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  1. I have the same but I have a radeon 9600 pro 256mb and with resolution 800x600 medium detail my pc run with 11/12 fps
  2. it will be intresting using a WWII mod to create missions
  3. 36 players in a map is difficult to spawn randomly
  4. i'm working on it.... but it will work with only 4 players, 1 for each team
  5. too expensive.... I have to save money for buy AT
  6. only original mod MP1 and MP2 and map is vilinius
  7. me and my frieds see the sensor down.... but when enemy are near it they don't show up on map
  8. I'm doing some mission and when I try this mission with my friends some sensor doesn't work is it a bug??? or what?? depend mission's script?? too many enemy on map??
  9. OPEN a petition and for sure you'll receive over 300 sign from Italy
  10. All Italian members of www.ghostrecon2.it and www.naturaldisaster.it are ready to subcribe to this petition please open petition and we'll be there !!!
  11. is there a console command to show time during replay????
  12. we are in 2.... but now I hope more italians work on it
  13. Thnx Cool K.... Igor isn't so popular in italy
  14. per gli italiani il clan Allied Forces ha aperto un forum dove scambiarsi informazioni e Q&A su IGOR for Italians, the Allied Forces clan has opened a forum where to exchange information and Q&A on IGOR http://www.afclan.it/public/index.php?showforum=15 cya
  15. GR STOP!!! i see the postbriefing screen but everithing blocked.. i have to reboot pc this evening i'll post my ike.log thnx Viper
  16. Hi all I'm doing a mission with an armored column.. and I often try my mission during programming and nothing strange... but when I put the column mission is ok (no problem) BUT in postbriefing GR is blocked and I have to reset pc any tips???
  17. is it possible know when a player use granade??? trigger or something else???
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