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  1. NY saved our asses a few times....I can remember the Vilnius map where he was the only one left at the end and killed like 20+ tangos to extract. Rocky you couldn't find me on Steam as I typed the wrong username in...my bad. It is actually grnet_havok.... with an underscore. *rolls eyes* And I agree...the commitment that the squads who ran the different tourneys put in and scripted the missions was something else.
  2. Don't know why I am quoting my own reply....meant to reply to Lightspeed's reply....could be the wine lolz...yo Lightspeed I got mad respect for you and your contributions to GR,,,,lots of missions and all that. Played your missions enough,,,you are one those people I forgot to mention lolz...as well as the AS Squad. Never had the honour to deploy with you. Maybe we can Deploy one day.
  3. Know what's funny Rocky?! Been playing lots of Watchdogs lately and I swear on some online races I feel like I have raced these laps on other video games....seem so familiar. And it's not just Watchdogs...methinks video game companies are recycling maps....for real. Just can;t place my finger on where I originally came across these maps. Nice video still.
  4. Word! What up Sart ?! Been meaning to chime in with my two cents worth on this thread....keep forgetting..comes with age ;-) Pull up a chair and reminisce with me.... Sometime in 2001 I bought my first computer. Prior to that I was a console gamer. My first computer was a Pentium II 550mhz with 128 megs of ram and a whopping 13 GB hard drive(holdyour laughter)....Soundblaster 16 sound card and I cant even remember my videocard at the time. Back then I was into pure NHL and FIFA games on my PC...the graphics killed the ps1 lolz. One of my co-workers had a computer before me and was into mostly flight-sims. One day he told me I should check out this game ...something called Ghost Recon. I borrowed his disc to give it a whirl and was hooked. So I went out and bought the game 'cause he kept bothering me for his disc back. Him and I would play together every night after work.....for hours. Back then I was a total nOOb to the 'net.....spent most of my time on Napster. I would host and he and I would kill tangos together...all the while we would be on the phone co-ordinating tactics as I had no clue about TeamSpeak or chat programs. I swear I had a permanent kink in my neck from holding the phone to my ear whilst gaming back then lolz. Then I found the All Seeing Eye....which was like Game Ranger back then. So we would join random games with people....took GR to a whole new level. A lot of servers on ASE would run a certain mod....of which I shall not speak the name of. In my web searches for this mod and other GR related mods I stumbled across ghostrecon.net. I remember signing up and posting here inquiring about the mod....and my threads would always get deleted pretty quickly. I was like...huh?! Did a couple of searches.....and found out the issue with said 'mod'. Coming across this website....well that opened up a whole new world for me. I would lurk around...occasional posts...and I was a total fiend for the Download section. Back in those days it wasn't like it is now with blazing internet speeds and all that. Living in Canada I had a decent cable connection....1meg download speeds (yeh hold your laughter once again....lots of peeps were on dial up 28k or 56k). Still mods sometimes would take better part of hour....and Frostbite was one of those mods you started the download of and then went to bed...hoping it would be finished in the a.m. Getting bored of playing with my co-worker as he was a serious Rambo...some of you OGs probably know who I am talking of..I looked to find some players who would enhance the experience. The games room section here of the forums was my answer. WhiteKnight used to host on weekends in the afternoons here a lot back in tha' day. So one day I grew a pair and downloaded TeamSpeak and decided to enter the fray with the big boys. Can't remember who was playing other than WK...pretty sure NightCrawler was also on the server. And so my eyes were opened to what GR could be.... After that....I was hooked more than ever. Jamming with WhiteKnight and them was awesome! Having all humans and no AI....ahh happy happy joy joy!! Getting into GR in this way made me realize my rig could not handle some of the more intense maps. Though I must say the netcode for GR was awesome...considering my rig specs. Time for an upgrade. So I bought a Dell 4300 with windows Millenium...pentium 3 1.5ghz and 512 ram with a 128meg Radeon vid card....yeh hold those chuckles in once more ;-) but it was a significant upgrade over my windows98 pentium II. So gettting over my nervousness of playing with strangers I would soon start hosting my own games over the weekend. Pretty much every Friday and Saturday night for a couple years Havok's House was online from 8 or 9 pm until whenever...usually until 1am or 2am....or later. Seriously...I was a GR fiend...I was still also playing EVERY night after work with my co-worker. And GR led to me getting into Rogue Spear....Sum of All Fears etc. Having random peeps connect and running missions or firefights was cool. Started to be a bunch of regulars...mostly NYR32 and DarkRanger...Sart....El Nino....Feyhd...PrivateB..so many peeps...memories come flooding back. Made a lot of good friends playing GR. Can remember when the HX mods came out.....running HX200 firefights pushing that Dell to the limits lolz. Then after a while I remember being asked to try out for the GRNET squad....at the time they were involved in the Azz Cup. It came about as NYR and DarkRanger were already in the squad...and those two dudes were regulars on my weekend server nights. I could go on and on with memories of the GRNET squad....that was soo much fun and honestly I was so amazed and honoured to be approached to join GRNET squad. Yeh sure it's a video game...but still. And I can vividly remember my first deployment with the GRNET squad...in the Azz Cup on the OGR map Mountain map. Azz Cup scripted mines into the map. I remember being nervous as shiznit deploying the first time..so worried I would mess up. I knew I had some skills....but playing in a competitive tourney with mostly strangers...guys who had reps online....T1...PaveLow...Rocky....trust me I was wearing diapers LMFAO on that mission. So we deploy and I swear like less than ten minutes into the mission I stepped on a frickin' mine......seriously?!?!?! Luckily mines could be de-activated by another sqaud member...pretty sure WeeBoz came and saved my ass. Can't remember the outcome of that mission but I wasn't the first to die lolz....and that's all that matters yeh ? Azz Cup was fun....went from stepping on a mine to I think it was the last mission in Azz Cup tourney on the Fortress/Wilderness map where at the end it was just Sart and I who were left to complete the mission. Oh...I could go on and on with the fun times and missions I had with Rocky and the rest of GRNET squad....methinks maybe that will be another post though. Could make a whole post about ZeroAlpha and his training sessions lmao ;-) Then NYR32, DarkRanger and I became the Recon squad for GRNET squad...always Charlie squad in tourneys. Fine tuned fireteam...just don't mention AS squad The Farm mission....woulda killed that mission but for my glitch. GR was more than a game back then....it was a sense of community....fun times no matter age...or race....or sex...or timezone. Spinning off from that, GRNET squad branched off into Joint Ops and ladder play....and so was born Tactical Elite, actually born before that once we started entering GR competitions...Azz Cup, Apha Squad etc. Funny thing speaking of TE. I just recently started hanging out ghostrecon.net again....oddly enough I was living up waaaaay north and had no internet. So I re-installed Gr and got re-hooked. Probably has been like 5 or 6 years since I logged in here. Guess Rocky changed the filemanager as my sig was no longer displaying in the forums. I searched high and low on old discs and the like for my sig to no avail. Then I got a brainstorm.....Internet Way Back Machine....let's check TE.net. Wow....there is my old sig again....and lots of other cool stuff come flooding back. And to be honest...due to my RL situation for some of the time I was playing GR fierce back then....well my life was kinda crap....and GR was a huge escape for me. Okay sure GR is a game and not the be all and end all....but it was a welcome escape. And being part of the grnet squad and feeling like part of a team....well that meant a lot to me then. I made some good friends and have so many awesome memories of those times. So like Sart said.....OGR was DOPE....and then some!! From chicken wars to GL wars to pistol battles and beyond. GRAW and all that never did it for me....nothing compared to the classic. I gave up on upgrading my rig for every new game that came out....much easier to go to the dark side and consoles lolz.....ps3. But after having recently ran through the OGR campaign again controlling the AI....oh do I crave the MP aspect of GR! And being a 15 yrs old game or not.....I am hooked again. And tbh.....my laptop now is 5 times what my old Dell was. GR looks so nice in DX12 with a computer that can handle it at full video settings. Look for a resurrection of Havok's House in the coming weeks....online hosting over the weekends. As Justin Timberlake says.....I'm bringing Sexy back.....or Ghost Recon back....(ok that was cheese but ya get the drift ;-) ) And yeh sure all the new games these days have the eye candy and AAA graphics....but honestly...for me....the gameplay and immersion of OGR makes you forget about the graphics. And for me nothing compares to OGR. So thanks for listening to my rambling....us OGs are prone to that ;-) And big props to the boss Rocky....ghostrecon.net is still going strong after all these years. That in itself says a lot. Amazing!! I've signed up to Steam and am in the process of building a new gaming rig to come back to the light side....damn my console. Add me if you want....grnet-havok. Shout out to all those OGs as well......Rocky , Sartillies ;-) , NYR32, DarkRanger, WhiteKnight, El Nino, T1, PaveLow, BajaBravo, NightCrawler, PrivateB, ZeroAlpha, Feyhd, ZJJ, Zantar45, Weeboz, PotShot, Warhawk and so many others I am probably forgetting....no disrespect. Give me a break....I'm old and don't remember so well. *rolls eyes* LONG LIVE OGR....and GHOSTRECON.NET !! p.s. Any of the old crew...hit me up...be cool to re-connect and get into some games.
  5. Ok so I am having some kind of issue since I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to windows 10 pro. I did the free upgrade a couple of weeks ago and I am now having issues. Two issues and they are probably both cause by the same thing. When I go onto kijiji.ca to upload pictures the first picture or two will load...then the third will load but only showing half the image with the rest of the image grey. I have updated the usual suspects...Flash...Java etc. I do not have this issue uploading pictures to other sites....i.e. Ebay. Also on some webpages some things will not load...prime example to show is this page http://www.sportsnet.ca/schedule/ . When I pull up that page everything loads except for the actual schedule. I can see the list of channels and times...but the middle part that would show the program scheduled is grey. If i slide the bar along the bottom as if I am checking the different times....it goes just plain white. This is doing my head in lolz...this issue exists in every browser I have tried...Opera, Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Google. Tried searching the 'net but I can't find any resolutions that work. I used the girlfriend's laptop which is running a clean install of Windows 10 and do not have these issues. If it matters I am on a Thinkpad T500 running in 64-bit. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find the Park map by Jujuman? The link on the download page is broken HERE For some reason I seem to recall it was also included in another map pack...but I can't remember which. Thanks.
  7. Ahhhh... thanks Thumper. It was in the campaign section for downloads....I was looking at the total conversion and expansion sections. As soon as I installed it and fired up GR I immediately remembered playing it way back in tha' day. Clear & Present Danger 2 is awesome! Love some of those maps in it. I just recently re-installed GR after 7yrs or so being away from it....hooked again lolz.....brings back so many memories.
  8. Wow...nice skins. Question....can I get a link to the CAPD2 Mod itself? Can't seem to find one. Thanks
  9. Wow haven't logged in here for a while and there's some old names from the past having a Birthday today. Happy Birthday Private B and Fehyd wherever you may be !!
  10. Silver Surfer Parable hardcover Illustrated by Moebius
  11. Some Batman stuff on Ebay .... I'll even ship it free to a North American forum member here
  12. You musta been up here in the summer then WK !! Usually we gear up like this in the winters !! All ready to trudge off to The Beer Store !!
  13. Yeah...that's no longer a DJ !! I'm all for digital musik but not when going out...I mean I'm not dissing DJs because it's a skill...but if I am going to see a DJ he/she better be up there sweating and digging in crates,bouncing to the beats !! Not sipping a vitamin water and texting their homiez !! Vinyl sounds beat digital any day...
  14. Havok


    Wow...what a trip !! So once again I'm searching for info on Ebay & come across this noob's post....made me laugh. Okay so I am seasoned Ebay buyer now. Anyways the reason for dredging up this old post is because I need any information regarding Ebay stores. Does anyone have experience running one ? What are the benefits ? I know there is difference in fees and you get more pictures for free per listing. I understand there is a monthly fee depending on which level of service you select. The reason I ask is because I have a massive amount of items I want to list....but with Ebay stores you don't get the 100 free listings a month...sure other benefits...but once again I find Ebay confusing in regards to this matter. And it doesn't help they seem to change rules/fees quite randomly. I've only really bought stuff like CDs,clothes,movies etc. The majority of items I will be listing would fall under the book category, which have higher fv fees. So does anyone have experience with Ebay stores ? thanks...
  15. Wow...I never knew Virgin did landlines too. Over here the phone/internet/mobile is monopolized by two companies and we get rooked hard !! 50 meg speed...I thought you meant 50meg d/l cap LOL The XXL package.. wish I could get something like that over here ! He's going to check if Virgin is available at his address. Sure Rocky.. if he can get it at his address I'll get him to use your referral code. Always good to get anything free/credited from Big Business !!
  16. Need some advice on UK internet & landline providers. My friend lives in London, Harrow zone 5 if it makes a difference, and wants to get a landline and internet. He's been looking at Talk Talk, Sky, BT. I have no clue as to service providers outside Canada. Anyways my question is what is a good provider to go with....he's looking around 30-40 pound a month for unlimited internet and a landline. He only has a mobile now. Also if anyone has any promo codes or sign-up a friend kinda deals let me know. He'll mostly game on a console online... and will use internet mostly for media downloads..and file transfers....streaming media etc. Thanks !!
  17. What time zones is everyone, well I know Alpha's. More than likely I'll try and figure something out 2morro....I dunno maybe like 4 p.m . EST. No promises but if not then no doubt next weekend.
  18. Grrr...got slagged onto the afternoon shift this week. I hate working.... Anywho...I may be available Monday the 2nd. Holiday over here. If not you can count on a server for the follwing weekend. Let ya know tomorrow for sure... Hey Alpha can ya send me a link to change the rets to blue for friendly and such. Gotten used to the buttons again at least. My damn hands wanna rebel against using a keyboard to game once more. Damn evil PS3 has my wrists all curled up like a golem. Had to cheat and unlock Jack Stone in the .xml for single player. He a bad ass.
  19. Alright been off for some holidays,just gotta sort out a headset. Probably do some hosting next weekend or jump on with you guys.
  20. Ahhh...the good old days !! Running late evening/night/into the morning servers, chicken wars, El Nino and his wicked back rubs !! Well I've re-installed Ghost Recon and in the next 2-3 weeks, once I've cleaned up the House and re-stocked the mini-bars with fresh, cold beverages I think I'll have a House warming. (also once I've learned to use a keyboard again ) Don't think bandwidth will be a problem these days....could even have G/L wars I'd imagine...not ! So boys and girls....go download Canadian Operatives 2 and patch it !!!! because I guarantee that will be on the menu at some point. And if enough of the geezers of old swing by maybe that damn Alpha Squad mission The Farm could be taken down once and for all !! Recon leads the way !!
  21. No....I have a PS3 also.. Yes...the dark side... In the process of building a gaming rig again...been talked into it I have.
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