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  1. 70 000 what? U.K personnel or combined with others ? US alone has over 100 000 already sorry saw your edit firefly estimates i have heard that would be needed for war are 250k-300+ how many were there the first time ? total allied
  2. hey aggressor.... i hear ya i live in canada too go here for a good link to a whole bunch of canadian computer shops found a radeon 9500pro for 299CAN too bad it doesn't fit in my box
  3. if the ghosts come to canada they can get rid of our p.m. while they're at it
  4. bay city rollers reo speedwagon englebert humperdink lawrence welk
  5. how can you tell if someone is cheating ? i have played online and had suspicions they were.. if i save the replay and watched from their perspective would i be able to tell ? or have to go as observer in game ?
  6. when using a computer my fingers automatically go for the a w s d keys...
  7. Havok

    Dream Car

    Hardcore check the specs on this bad boy
  8. good will definitely install 2moro then
  9. excuse me whilst i change my drawers
  10. chevy all the way used to have a lumina z34 that baby flew
  11. kool... have to hook up my flight stick again and join ya
  12. Havok


    futbol rules (..and hockey) i like the premiership myself spurs fan going nowhere this year though
  13. i have that but yet to install..... one of my buddies only has onboard sound would it be too choppy probly fer him ? what kinda usage does it take up ? r.w. bogged me down too much when i hosted both g.r. and r.w.
  14. sorry meant m/p if i and two others each control a team with ai on
  15. i myself have a dell 4300 p4 1.5ghz with 256sdram turtle beach santa cruz sound card 32 meg geforce 2(kife, i know.. more about vid card in a moment) and have had no real probs(related to hardware or dell software) and it is stable and all but dell's slogan should be a twist on the oldsmobile ads, "This IS your father's computer" i bought a radeon 9500pro and it will not fit in the box 'cause of the cards fan dell likes to move things around go here to make things easier for their techies to service them so upgrading hardware is a pain in the butt. and i can only use kingston technologies ram to upgrade 'cause i've bought like 3 dif blocks of ram and they do nay work. but for the parents it's o.k.
  16. how can i change the default backup guys assigned to me in s/p ? i was in igor trying to do a modification of embasy and i could set which guys to bring but when i went back to do a campaign in d.s. these guys were still my backup and now i am stuck with a demo guy with a demo chg. who is useless in some missions . i changed it months ago but never really realized i still have the up demo guy till i tried to do a campaign again .
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