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  1. Exactly, I always thought the gunplay in Siege would make a co-op campaign decently fun. There's just no depth to these PvP-only installments
  2. Far more excited for this than the latest GR installment haha. This looks like a true return to form for the CoD series and I couldn't be happier.
  3. Yup, pretty much. I'll just stick to OGR or Arma 2 if there's no campaign (SP or co-op) pulling me in. Anyway, back on topic, I like how the new GR installment looks so recklessly antithetical to the series that even Rocky, bastion of Ubi-optimism, seems upset about it. The future looks great B)
  4. Yeah, he's such a miserable f### for making criticisms about a franchise and genre he cares about. I love how you completely glossed over how he said it was an impressive achievement at its core and offered ideas on how the series could be pulled in an upward direction.
  5. Annnd this is why I still mod/play Ghost Recon pretty much exclusively to get my FPS fix. It's really depressing looking forward and seeing an endless slog of mediocrity and misery ahead. Not to get off-topic, but I wish Ground Branch had gotten fleshed out more but despite the lofty goals, development seems to have petered out pretty hard awhile ago. Once the dummy-friendly modding tools are released it might be worth it for me though.
  6. Heavenly. Who the hell is playing Wildlands when this kind of art is being created here?
  7. 2gb download and it's well worth it. Can't wait to play this more tonight. We're looking for other people to test this thing, too, BTW.
  8. I love this. It'd be really cool with commentary added. Used to get all nerdy and do like this back in the day. You play online at all? We do co-op and are trying to find people who still love this great old game.
  9. We have a group together reviving GR1, a few guys from the good old days. We do all the fun small-unit tactics ###### and get super nerdy about it. If you're interested, shoot me a PM or you can add me on Steam (Zebrahawk, with the pink hat).
  10. Been play-testing this with Jack. It's really phenomenal. The emphasis on CQB is incredibly fun and addicting, and the weapon setups & new equipment the mod introduces really lends itself to MOUT operations. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing what else comes out of this mod.
  11. We're still hungry for some fresh meat. If you like playing with small-unit techniques in a fun tactical environment, hit us up!
  12. That vest in the bottom photo is really nice. Still need to download this and try it out. Which link should I use?
  13. Looks stellar, I'll have to try it out soon.
  14. I see you're using the FPWV mod too, nice. I only discovered that upon returning to GR, and I'm loving it. Feels great to come back to my favorite FPS and have it completely revamped by a mod like that.
  15. Jack, you're right in the middle of my very narrow avenue of expertise right now haha. This looks really cool so I'll download the mod and check it out sometime this week, and see if I can nail the CTD problem if you don't figure it out first.
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