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  1. That picture epitomizes the Ghosts. Blended right in with the scenery...the guys in the background too.

    I believe in Ghosts!

    You and others posting up screenies like this are making me jones hard to play this. I had planned to buy a gaming rig this month...but my mainline pipe from the house to the sewer was delineated and had roots in it and water backed up into the laundry room. Old house built in the 50s so they used asbestos and tar pipes back then. $7000 later I now have PVC pipe all the way out to the city main and they installed a backwater valve. The wifey would murder me if I came home with a new rig right now. 

    So it's OGR for me until roughly the end of April.....and lots of OT at work.:wall:

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  2. On 3/16/2017 at 23:59, gr_syndrome said:

    Is anyone here attempting to play again?

    I just came across this site today and attempted to install , my name in GR was SYNDROME I was in a ton of clans over the years DOW, GE, LOL, etc...

    Some of us still play. I will probably hosting some games next weekend...

  3. I will be hosting some old skool GR shortly...just going to iron out some technical issues now .

    Server details to follow...

    Desert Siege and Island Thunder only mods for now.

    Gangland may come into play later :ph34r:

  4. I will be hosting tonight somewhere between 9pm and 10pm EST tonight.


    Discord server invite is here..... HAvok's House

    I`ve never ran Discord before...last time I gamed it was TeamSpeak in use.


    I will post a new thread in the Games Room with server IP once I am up and running.

    6 hours ago, Zeealex said:

    i'd love to join you guys but it's far too late in the night for me to do any viable comms. 

    have a good time all!

    I will try and host tomorrow afternoon too if all goes well...earlier time for those across the pond.

  5. On 3/10/2017 at 08:23, Lightspeed said:

    I'm going to try to make it for your Saturday, my Sunday at midday if you can believe that!

    So you'll be playing from the future eh? ;-)

    My Discord ID is Havok #5397 for those interested in tonight's festivities.

  6. So....I'm looking to host some old school GR...yeh Havok's House is coming back...from waaay back. I've been through all three campaigns with the AI and dying to deploy with some real grunts.

    I'm looking at this Saturday night. I'm in Eastern Time Zone so hopefully I want to be up and hosting around 9pm EST. Possibly even looking to host if I can get some people together on Sunday afternoon as well....2pm EST or so.

    Will be hosting comms on Discord..once I figure it out ;-) It's been a while since I have played online...but won't take me long. Hopefully there will be no technical issues.

    GR with DS and IT will be the flavour of the night. Depending on turnout GANGLAND may be in play. You can download it here

    You can download Discord here

    Just a little heads up for anyone interested.

    Gameplay will be Elite...threat indicator off. 

    All are welcome....OGs and new Gs :ph34r:

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  7. Great stuff Rocky!! I'm glad that you have some recognition from Ubi and they invited you out there. Looks like some serious fun was had.

    You have done a lot for the whole GR series over the years through ghostrecon.net. And for grnet to be still going strong (and methinks also going through a big revival due to GRW) after all these years...awesome!! 

    The work you have done and the effort put in is much appreciated by us grunts ;-) ....and always will be.



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  8. 9 minutes ago, Pvt. Snafu said:

    Yeah I'm beginning to see what you mean. Lost 1 soldier in mission 1 and thought it wasn't too tough so far.. and then mission 2 hits you like a surprise Rpg to the face Hahaha.  Haven't made it more than 2 minutes yet on my 5th try. 

    Btw, Is that the Navy specialist from CO2 in your sig, Havok?

    Yes it's the Navy spec from CO2, good eye. 

    Wait until you get to the Chalet mission...that mission is nasty. It took a bunch of us a couple weekends to take that mission down....probably after the nth time. I don't think I could do that mission controlling the AI...BajaBravo and the rest of those dudes who made that mod are evil.

    I'm aiming to host some games the weekend of the 10th to 12th if all goes well. CO2 could well be on the menu then. If you are around you should join us.

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  9. Before getting sidetracked though I would like to mention another great mod.

    Monolith's GANGLAND


    Puts a different spin on GR...you play as cops vs gangs. This little mod has it all! The music sets the tone too. Some cool graffiti has been plastered all over this map courtesy of Raven and Wolfsong. BajaBravo did some of the skins, excellent job as always. And Monolith's scripting is top-notch. The gangbangers are strewn all over and come at you from nowhere it seems...sneaky little buggers.


    I just played through these four missions tonight...playing with the AI is hard. And you have to take the modded M82 for a test....it literally knocks the bad guys right off their feet! There's also more blood than normal when you kill the gangbangers.


    Check it out....you won't be disappointed ;-)

  10. On 11/23/2016 at 00:28, Giampi said:

    One of the little gems I loved back at the origin is Riot in Belgrad by -wH- bEnDeR.

    A single mission, quite simple in its essence with a music taken from Gladiator (if I'm not mistaken). However I think to recall it wasn't udpated for patch 1.3/1.4

    That was another great mission....forgot about that one. Off to the download section I go.

  11. 3 hours ago, Pvt. Snafu said:

    I've been dabbling in Baja Bravos Canadian Operatives 2(as a Canadian, I just had to check it out).. seems like a pretty awesome mod so far! 


    That's got to be one of my favourite mods...excruciatingly difficult missions.

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  12. 8 hours ago, Lightspeed said:

    Wow look at that, some serious old schoolers - I told you there was a revival Rocky.

    That says a lot about the positive direction Ubi took this time with GRW.

    I was just thinking this myself the other day Lightspeed. There has been a lot of the 'old skool' people hanging around here lately...people from waaay back. OGR brought me back here...but I would assume GRW is the reason for most of the others. When I came back I went through the profiles of others I used to game with before. Some of the last log-in dates were ages ago....



  13. On 2/24/2017 at 19:13, NightCrawler said:

    I'm finally on board with that. Though it took me a few years to wrap my head around it.

    I'm also into VUDU these days for the same reasons as you stated above.

    I'm just starting to wrap my head around it now lolz. I signed up for Steam and Uplay in the last two weeks. The appeal of not losing discs/scratching them...losing keys etc.

    Still will buy the disc in-store whenever I can though....

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