and gun you pull out your secondary which would me a SMG or even a M14, whichever he or she decides to carry but let that choice effect your movability and speed. I don't want build up 6 different characters just wanna have different load ou
  8. The Campaign is important agreed! However how many of us go back years later to run through a long time beaten Campaign not me. I usually beat the whole game twice and I'm done and most games that can be done in a week or two of my average game play in a week. Now PVP I have played FS for 3.5 years and am still going strong...that's where you build your player relationships. Hollywood I don't know about all that but after all you are playing a Video game its not reality. I've enjoyed most campaigns ive played on Shooter/Combat game types. everything from Halo, Ghost Recon, MGS V, hell I've got
  9. Wow, Ghost Recon Future Soldier.... Hard to believe its been 3.5 Years since the release of GRFS. Ghost Recon series has been my favorite Series to play ever... When I first started playing GRFS I couldn't adapt and hated the way you moved and the dang cover system got me killed more than id like to recall much less admit. However with more and more hours into the game, I became more familiar with the controls and quickly adjusted with hour and hours of game time. Of course the huge issue was connections and being able to Host and join other Hosted games. FS definitely has its time of w
  10. Would Cheating really make you feel good? Would It really prove your the better player? Is it worth getting reported 10 billion times and worldly hated by GR players. Nah....You wont play with me if you cheat...and I venture a guess that the mass majority of GR Players would all say the same. Cheating Ruins the game that we all love!
  11. Id have to say personally I don't think its gonna matter either way....that said..i think its stupid that any woman would ever wanna be in any combat military position I don't want my daughter no matter how mentally strong or physically strong going to war in any Combat scenario. So to me in reality I would say hell no...in a video game who cares, if were goin for selling more games and if that ability to use a Women Character sells more why wouldn't you do it. ???
  12. If they do make you able to control the AI during campaign I'm all for it but I don't wanna babysit them like Graw and graw 2 I felt like I had to tell them literally everything and that's (put simply) not how a special unit of any military branch works. Make it more like Metal Gear Solid V when you have Quite (sniper) rolling as your buddy where they are simple commands such as, attack, scout, hold fire, cover me, also have them select there own covers not be forced to get the exact location on your (Go To) arrow on the right side of the cover to assure there visibility/cover. Just my .02 cen
  13. Dedicated Servers only way to go period no matter what console/PC system your running.
  14. Great Vid Matt! I like the clean basic wording even with the language if you aint cussin you don't care enough....lol
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