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  1. Looking good Z! There's some serious modeling (and textureing) going on with some of the participants. Nice pumpjack. To bad you're not sure on animating it though! It's just one pivot! Besides that, it'll be great for adding that typical pumpjack-sound. A couple of those bouncing back and forth would easily be your map's eyecatcher. Just like Prozac's Tiling-idea, I like your idea on making the buildings modular. It'll need some extra detail-modules to make them stand out against one another, I guess? Overall, great start!
  2. NIce job so far Prozac. Very clever building it up in tiles. The images are looking great and I'm looking forward to the final result.
  3. I'm sounding quite old now but back in the day we used a program from MassProductions called GRStatTracker. It kept track of all the players and games being played on a server and saved it in .html format to an assigned folder of your choice. The saved file had a date and timestamp, so it was easy to check back on played games. If the .html was saved on the gameserver, it could be loaded into your website so players would have a realtime update. It was quite good. After some googleing, surprisingly after 8 years, it's still available! You can find it here: http://www.mass-productions.com/GRUT/GRST/default.php I don't think the "buy" option still works, so I would contact the company by email first. BTW: you might want to ask the author for the upgraded executable. I believe it was version 103006.
  4. I used this technique for White-Skull Valley in the tunnels and it's a great effect! Like above explained: mirror all geometry with the groundlevel as your axis. Make a texture on the ground with an alphachannel and blend it to white (white being transparent, black being opaque). I believe there's a small drawback when using this with special effects like fire and smoke: they do not render because of the alphachannel.
  5. Thanks Rocky! I actually downloaded Rockall last night and it's really good! Will finish this first before moving on to other mods. Keeping my eye on this topic though!
  6. I installed GR again and downloaded this mod yesterday. I've had a chance to play a couple of quick rounds and I must say that I really like the level of quality on this mod. I will probably be jumpingin soon to see if I can get some COOP with other guys. Looking forward to that. EDIT: I WAS looking forward to it but sadly the server is down already.
  7. BIt late on the reply but still... I think there can are two possibilities here: 1) there's a bug in the map causing the AI to miss a portal. In that case strange things happen and AI (or players for that matter) can look into other rooms and take a shot. Only way to fix this is to put your AI on a different position so they don't miss the portal. 2) I don't have the manual anymore but with the RSB-editor you can see if the texture is setup for "shooting-through". I believe you can set it not to penetrate from both sides, making any plane with that texture unpenetratable. Hope this helps. (Edit: typos)
  8. Very nice initiative. I recently installed GR again and I'm looking forward to some new material coming from this contest. I still have White-Skull Town on an old harddisk but sadly I don't have Max5 nor the time to mod anything these days. Good luck to all participants though! Make it memorable. (EDIT: typo)
  9. Very nice effects pmartin!! It makes this old game look a bit more attractive again. Good job.
  10. Win a BètaKey for GR:FS (PS3) A dutch technology/computer/electronics news website are giving away bètakeys for the upcoming bètatest starting 19th of April. Register, login, select and win..... Go to the website HERE BTW: there's also a chance to win a key for the XBOX360 HERE Good luck!
  11. Win a BètaKey for GR:FS (XBOX360) A dutch technology/computer/electronics news website are giving away bètakeys for the upcoming bètatest starting 19th of April. Register, login, select and win..... Go to the website HERE BTW: there's also a chance to win a key for the PS3 HERE Good luck!
  12. Not much on the board anymore but couldn't resist passing this on for anyone interested: Tweakers.net Hands On: GR FS It's a 5 page preview of GR FS (obviously!) for the Xbox360. The article is written in dutch but through Babelfish anyone should be able to get most of what's said I guess. Or maybe someone has time on his/her hands to translate it, who knows. There is a video teaser and 11 screenshots (probably released already?) but still enjoyable. They also played with the new "Gunsmith" feature and are quite enthousiastic about it. Have fun.
  13. Are you running the stock game or a recent beta? This issue (while not completely gone) has been significantly improved over the past few months (at least for me). I have the same issue with LOD's changing. I've got a copy of the original Arma 2 batch but I guess updating it to 1.09 should fix all issues, regardless if you have AO or CO or whatever. In the end, it's all the same core right? I've read there's a mod that will minimize the switching LOD's but I guess they just change the Low LOD's to High LOD's which would in essence be the same as running it in very high settings. Still, the game looks (and sounds) superb and quite realistic if you combine them with visual and sound FX mods. I only have one issue that is quite annoying though: whenever I run fast in a low stance and want to stop at some point to take cover, my guy just keeps on running, getting me in all sorts of trouble as it just runs past my coverpoint. The only thing to make him stop is to lay down onto the ground. By the time I recover the situation, I get shot or the window of opertunity has passed. Still, I really like this game, once you get some decent framerates.
  14. I've bought this game quite some time ago but my vid-card couldn't handle it properly. Today I've bought a second hand Nvidia GTX275 for a nickle and a dime so I'm dying to finally see ArmA2 in all it's glory...or at least way better than before....
  15. Very nice footage. We only saw it at around 02:00 in the morning. By that time the moon didn't look that big anymore. Did see some footage when it was close to the horizon. It was massive and had a very warm yellowish/orange tint....almost alien.
  16. Can't say if it's true or not, but quite a few servers are avoiding this mod as it seems to crash the servers a lot. Any comments on this?
  17. Rocky, this is a very generous gesture of you to put in this amount of work and without asking for anything in return. Very nice of you indeed. Both
  18. or is there.... GR uses a model for displaying the grassclumps. From the top of my head I believe it's called groundcover_01.qob. Since we're able to create .qob models aswell with the help of 3d Studio Max and the Levelbuilder.pdf, it should be possible to make a new groundcoer_01.qob that contains multiple new grassclumps including several laying in the back. When the game draws 1 node, it actually draws several grasclumps, since that's the geometry contained within the new model. I don't have 3D Studio Max 7 installed anymore (gotta get up to date these days ) but I'm sure someone still has....
  19. Sorry for the late reply but thanks Ledanek, Mig, Krise, WK and Tinker
  20. There is no cheaper option. 3D Studio Max is it.
  21. With composite materials 3DSM can only display one material in it's viewport. So it will either show your detailtexture or your basetexture. I think in this case you have set the basetexture as your material to show, and if the basetexture is white, it will show up as white. Good to hear everyhting is working out.
  22. Picking a texture IS setting the directory. Ehmm..you got me on that one. You're not using the " are you? Following this post it should all work fine: Oso's post on composite textures
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