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  1. quick question? Assuming that the Ghost Recon engine is similar to the Rogue Spear engine, the first/third person view camera angles could be possible on Rogue Spear?
  2. My next 100 generations are now enforced to play RavenShield and Ghost Recon on this pc, they will. Either way, long life classic Tom Clancy's Franchise, being tactically amazing since 1999.
  3. Specially since I got both expansion packs AND the RavenShield 2.0 Mod, I already got used to using those iron sights, and besides I am doing a Walkthrough for RavenShield on YouTube, is in spanish.
  4. I might consider donwloading some custom campaign mods or some full conversion, but first I would need to do some clearing in my hard drive, and RavenShield isn't leaving my hard drive, not yet. Too many maps to play.
  5. Thanks for the response there twcrash, I'm enjoying the game, I didn't had that big of a challenge since Rogue Spear. I'm not planning to touch the multiplayer button just yet, unless I want to see my personal army, filled with Jose21crisis (which is always kind of funny). However, I do know about the command map and moving the AI around and switch RoE but Combat and Movement, I'm not that dumb.... most of the time. That said I don't think I like too much the "Advance at all costs" Movement RoE since (at least on my experience), when it says "at all costs" it means ignoring anything not in front of you (even on suppress). The sensors..... I'm still too bond to (how I like to call them) "situational awareness devices" like Rainbow Six HeartBeat Sensor, SWAT 4 OptiWand or.... well, Ghost Recon Sensor. I know that there are shotguns, but what I find weird is that they are a secondary weapons, either that or my operator has two primary weapons. And yes, I know switch weapons, I didn't completed the campaign running inside buildings with the M24 drawn. As for the "in visual range", I found it weird simply because my character was the one that talked, and that I wasn't on Recon RoE (my first reaction was to check if I was on Recon RoE). I like this game like, well anybody else in this forum (is not called GhostRecon.net without a reason), but usually when I play singleplayer I would like the AI to play as the experienced operators that they are, which is where RavenShield and SWAT 4 beat Ghost Recon. Yes, the Ghost usually (like 75% of the time) do their jobs without getting killed but on the other part they get killed in really REALLY dumb ways, e.g. getting killed while being at 1 cm from the enemy. RavenShield AI usually fires the second it sees an enemy, but their RoE don't work, they are usually stuck on "assault", and while they get killed at 1 cm from the enemy it usually happens when the enemy uses the "light-speed-sidestep-into-spray-and-pray" technique. SWAT 4 AI is without a doubt the best AI I have seen, when you say "cover that", they cover that.... until an enemy appears. When you say, throw a gas grenade and clear the room, they stack up and do the action. When you say, on my order both teams open, bang and clear.... well, you get the point. Also, they have individual voices so they aren't just clones like Rainbow Six AIs or the Ghosts AI (voices, not faces). I also have seen them cover each other, but that's other story. I'm not saying that I hate Ghost Recon AI, I'm just saying that they aren't as combat effective as other Ais. They have saved my ass multiple times though.
  6. Alright, I started to play Ghost Recon like a month ago (yes, never touched it until 2015) and, after suffering to complete the campaign on recruit (I am that green, even with impressives amounts of skill with other Tom Clancy games, including R6) and the expansion packs, I decided to search for some mods. Found Heroes Unleashed and, after doing some cleaning in my hard drive to install it (R.I.P. SWAT 4), and played it (and getting blown away), I decided to do some feedback and give my opinion about the mod, so here we go: 1. That Intro is amazing, is that a trailer or you did it your self, because damn not even started the game and I already got a combat high (didn't got me as high as the R6: RvS intro, though) 2. I think there are way too many weapons. This is me trying to select a kit in mission 1: "Ok, I like the G36, but we may need 7.62mm rifles due to the range, but I also need a CQB weapon for the caves and an SMG won't cut it for the rest of the stage..... ######? The support guys have M82A1s" 3. The AI is still dumb, I have seen them being in front of the enemy, being fired upon and still don't react...... at times I want the bad guys to be on my side. 4. "Okay everybody cover that direction. !, why are you prone, wait a second" That was me when I discovered that all scoped weapons are set as sniper rifles, that is really necessary? 5. About the Ghost's Creed, in my opinion the part that says "I will be invisible, swift and silent" would fit better a Splinter Cell than a Ghost, because Splinter Cells specialize in infiltration and stealth and not combat, while the Ghosts specialize in covert ops, and are still part of the Army. 6. Also, that same phrase appears in R6 1 intro, guess it fits all Tom Clancy universe special forces. 7. "I am a member of my nation's chosen few" What are you, a Splinter Cell? There are less Splinter Cells than Ghosts so, maybe 8. The friendly Ai has trouble getting visual contact on the enemy NPCs from time to time, and that gets them killed. Maybe reduce the stealth skill from some enemies? maybe. 9. "In visual range" That's the first thing I heard when I started the Black Ops mode on the Chalet from R6: RS. 10. Also, why in the orange hell some mission names are from some R6 missions? The ones I recall are: Lion Shadow, Granite Cage, Omega Shadow, Sand Hammer and Lost Thunder. 11. I still hate the fact that Ghost Recon doesn't the "Incapacitaded" health state, I hate to see a 8-points-super-sneaky-sniper (which is the class I use the most) die after getting shot multple times on the arms and legs (yes, happens), you shouldn't die from that kind of wounds (most of the time) 12. Going back to the "too many weapons" issue, I'm not sure that the US Army has access to the VSS Vintorez (Rainbow has it but they are not exactly "US Army"), which is one of my favorite sniper rifles, only being beated by the PSG1 and the SSG3000, at least on R6: RvS, haven't tested them on HU, I don't even know is they are there. 13. No fast-rope descent from the choppers on insertion 14. "Sensor, what's going on? Sensor! SENSOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Really no sensors, they we're an important part of my strategies but now...... Now, some weapon request 1. HK MP7 as a primary weapon 2. The AW Covert 3. Some Benelli shotguns (M1014, Nova Pump...) 4. FN FNC 5. FN F2000 6. HK SL8 7. Some Sig Pistols 8. HK MP5/10 without the suppressor 9. FAMAS? Maybe Okay, that was long but it's done. It's still the greatest mod for Ghost Recon, but if it wants to make me a fan of Ghost Recon, it has a lot of ground to cover, since Rainbow Six made it to my pc first. (I am a CQB specialist and a very good marksman, but long range assault is my weakness)
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