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  1. I mean, you need to set the initial value of the Charges Needed Counter and you need to decrement it each time a demo is placed\objective completed. This way the counter should have a value of zero once there is no further requirement to check the number of demo charges. Jack K, I think I got it like objective count down? but use demos ?
  2. huh, lol, guess Jack forgot me not sure what you ment?
  3. sry here the way I scripte it Group: <Default> Comment: Checks for enough charges Trigger Event: 1 second(s) elapsed. Allow this block to be reactivated. Continue executing responses if ((The number of demo charges available to Player Platoon) is less than (The value of Charges Needed Counter)). Display "?Not Enough Demo Charges To Complete Mission. Mission Failed." and register mission failure. Prevent this block from being reactivated
  4. I'm not good at that! I think jack had me do it that way? was long ago since I did any scripting?
  5. Let me get this right. You need a map without camps etc etc ... just sand? Ok, I slapped together a very simple map with nothing but sand on it. No huts or boulders or anything, just sand dunes. Did it in one evening, so don't expect much The Command Map is a featureless grey If you're interested I'll zip it up for you I wouldnt mind looking into ether, If would send me also, I send you what I did with it before it gose out to my friends?
  6. My son been there. Have pic? waste land and mountains, very little shrubbery? I can send you a couple of pic's off mountains and landscape? map with the convoy and hospital is close enough though?
  7. I know it sounds funny, but think about it., the challenge of finding the sniper and killing him. making him disappear and reappear is meant to make him seem elusive and hard to track. as the game is now, you know where enemies are EVERY SINGLE TIME and its no fun at all shooting fish in a barrel. true to a point, what happens when you see him he despairs, they don't just despairs
  8. I agree, better if random after each kill? or game
  9. I did a demo script? with demo count! works ok, but when mission complete, demolishman gets killed on way to extraction say mission failed not enough demos? where's the fix? "O" ya have second man w\grenades
  10. Man thanks a lot you got my memory bake a little , I seen my mistakes It worked just fine!
  11. no if I can just script that lol
  12. Wellcome back LOL, ya, @ my age it's easy? Group: Victory Condition Comment: Player loses if he does not have enough demo charges to complete the mission! TriggerEvent: TimerElapsed: duration: 2 Response: BlockPreserce; Response: Continuelf: Query: Comparelntengers: query:GetCounter: counter Counter-Demo Charges Required; DeclareMissionFailed: text: ?You Do Not Have Enough Demo Charges to Complete the Mission; Response: BlockRemoved this is what I had save in text guess it was worng thanks
  13. I been sour for a yr but back, I would like to help if I can
  14. I been away for a while and lost some info. can anyone help me out? I need a tutor on how to end game when you run out of demo charges. A tutor mission or text on it.
  15. I been away for a while and lost some info. can anyone help me out? I need a tutor on how to end game when you run out of demo charges. A tutor mission or text on it.
  16. I gave a defention of VETERAN, but your says more good job
  17. man, thats better then that french thing what you call it "O" ya statue of Liberty which new yorkers for got what it ment. not only welcome but also ment freedom. although not a Marine but proud of what they stand for hu ra
  18. kinda, they call it the unknown solider it for all the falling brothers fallen in war
  19. thanks, it is kool these guy see what happening with the boys who live and die for there country
  20. It is nice that all you guys show interest in medals of honor, one it puts the names of the brave men who gave there lives and or almost lost there live. I too have seen combat wounded twice last one was cause by a mine which would have taken me life. If it wasn't for a Gunner Sarg. I wouldn't be alive to day not only save me from death but carried me back to boat 8 miles he was awarded a silver star and purple heart. he risked his life to save mine. Now I have a son over in Iraq and pray for him and the other " CPO Chucky
  21. Dunno - sounds like a Harntrox thingy to me Those are not down my street, but maybe someone will pick up the glove. It's a bit to predestinated for me that you actually WILL be seen whatever brilliant your stealthy approach is. your right, but I did one ! when ," saw you mission ends" but put timer for 10 sec. so you have a little time to kill the one who saw you! it's ok not as good as some of the rain bow six stealth missions ( of course you go silent) " Chucky
  22. good job, was coming back to let you know that works but had to recheck my notes frist ? " Chucky
  23. Said evry thing is a well as can be, and not to worry. Said though sorry about loses in families. His sqaud is on search and destroy. got great pic. his sqaud was the ones that captured #19 and and all that ammo and exploves. Just to let anyone who else might be worring about love ones That as bad as it is at least my son looks great in his pics Hope all the other boys fell the same as my son does God Bell Our Boys Over There
  24. I making mission to recue Hostage before they can get him to plain. blow up radio's an sabatoges airplains to crash on take off, then recue hostage set timer at least I thought I did Group: <Default> Comment: kill Hostage Trigger Event: Kill Hostage has expired. Responses: Set Kill Hostage to expire in 70 second(s). Have Actor Killer commit suicide. Display "Hostage Dead" and register mission failure. Group: <Default> Comment: Rescue Hostage Trigger Event: A member of PlayerPlatoon is within 1 meter(s) of Hostage Zone. Responses: Display "Get Hostage to to Extractiion Zone" to all players for 3 second(s). Cancel Kill Hostage. Prevent this block from being reactivated. don't see erro? Chucky
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