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  1. So it's up ... this is going to take a while and some manipulation in my HDD, but I'll DL this thing and somehow install it. If I get the time, I might start my YouTube walkthrough again using 1.0.0, because this is looking more and more awesome by the moment. Great job Apex.
  2. It'll definitely be worth it. I'll have to let it DL overnight and find some space around my disk to put all of that, but the mod is awesome enough for anyone to do that.
  3. Definitely good times aged. This is looking awesome. Maybe I'll hate when I have to download 10+GB and decompress 30+GB of mod. My hard drive is definitely going to hate it. But is going to be awesome. What continues to impress me is that the "beta" versions look like complete versions. I wonder how the full version would look. BTW Apex, remember the little bug in the Legacy addons where the HK417 didn't have the correct firing sound. That is fixed for v1.0 right?
  4. Hey Apex, remember that in the Leagcy mod (I think it was the entirety of the Legacy mod sets), the HK416 and HK417 don't have any firing sound. This only happened in the Legacy mods as I understand it.
  5. They are viable in the correct situations. You definitely don't want to use them in long range, that's why you got Rifles. You don't want to use them against armored targets, as against those, if it is not a headshot, the bullets will simply bounce off their armor, they'll get stunned a bit as well. I use them in CQB against any target, but the key is, going for the hit stun (By shooting them anywhere) then going for the headshot, otherwise they are not good. They get more useful in the Desert Siege and Island Thunder, where not everyone is wearing armor. Just like every weapon, it is a matter of using them in the right scenario.
  6. Managed to record mission 9, Zebra Straw. Here it is.
  7. Additionally, does anyone what kind of formulas Apex could have used to make the weapon accuracy, recoil and handling capabilities?
  8. Well, apparently I discovered the limit of what I can record. I can't seem to be able to record Mission 9 (Zebra Straw). The recorder either refuses to record, or the game outright crashes when I try to record. Guess I'll take sometime without recording to fix things up. I'd say that is a good thing. That mission was pretty tough mission in vanilla, so I don't know how harder it would have been in HU.
  9. Thanks for that. I'll need to remind myself from bringing a GL or a shotgun to disable those vehicles (I used a shotgun to disable a truck so I guess it should work on other trucks too)
  10. According to the read me, you can extract "at any time", maybe you could try extracting after killing everything? Although this would probably not work. Also, just shooting at the vehicle's tires doesn't deactivate them at times. One time I had to shoot all of the tires and the engine of a truck to make it stop functioning. If that also fails, just do what Wombat50 says and type autowin.
  11. New one I can't believe how long this mission took me to complete, the russians REALLY wanted to win this time.
  12. First Time ever I see the AI trying a flanking tactic, and they succeded. Also, first time a SAM launcher defends itself
  13. And on this one I was sacred as hell due to all the civilians running around
  14. Got 2 new missions up: In this one, I changed this up and got shot
  15. Hi people. I decided to update my Heroes Unleashed walkthrough. Here's the latest mission: I somehow got a flawless victory here, don't know how.
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