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  1. budgie this works all the time for me Groupe: Demo Comment: Large Ex 1 Group: Demo TriggerEvent: TimerExpaired: timer: Large Explosion Response: PlaySound3D: sound: a_exmetalammo.wav location:(Zone); volume: 1; loop: 0 EffectAtivate: effect: (list all) ==================================================== Group: Demo Comment: Explosion TriggerEvent: TimerExpaired: Explosion Response: PlaySound3D: sound a_exmetal.wav; location: (Zone); volume: 1; loop:0 Response: EffectActive: effect: (list explosion and dabries; Response: TimerSet: timer: Large Explosion; duration: 2 Response: EffectActive: effect: Damages ==================================================== Group: Demo Comment: Set Charges TriggerEvent: DemoChargeSet: location: (Zone); range: 1 Response: DisplayVoiceover: text: Timer Set for 10 Secounds; sound: tmp_expl_third.wav; volume: 1 Response: TimerSet: timer: Explosion; duration: 10 (Response: ObjectiveCompleted: objective (name)) (Response: Counterlncrement: counter: Counte-Objectives Completed) Response: BlockRemoved copy from my notes " Chucky
  2. sorry been away a long time dealing with son i Iraq and all just got phone call all doing well as can be expected, I'll look for yours and try. seem to be very good, from what I have read/ " Chucky PS Name of this mission? don't see where it's at?
  3. you can get him to walk up and man guns done several times. Though you have to play with path a little till he's just right at gun Then I plan pace: (walk) path: ( to gun) alertness: combat (x-locked) Combat ROE: suppress (x-locked) cover: duration (0.00) you also need station (with platoon manning gun I use 1 actor in each)
  4. I'm the first to ask when ? I think you put out some really interesting mission, I haven't even begin to crack the ice yet But taking lots of notes and learning " Chucky
  5. set actor invisible and proximity plan make actors visible might work? " Chucky
  6. sorry couldnt help myself, done that!!!
  7. I don't know! Maybe make enemies see you, and add new plan? maybe so HUH? Just food for thought " Chucky
  8. Jack is right as always it does crash to desk top!! " Chucky
  9. Wasn't sure! Just wanted to let this people here know that I'm not afraid to show my guilt. and apologies Chucky
  10. It might be what the call afriendly virus which tell the comp to do some abnormal like the coke reward one norton picks it up as avirus cause it makes your cd draw open as a cup holder lol. but it's not a virus
  11. I run a virus check on all I dl, also and never found one?
  12. duh maybe he scaned for it and put ghost recon in isolation, he's going to get back to me on it! didn't mean it was, only a warning
  13. I got this e-mail to day from an friend ----- Original Message ----- From: gr8jeep To: chucky Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 6:26 PM Subject: Fw: this messege from my nephew so be carefull , he got it from ghost recon some how?? -------Original Message------- From: JOHN Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 11:02:31 PM To: gr8jeep hey, just wanted to warn you i got a virus off gr tonight.. have to figure out how to get rid of it.. cya I'm trying to get intouch with him I will get back with out come " Chucky
  14. UGH I have done that. sent unfinished mission and I'm sorry for that. I'm sure though that I wrote in e-mail they weren't finshed and was looking for a briefing writer. sorry if it was me. Chucky
  15. Veteran:old, of long experience And old solldier of long service a former member of the armed forces " AO3_Chucky
  16. The real enemies of are war with Iraq was the same one's in Vietnam the press and the politician. a S.E.A.L
  17. these are all possible idea's I'm not a historian, but we cut off japan supplies at sea, so there forces at the Island they held couldn't be supplied. We shut down there air fields with continuing bombing! "O" ya forgot the big one the big bomb not only once but twice. Now you got some facts try using the comp. at your finger and search on line lots of info here not just Ghost Recon " Chucky
  18. meaning we can leave Igor on (scripting mission) shouldn't have any problem like a crash. I have left on only over night. but why leave on? I not a big scripter just do basic mission. I rarely look back, only if I remember reading something and I will go back. Very enresting topic!! " Chuck
  19. If anyone can Jack, can be sure to take note's " Chucky
  20. Ok did two, go to briefing and get the map your using then you have to make each pic the right image size for each pic there flatten and save to your mod briefing folder exsample=dp03_creekbed_shots.rsb found the size is aproox 186x144 good luck " Chucky
  21. true but if done right well worth it " Chucky
  22. Yes I also have use every time playerPlatoon heard effect go off over 2 1\3 of map LoL " Chucky
  23. aw man a Ford kool. wish I could help, haven't heard the word Bigfoot in a long time " Chuck ( Work for Ford) Manhattan Ford L&M
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