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  1. The are two workarounds for this: Duplicating the w_hk417_ss.wav(.aif) file, renaming it to w_hk417ss.way(.aif) and making a new entry in the effects.xml file, which I think is the fastest way, and it can be fixed literally vy anyone with a text editor (notepad for instance). The other way would be to change every .gun file in the Legacy Add-Ons relating to the HK417 to use the proper sound, which is the better workaround, but takes a lot of time. That crash also happens to me. The way it happens is this: Mission 1 (Caves) starts properly with the helicopter insertion and everything. We move and I create a quick save. We get into a firefight, some Ghosts go down and I quick load, here the game crashes, although at random times it doesn't. The game also crashes if I decide to restart the mission. I think it happens because of three things: 1) The auto save system creates a save, and then a second file (the one of the quick save) is created. The game tries to do a quick load, but doesn't decide which file to load and crashes. 2) The auto save system creates a save, which is overwritten by the quick save. Then the game tries to quick load, but the quick save file somehow gets corrupted and crashes. 3) There are so many random element and scripts that the quick save can't keep track of all of them, and when the game quick loads, this lack of data makes the game crash. Those are just suppositions, mostly because I don't really know how the GR's engine handles saves or, well, I don't know how the GR's engine works at all (I wonder how the new skill system works and how it affects the AI)
  2. Actually, now that I'm checking all of the HK416/HK417 have the same error on the addon
  3. hmm.....May have been the fact that I'm using the "HU - Legacy Zoom" addon I checked the modsset file and the in-game mod selector, both Desert Siege and Island Thunder are active, I even made a video where the 417 doesn't have a fire sound. I checked the Heroes Unleashed effect folder, and w_hk417_ss.wav is there with a "_" between 417 and ss. Apparently the error is just on the Legacy Zoom addon
  4. You know, I'm actually making a Ghost Recon Walkthrouogh using your HU. I had to re-do missions 1-6 because I wasn't sure if the savefile would be compatible. The point is I made a video of b9 as part of my walkthrough (Witch Fire) and also made a video for Paper Angel. The only problem is that they are in spanish (both commentary and in game sounds) so I'm not sure if they are of help. On a side note, I was on Zebra Straw, with a sniper with the HK417 20". When it fired it didn't made any noise at all. And the Ike.log is filled with 20+ of these SOUND: Cannot Find: w_hk417ss.wav SOUND: Cannot Find: w_hk417ss.wav SOUND: Uninitialized:
  5. I like how you managed to include MP06 - Castle into the main campaign. Also, friendly AI seems a bit faster than what I remember. But......you (literally) killed my CQB tactic of double tapping torso, then triple tapping the head of the targets with the 330 RPM single shot rate of fire, I'm forced to full auto my way through CQB, which is a good way, but I'm not used to it. I though the CheyTac M200 was an Anti Material Rifle, guess I was wrong. Finally.....how the new stats work compared to the old 8 points system from the base game? 225 points is like 6 on base or something? Edit: Not enough russians equipped with SMGs. No 9A-91 or Bizons. No Ethiopians with SA25s or Colombians with Z84s. Why SMGs are neglected?
  6. The HU - Heavy Armor Addon. I checked the cmbtmodl.xml from that addon and it seems to change: Light Armor: Level I to Level II Medium Armor: Level IIa (I think) to Level III Heavy Armor: Level IIIa to Level IV
  7. Quick question: If I eliminate all Mac related files (sounds, videos Xtras) after I extracted the mod, how much size the mod will lose? Even if it is a minimal 50 Mb reduction.
  8. Hmm......weird change. Interesting that you changed "Heavy Armor" to represent NIJ Level IIIa Armor instead of Level IV. Also, I think Level I armor is not used nowadays. I am already using the Heavy Armor Addon because of that (So many addons)
  9. I will let this download overnight, and I will disappear for somedays until I complete the Ghost Recon (not Desert Siege or Island Thunder) campaign.
  10. This is because every scoped weapon is treated as a sniper rifle, right? This is like, the only thing I don't like from the mod.
  11. What's amazing is the fact that is just a beta version.........makes me wonder how the full 1.0 realease and possible future versions will look.
  12. Something I just recntly noticed is that, apparently the Ghosts know how to properly grab a P90. I was on M11 and my demo guy had a P90-SD and he was grabbing it properly instead of like a normal rifle or smg. I though the weapon file would be somewhat similar to SOAF, like the weapon motion type being 7, but it was setup like a rifle (the non-zooming type). Question: if you add the <HasForwardGrip> line to a weapon file like the M4 SOPMOD from SOAF has, does it actually work or is a SOAF unique feature?
  13. Another (serious) problem, at least with the First Person Weapon View Trainer from the download section, is that often the backblast of the AT rockets hit the soldier holding the AT weapon, causing accidental wounds or kills (depends on endurance). It is a great addon to the game, it is by no means as perfect as, say, SWAT 3's full body awareness (the mode that had to be forced through the console or launch command).
  14. 5 magazines per weapon? 12 40mm grendes per launcher? More secondary shotguns? That's a lot of loadout kits adjustments.
  15. Well that makes sense. Also related to kill energy, is that the 5.7x28mm FN AP rounds are less effective against armored targets than .45 ACP in-game. I'm fairly certain that is because of the RSE standard wound system based on chance, as all RSE games that I know use energy for a bullet instead of say momentum or a preset damage. It's a shame that OGR doesn't allow to set a certain penetration level for certain weapon/bullet types, it would have allowed that heavy but slow bullets (.45 ACP) penetrate less than fast, light, AP designed bullets (5.7x28mm FN or 4.6x30mm HK).
  16. Something I noticed is that shotguns feel a bit too powerful on CQB. I've one shot killed heavily armored tangos at close range, which may have been the intended result, but I think they are too powerful. How powerful is every pellet's individual kill energy?
  17. Either that, or if a Ghost dies, a Ghost died, sad and everything, then you continue the mission like nothing bad happened. Quick question Apex: Is the M4 with a suppressor on as quiet (as in AI detection range) as the MP5SD on b9? I find no real reason to use the MP5SD, when the M4 is more effective and equally quiet (My soldiers with 8 weapon points don't care about recovery anymore). Also: Can you script it so that Elite doesn't have auto saving?
  18. Now I need to find things to erase from my hard drive to install b9. Not sure what.
  19. I'm sure Heroes Unleashed has it's own set of weapons and kits for the enemies, making Droopy's both redundant and a bit useless, as Droopy's weapons are not loaded. To me, Droopy's Realism Mod was an inspiration for a similar mod series made by me for R6:3. The tangos hold more innacurate weapons and behave like they do on Droopy's, at least as far as the game engine allows me to (as in unlimited ammo no matter which weapon). Something I find interesting is the lack of a stamina system, similar to Rogue Spear. In Rogue Spear, operatives could become tired after performing several missions one after the other, which reduced the stats of the operative, including accuracy and recovery. If I recall, stamina dictated how many wounds the operative could take, like Ghost Recon does. It would have been a good idea that on GR, after staying in a mission for a long time with heavy equipment (support soldier type equipment), the soldier's accuracy and speed of movement would start to reduce, but I know that: no source code = no a lot of cool things like jeep destroying M82A1s or surrendering enemies (unless they run out of ammo or it is scripted)..
  20. That wasn't a glitch. You probably pressed F2. F2 makes the game switch to observer mode, like you were watching a replay. While on observer mode you can switch from different camera views with F1.
  21. hmm, raro. Usualmente el juego no crashea cuando uso el mod. ¿Que version del mod usas? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hmm, weird. Usually the game doesn't crash when I use the mod. Which version of the mod you use?
  22. Podrias actualizar Ghost Recon a la version 1.4, me sirve asi http://dl.dropbox.com/u/90485805/Ghost Recon/Updates PC/gr_spanish_patch_3.exe Eso deberia servir. No he tenido ningun problema con el mod. _______________________________________________________________________ You could try updating Ghost Recon to Version 1.4, it works to me that way http://dl.dropbox.com/u/90485805/Ghost Recon/Updates PC/gr_spanish_patch_3.exe That should do it. I don't have any problem with the mod.
  23. I'm going to assume you talk spanish First open Ghost Recon then Alt-Tab out of it Then open the camera mod and push the key that's beside the 0 key, not on the numpad. Voy a asumir que hablas español Primero abre Ghost Recon y luego usas Alt-Tab para salir de el Luego abre el mod de la camara y pulsa la tecla que esta a la derecha del 0, no el en panel numerico.
  24. Has anyone ever noticed this? When I'm using the First Person Mod (the one on the Download section) and I fire the AT4, or any rocket launcher on any mod, if I'm standing nothing bad happens, but if I crouch and fire the rocket, my soldier gets wounded or killed for no particular reason. Any reason why this happens?
  25. I've heard that both Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon have similar (not identical) engines. If the way the engine handles the camera system is the same maybe it could work right?
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