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  1. Quick question about WiFi.

    I have a wireless modem from my ISP (Bell). My actual rig is wired right into it via ethernet cable but my PS3 utilizes the WiFi.

    Of course I have firewall and my modem set not to publicly broadcast my SSID or whatever.

    I know anything is possible but could my actual hardwired computer be compromised ?

    I didn't mean my actual modem is wireless...it's a home networking modem with WiFi.

    Like it's not the same as if I was running my computer on a wireless adapter as opposed to a PCI card....right ?

  2. I used to love watching V. I also have the DVD set but had a hard time getting into it as the effects are so cheese. Yeah I know it's the 80's but still...all the special FX of today have me jaded.

    Porbably did most of the cgi on C64s !

    They actually used a lot of the action footage from the mini-series in the weekly TV episodes, so obviously the budget wasn't the biggest.

    Wonder if Robert Englund is going to play Willie again. I highly doubt that as they are excluding him from the remake of Nightmare on Elm St. as well.

    Guess Hollywood is running out of ideas ( actually judging by most movies they did years ago :rofl: ).

    I can only hope they remake The Last Starfighter sometime soon.

    Now that was a movie !!

  3. Need some help here..

    I recovered some .txt files(msn chat logs) using EASEUS Data Recovery. When i open them it is just garbled text, symbols, numbers etc. I also recovered .xml files that are chat logs and the same thing. Thinking maybe the files had been overwritten after deletion with other data, I then deleted another log and recovered it immediately but it is unreadable also.

    Before anyone asks I installed EASEUS on a separate drive and recovered the files off the bad drive to it.

    Is there some way for me to be able to read these files in proper English ? :wall:


    This problem only happens with .txt or .xml files.I recovered mp3s and images files from over a year and a half ago off the drive and they open fine.

  4. I consider myself a hardcore gamer.

    What defines that for me ? Well I would definitely classify anyone being in a clan/squad as hardcore. Back in the "height" of the GR days when there were tourneys and such a lot of time would be spent on training for upcoming tourneys. That's more than people getting together for fun( been thru a ZA training session you know what I mean :P ).

    There is a committment there.

    Hardcore to me is also the guys/girls who are modding the games, not content to go thru all the base missions, but create more and share that with the community, releasing tools for others to do the same.

    Wanna touch on something brettzie said in relation to people lining up the night before to get a game. To me that is more of a fanatic than a hardcore gamer. My buddy at work is one of those guys. I may be hardcore but I draw the line at lining up to be one of the "1st" to get a game. When Fallout came out(or the WoW expansion, or Madden etc.) he wasn't at work the next day. I can always tell when a new title came out because he either gets "snowed in" or is at the dentist :rolleyes: the next day. He says he's hardcore but I say he is a fanatic.

    Now if there is someone lining up to get a PS3 or Wii, that isn't a fanatic. There are lining up not to be the 1st, but to get something in limited supply,there's a difference to me.

    IMO hardcore is also those who are in the know about most of the upcoming titles, read thru many different gaming sites, post on various forums. Also throw anyone with a dedicated gaming rig into that category.

    You won't have any argument calling me hardcore, one look at my GTAIV stats and seeing that 13:56 longest continous game would pretty much squash that argument. :P

  5. Sorry I missed out on the action. Got hit with an ice storm and lost power for half the night.

    The roads are quite nasty today also. Funny when I'm driving down the road and the only vehicles in the ditch are SUVs.

    Dumb butts.


  6. Well back into PC gaming I come and I badly need a new headset as my current one is on the fritz. It works fine but one of the clips came off and is highly uncomfortable.

    I am looking for a good headset with a mic and only one earpiece. I only use my mic for TS as all other sound comes thru my speakers so an actual set of headphones is no good for me.

    My current one is a Labtec LVA-8711 which has done me just fine.

    Price range I gues would be no more than 100.

    Any kind of reccomendations would be greatly aprreciated.

  7. Yeh those FB missions are hard.

    That was like old times playing again. Definitely need a wee bit of practice.

    At least I wasn't a total nOOb joining as defPlyr. :shifty:

    Look forward to more of that.

  8. I am having some weird sound issues and cannot hear the sound of my rifle.


    Re-install of drivers didn't resolve the issue...so I give up.

    I'll bash away at it 2morro and sort it out. Catch up with you Saturday if you throw a server up WK.


  9. The old White's Nightmare ?!

    Damn...colour me in. Been itching for some old school GR lately as I have forsaken all consoles.

    No holiday up North here...but Friday and Saturday I am good.

    Can I apologize for the TKs beforehand ?!


  10. After posting this in the Ole Timer's forum I have opened it up for the rest of you.

    I have created a fantasy hockey league on Yahoo. Anyone who wants to join feel free.

    League is GRNET, ID # 13481 and the password is Rocky.

    It will be an automated draft, the order to be randomly determined by the Yahoo supercomputer. :P

    You rank your players in the order you want to select them and if they are available at your pick you get them. If you don't rank players it will draft according to the Yahoo rankings. Draft goes down then up again. i.e if you pick 1st in Rd. 1 you pick last in Rd 2.

    Teams will consist of 3 each of the forward position Centre, Left Wing, Right Wing; Six Defencemen, 2 Goalies; 2 rovers i.e. Forward and Winger; 2 Bench players and 1 IR slot.

    Stat categories for players are : G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHG, GWG

    Stat categories for goalies are : W, GAA, SV%, SO

    14 teams still available

    here's the link click me

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