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  1. just wondering if we have any members of the forum who are or were enlisted in the Canadian military(yes we have one ) ?
  2. C is for cookie that's good enuff 4 me
  3. i guess the bottom line is to be aware of the security flaws in whichever programs ya use and always make sure you're patched to date...sure we can talk of icq and im progs. but there are many other ways to 'hack' into someone besides i agree with nkognito...if they are 'hacking' thru icq they are usually script kiddies..just about any [idiot] with a computer can learn to do this what good is 'hacking' someone's box? how much useful info can ya really get ? to do it just to cause damage is actually frowned on by true hackers..that is not the purpose. Go here good site for learning what vulnerabilities are out there p.s. Tr4nC3R is correct in that you don't know who read these posts...hmmmmm weren't there a couple g.r. sites 'hacked' including this one ?
  4. Havok


    a city kind of map with some urban warfare would be kool.......i would also like to be able to shoot thru wooden doors.......telling me there is a bad guy hiding behind a door and i open up with an m60 and can't kill him? bunk......yeah yeah i know ya can in r.s.. why not g.r. ? yes snow would be kool...send the ghosts to canada to fight al quida or however you spell it or some missions where ya sneak incountry and paint targets for bombers ?
  5. yeah icq blows that's been common knowledge it is easily hacked for a long time....happened to my friend....would never use that prog. even if i wasn't gaming...yuch just go on any p2p network and you will find a proliferation of hacks for this kife program... icq sux
  6. big enuff post ? got my attention anyways
  7. myself i have a logitech cordless 2.4 ghz cordless rumble pad .... i play lots of hockey and racing with it and it works sweet---no probs.... only about $50 CAN don't know your location so it will prolly be cheaper works great for hockey
  8. 300Mag Posted on Feb 2 2003, 12:31 PM only 1000 pound ?!?! strap one of these to a B2 with the optional 5000 pound warhead too bad these aren't ready yet sorry to go off on a tangent but i hate that guy(saddam)... watching the 11 o'clock news and high school students protesting up here in canada at city hall about the u.s. invading iraq, give him a second chance blah, blah,blah.. pathetic ....even after seeing him praising the Columbia crash...till he gives chems to some wacko terrorist or injects one of his pawns with the crap and sends him on a plane to infect millions and it affects THEM and then it's too late..this guy pays suicide bombers families for flip sakes...believe me most true canadians are with dubya on this.... i'll chill now
  9. Go Here to see the leaflets or read transcripts of the radio broadcasts to saddam's flunkies
  10. seems they are converting the old Ohio class subs for the boys to use Go Here
  11. did you also know five of the seven were active u.s. military ? read more my sympathies go out to all
  12. thanx. will check it out....
  13. i live in canada so i can't really tell you what i have......sshh
  14. that's wicked..... nice camo.... nice bird
  15. looking at the pics i know what ya mean.....killed people this same way myself...just because they have a crappy monitor and they can't see you makes you a cheater ? sore losers is what it sounds like 2 me.... some people just need to relax and realize they got beat 'cause they suck ...ha
  16. sure sounds kool Ruin....... Havok or Mjr. Havok ...yeah 1. rifleman oicw/ak47 2. demo m4socom/sa80 3. support m60 large caliber pistol........ can do sound bites if needed
  17. thanx guys very helpful...... i have space with rogers.com if this makes any difference they support cgi they say........ will post a link when i get it all figured out as long as ya promise not too laugh or post it on one of those crappiest websites site
  18. i would like to d/l this but i can never get anything from fileplanet i login but can never actually d/l... any other links for it other than filepalnet ones
  19. i guess i need html editor ? prolly not one in word 2k or is there ?
  20. could be worse....... could have it set as your homepage
  21. i have ten megs of webspace thru my ip provider and would really like to utilize it but have no clue ..doh... what do i need to create my site ? rogers gives you know help on hoow to do this on their site and no links either... obviously need ftp manager to upload pages but what else ? any help be appreciated or direct me in the right way......thanx i know it's not hard but i am nubee to cgi html etc...
  22. canada should do that...we need some loans get rid of g.s.t.
  23. yeah i saw that also.... pretty funny actually Saint Max Headroom
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