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  1. i have dual canadian/british citizenship.... not that anyone cares
  2. anyone play this game ? i saw it cheap in futureshop and was gonna get it but wasn't sure.... is it any good ? i wanna check it out but i hope it's not like project i.g.i
  3. sorry to break the flow but how do ya do a screen of a dvd ? print screen and paste into word like usual ? never tried b4 with a dvd i have photoshop can i do it with that (prolly stupid question i know) number 3 is driving me nuts ..... on the tip of my tongue i saw that movie
  4. network 42 is listed on ASE as well right ?
  5. i can't log in to it to d/l any modz cookies on or off no matter guess i am screwed for mods now
  6. will a mac version be able to hook to a pc version server ? that'd be kool
  7. i think what camo meant is that a sniper doesn't just run from spot to spot.. he creeps so hence he moves much slower and plans his route to target or just hanging 'round to shoot they try not to disturb their surroundings
  8. good hand-eye coordination... not a problem for me as i play a lot of nhl 2k3 which vastly improves your hand-eye coordination cause of the speed (much easier than actually strapping on skates in the real world hahahaha) vid games do improve a lot of motor skills as to people saying a person is cheating cause he's good is prolly cause the good shooter is looking around and taking his time realizing the name of the game is not most kills but survival whereas the accuser is off rambo style....take me an hour to do a mission in s/p....i don't care real life soldiers have a plan and don't just run into the fray looking to kill me two cents worth anyways
  9. i believe there is a mod sorta like that called gangland though i don't know if it works with the latest patch (believe bajabravo did some skins for it though i maybe totally wrong.... anyone know of the mod i mean ?
  10. what do you mean by standard upgrade mod ? patch do you mean ? try a uninstall and fresh install
  11. i third that... i have a compaq notebook still running win3.1 cost 'bout 2500 ten years ago and now i can't get 30 bucks for it even at the university near me.....
  12. Havok

    80's games

    some kool java based games from the eighties ya can play online defender frogger missile hunt etc.... Go Here
  13. i have read about a bbc movie bravo two zero about mcnabb and the boys but i can't find it in canada yet..... anybody seen this movie ? .. it's recent
  14. i was looking up info on the stealth bomber that got shot down bown a serbian rocket Operation Allied Force in '99 and this link came up Allied Force pretty informative site with a slew of links about military operations including afghanistan but i couldn't really find any info 'bout the stealth. was the pilot killed or captured ? what about the plane ? i'm sure they must have sent a recovery team in .
  15. i'd post a pic but then i would have to clean up first haha
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