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  1. Just to add a little something here, This has been an issue since quake2. I used to play Quake2 years ago and certain weapons were banned for the same reason. This issue is not new and has some basis in fact.But there are always servers that dont ban as well. Foxship
  2. Felt the same way awhile back so I asked around and someone here said maybe I should try Ravenshield.So I went out and got it. Thats when I realized what a giant GR is,this game is so good that it makes other shooters seem like half cocked ideas that are just jumping on the GR bandwagon for the money. Stick with it, do a search for most popular mods and download someone,you wont regret it. foxship
  3. Until I bouht my sound card GR would take a big fps hit every time there was a tank firing or just going buy. It made a huge difference in the game when I finally installed it. foxship
  4. Thats very disturbing, Im sorry it happened to you. Theres bad people everywhere,its easy to be bad, the hardest thing is to be a kind,considerate well rounded person. Next time scream bloody murder and hightail it. foxship
  5. I have been reading about this game for 2 months since its premier in PCGAMER. From what they say its going to be a first rate tactical shooter. Urban ops is the intended game style, but lets face it, GR is such a perfect game that no matter how good it will certainly be different. Im gonna get it, but not to replace GR. foxship
  6. I buy original CD´S whether its a game or music. I have a buddy thats always trying to cop free stuff on the net and so far hes had 2 viruses and replaced hard drives and a motherboard. Not worht the trouble if you ask me. foxship
  7. I dont have one but I love reading them and checking out the pics. There more personal than a simple name. foxship
  8. I have been playing for a long while now and I can tell you that its not about gore.GR is a tactical shooter that requires the player to be steathy and smart.You need to incorporate many things all at once,like locations of team members,carrying out missions and ordering your team members to achieve the proper outcome just to name a few. Your dad will be the one playing it 24-7 once he gets a look at it. foxship
  9. Wow, something like three years ago my buddy said I needed to check it out so I did and have been playing ever since. foxship
  10. foxship

    Jesus vs Satin

    good clean funny humor,
  11. I recently went to the revamped download section and found it far easier to find what I needed. Just how many things are there is mind boggling, I wouldnt want to be in charge of it thats for sure. foxship
  12. I recently blew out a geforce2ti 64mb card and had to replace it. I decided to got with a fx5200 128mb card because it was cheap,by far not the best,but the difference in graphics processing is just outstanding. GR has been transformed.I play mods now and I am amazed at what I never got a chance to see with my 64mb card. Going to 128mb card made it a whole new experience that is making me play all the maps all over again.
  13. It looks amazing, I just read the review in pcgamer and it is touted as being urban warfare with real type reactions from your troop members.In a way I hope its not like GR,something close but different would be nice.
  14. I play online with ASE and do not go through any other multiplayer sites. I have played GR since the beginning and have all patches and expansions,what a incredible gaming experience it has been.I have reaped the benefits for several years now and all I can say is thankyou to UBI,RSE and the DEVS. GR2 will be in my collection as soon as it comes out,if it doesnt pan out for one reason or another then I wont play it. I do not post here very often because ther really isnt anything of interest to me but this post got me thinking.Instead of complaing about a game that isnt even out yet how about spicing up this site. Its getting to be really old reading the sameold squabblings and whenever I come here. P.S. no P.S. FOXSHIP
  15. foxship


    Well I bought it and I am very dissapointed. I even went online to check out the MP and that was worse. For me its a wanna be game and even PCGAMER rated it lousy. Read the reviews,if this game is ggod for you then you dont expext much for 50 bucks. foxship
  16. I want it so realistic I will urinate down my leg and I wont even notice. foxship p.s. what a silly question
  17. foxship


    Thinking of buying Vietcong and have visited several forums but the game is so new theres not alot of good-bad info out there. Anoyone who has it please give me your opinion, good bad or ugly. thx, foxship
  18. foxship


    To Rocky, Sometime back I posted and you replied that maybe I was in need of a new game and pointed me in the direction of AGR-S.COM well I went there and checked out things.Well besides it being another site of yours I found it to be as well run as GR.NET and started to investigate the game,the downloads etc and guess what I BOUGHT THAT SUCKER,not because of the hype but because it has a legend.It has evolved over the years and yes it has its quirks,(cd key) but the following is what impressed me.Every where I went was charged with an interested energy that I took to mean quality.The people who play it are behind it 100%. So I guess I'll be posting on 2 of your sites, thx for prodding me into a new genra. I am and always have been a GR fan,constantly downloading and playing and that is in no small part to you and your site,so now I'll be the same with Raven Shield.Keep up the good work, foxship
  19. Rocky, Thx for the review,I rely on reviews for downloads.I have posted in the past that the reviews have been lacking,maybe I was wrong maybe not, but after reading this review I will definitely download right away. And to all the modders out there,no matter your speciality please keep up the good work because you are the ones that keep GR and GR.NET interesting and constantly evolving. Saludos, Foxship
  20. I havent got IT yet because im in Mexico but one thing for sure,to play MP you need it.All the games out there are running IT. foxship
  21. Well Im getting laid regularly so that aint it.I play GR SP almost every day and have for years and Im not bored at all.Any advice on which other Clancy title to get would be great.The Raven shield sounds great but I simply dont know,any input would be great. p.s. I was in no means trashing the site,its awesome but just maybe need a new obsession. foxship
  22. I have been coming here for about t wo years,almost every single day.I love this site and have explored every single aspect of it.I might be crazy but Im getting bored with it,the mod reviews are lacking and the forums are the same old topics,I havent noticed anything new in quite a while.Now dont get me wrong,its a beutifully run site but why not add some new aspect to it,Im sure there are ideas that you are considering?Oh well its just a thought. foxship
  23. Well I run an Creative Labs Audigy Gamer sound card with a GForce2TI 64mb video card,512mb ram P3866mhz built by me and I have to say that this computer will last me quite a while,there are really no games the video card cant handle.If these companies keep outpacing themselves then thats there problem.I run ME and have no complaints what so ever.I realize I may sacrifice a little fps because of it but the OS has treated me well so far. The article was very inciteful though,gamers are different,think about computers differently as well.When we goto a computer store the employee better know there stuff because we know ours. As far as rushing out to get the latest no thx.Im happy with my computer and I keep it in tip top shape at all times. foxship
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