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  1. When i started playing GR my sensors would lay all the time. I took about 3 months off of GR cuase of personal problems. Now it is like 40% chance my last sensor will lay and 60% it doesnt. I know that crouching gives me a better chance of have then sensor but most the time i need to be prone to lay them witch makes me chances of them laying very slim. I have uninstalled all of GR completely three times and still having the same problem. i also never modded any of the kits or weapons in igor does any one know how to get my last sensor to lay
  2. I was hosting the other day and banned a cheater. Now any time i host it tells the person who joins that it is refusing thier ip. I copyed and pasted my ip list in my ban list to a document and cleared my ban list. I still got the same problem. Is there a way for me to host again so people can join
  3. yup blue collar comedy tour just watched it yesterday on my dvd
  4. I have a plan for about 20 actors witch is 1. voice (ec1_detect_guard3.wav) 2. restart i have played the mission so far with all sound turned to 10 and my sound on but they dont say anything Is there a reason y?
  5. quick question: i always thought u couldnt teleport effects or did they make a tool that can.
  6. not sure with a fixed gun on it but i know if u give an enemy a 50 cal kit he walks around with a gun that fires like a 50 cal gun im not the best with vehicles with gr cause if it isnt a tank i eighter just blow the thing up for do a little target practice with the drivers head unless there is a gunner than i take him out first)
  7. very nice stuff its nice to be a man y does nightmare have a problem with zjj? **invisable to rocky** zjj is the coolest on the forums **invisable to all admins** try to get brownie points with the admin guys **/invisable to rocky** **/invisable to all admins**
  8. When two female cousins (16 and 17 years old) who live in diffrent states threaten to come to your house take your GR cds and brake them in half than beat some &*&&^&% commen sense into you. yeah my life is screwed up

    Walk home

    u guys must have experince i never was drunk before i onlt can get 59 max
  10. i remember reading a post a while back with it. At the time they didnt release it but they could of chnaged there minds and did it
  11. you dont need parachutes just pullout grenade launcher and shot it under and have the shock wave slow you down or flap your arms really really fast. anyone know the animation of someone falling
  12. i found the problem with the guys patrol zone being big i have his path start in the middle of the zone. He fights and ingages you till he can get to the start of the path and start his path. Is there away i can just make him run to where i want him to with out having him go to that path point also y is my guy walking when i have him locked on run?
  13. I havent done this but i think unload vehicle in mid air (make sure they land somewhere reasonalbe not in a box or in a rock or unload vehicle teleport playerplatoon to and effect in air and let them fall. you will need to turn on platoon invincablity cause as we all know are elite soilders cant jump a foot with out braking there legs and they cant swim again i havent tried eighter but i would give them a try. edit: i typed that short thing and to people posted im a slow typer
  14. time elpased worked for him seeing me just 1 more problem he still doesnt follow the plan he just holds his current spot and starts firing away.
  15. its 3 in morning im board to recapt vilinus, night docks, night and day farm barn not mentioned training at the place where u can move your men in training. go under fence (prone) the stand pss.. There is one in mbc but its my secret
  16. i tried preaction same resault also i added a messagebox (for 9 second time length) in the beinging and it didnt show up man i take a brake from modding to fix personal problems and i forgot everything
  17. I have this actor who has a start plan of 1. alertness: combat (locked) 2. combat roe (recon) 3. add zone (kind of big) 4. patrol (i have a trigger plan) 1. alertness: combat (locked) 2. movement roe (all cost) 3. Pace: run (locked) 4. and a path (in middle of his patrol zone to a house for reforcements) 5. voice than i have a block with this Group: default Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Continue executing responses if ((A member of player platoon is being heard by Recon Platoon) or (A member of player platoon is being seen by Recon Platoon)). Cancel execution of any plan assigned to recon team. Assign Recon detect plan to recon team and execute. Display "U BEEN SEEN/ HEARD" to all players. i saved started the mission with and with out single player cheats. the guy is walking alone than he "sees me" goes crouched and starts firing at me. ive check multiple times i have the right platoons selected and plans. some reason he isnt seeign or hearing me cause i never get the message. Ive ran right into him and still nothing all he does is fire at me. anyone know y this guy wont follow the second plan
  18. 1 small problem i dont no how to do loops yet i read the thing about it but im still lost
  19. Ok in the mission im scripting Your objective is to take a prisoner. I don't want a specific guy I want you can take any of the enemys prisoner if they give up. I know how to get a prisoner if certain people die or u get within a certain distacne but how will I do it if there will be a chance to take any enemy prisoner?
  20. I am so confused. Is that ok since im a guy?
  21. Ive always wondered y the same things are posted in multiple topics on the forum. If you have some time start from the last page and move up you will be admazed how much is repeated or just reworded.
  22. sorry been kind of busy where is my extra folder i looked in all the folders didnt see an extra folder
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