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  1. It hurts When he comes home from hell, Only to receive more from those who sent him there It hurts When he is told that what he does is not important enough For him be paid well enough to keep his family off food stamps It hurts When his children are told by their teachers That what their daddy does out of duty is not worthy of respect It hurts When he is called “baby killer” and “murderer” By people who have no appreciation of the kind of person he protects them from It hurts When he is told that what he has committed his life to Is not worth even a minute of the day much less the sacrifice he was willing to give It hurts When a day to remember his fallen comrades Is turned into a day for people to sit and forget while he stands ever ready protecting them And I hurt When I think of how poorly are treated at times The people willing to lay it all on the altar of freedom. Some people just disgust me. 9/1/03 C
  2. In my mind, these two sort of say it all. C Midn 4/c, Atlanta Region NROTC, GA Tech Battalion
  3. Hey Deep, good luck with that man. I am planning on working out with the Marines here, and they are hard core. Make sure you are in good shape. I personnally have a lot of work to do there (I didn't fail anything though on the PRT), but I have every confidence in the Marines running PT and myself that everything will work out. C
  4. I guess I am the new guy, since I was sworn into the military approximately 48 hours ago. Country:USA Service:Navy Rank: Midshipman 4/c Current station:Atlanta Region NROTC I sort of don't count, seeing as how I haven't done any real military service, but technically I am in the Naval Reserves and have required service obligations even now (going to classes, attending PT and drill, wearing the uniform. I am not under the UCMJ, but when I go on summer cruises I will be). C
  5. I'm sitting in a dorm room at Georgia Tech, but I would honestly have to say that the college football team that I have cheered for for years is the University of Georgia Bulldogs. I just couldn't go to UGA because they had no engineering and no ROTC. But it's all okay. C
  6. I have a gift card for Barnes and Noble, so I may have to run accross the street and pick up my own copy to read in the next two days before school starts and things get crazy! C
  7. Yesterday afternoon I got back from almost a week of NROTC orientation, and I must say it was quite an adventure. I am a member of the Atlanta Region NROTC unit, which is I believe on of if not the largest in the country, and there were about 57 of us that went down to King's Bay for the orientation. After about seven hours of them being really low key and calm with us, they introduced the Midshipman squad leaders that would be working with us and the Marine Sergeant, Staff Sargeant, and Gunnery Sergeant that would be working with us. After that things went crazy with them all yelling at us, none of us doing anything right, and several of the candidates already crying. Now before I say anything more, I must say this: This was not a boot camp! There was nothing that really came anywhere close to being like a real boot camp. Sure there was plenty of yelling, but it was not really that bad. That said, we had PT every morning at 0500 after we were able to get maybe about 3-6 hours of sleep, we got hardly any time to change clothes or shower during the day. Everything that we did had to be done at night after the troop handlers, as they were called, left us to get sleep also. During the day we had several lectures on various things regarding naval service and our unit, and we also went on tours both in King's Bay and also at nearby Jacksonville and Mayport. When we weren't doing that, we were doing drill or just getting yelled at by our handlers and instructors. The yelling really wasn't that bad, and if you stayed squared away and didn't screw anything up, they never really gave you any crap. I must say that the most impressive people that were there were not the Midshipmen that were there, but the Marines. All three of the enlisted Marines were completely squared away, and always were very intense, be they yelling at us or running drill, or giving a lecture on how the physical fitness test would be run. The most impressive, though, is the Marine officer in charge that is assigned to our unit. Major MacCormick (sp?) was on the program American Gladiator and went all the way to the finals there. I have also been told that in the Marine recruiting commercial that has the chess pieces that are all moving around and the guy that cuts a guy in half at the end, he is the guy at the very end in the dress uniform that does all the stuff with the sword coming to attention. Anyway, this guy is like the poster Marine, and he seems to just have this air of confidence about him in all he does. If I were to be a Marine, he is the Marine that I would strive to emulate, I was that impressed with him. Overall, looking back, it was a good experience. I learned a lot, it was a good way to go ahead and get good habits regarding military courtesies started, and it was a good start for forcing us to think under pressure. It also created a way for us to get to know each other and the troop handlers, who are actually really neat people. I spent an hour or so talking to one of them this evening over at his frat house. Now I am a Midshipman 4/c in the United States Naval Reserve and starting Tuesday I will be doing my Naval Science classes that will help prepare me for a commisioning in the Navy or Marine Corp (right now I am Navy option, but I may switch sometime in the next year, but a lot has to be thought over). Anyway, just thought I would share that with ya'll, and those of you who are still in high school and looking at the academies, I would suggest lining up ROTC and their available scholarships as a plan B. In the end it is the same result, and you also get the full college experience. C
  8. CtheHammer

    DOH ! ! !!

    Oh no, here it goes again C
  9. I don't think that there should be guns in GR 2. The first one contained just too much violence and shooting and death and stuff and that really isn't necessary to have fun. Why can't the Ghost just sit down with the Georgian Rebels or the Russians or whoever and talk things out. It would be cool if that could be in GR 2 where you can actually have conversation with the bad guys and you are able to sort out your differences and get along. I don't think that there should be any name calling in the GR 2 either. None of this "Tango" stuff. The bad guys have names or official labels too and it is desrespectful to not use them. If they leave out the aforementioned items, then I think that what we will have is a good, wholesome, game that the whole family can enjoy. j/k C
  10. I think that a lot of colleges are looking for at least two years of foreign language to be on the high school transcript, so a lot of states are requiring it. I know GA requires it along with all sorts of other requirements (one year fine-arts, PE, health, etc.) C
  11. Rebuilding the country and its socio-economic infrastructure is one thing, but something about the idea of rebuilding the military of someone who six months before was our enemy really bothers me. C
  12. Please tell me that is a joke! C
  13. <crowd begins shouting in unison> RO-CKY, RO-CKY, RO-CKY, RO-CKY, RO-CKY! C
  14. @warhawk I follow you. @RS Thanks, and I'm going to go play with my GI Joe's now C
  15. I had ALL the recruiters calling me about my ASVAB scores, but the Marine one was a little dense. He couldn't seem to remember to record next to my name me telling him three different times that I was going through a Naval officer accension program. It's rough working with Marines Hey, if we didn't have Marines, who would we make fun of? Anyway, we all know that Marines are just sailors who had nightmares from watching Jaws and developed a keen affinity for that other 25% of the world that the Navy likes to show its people. C (Going August 9th to report for NROTC at Georgia Tech)
  16. Yeah, I did not read them all in order, but I have read all of them through Rainbow Six. He has a way of bringing back characters . When you really think about it, aside from a few discrepancies, what Clancy has been doing is writing one REALLY long story. For those of you who haven't read the books, each one has a little of this going on (the stories are good, but they all follow the same basic pattern, or some variation on it): : (Wow, I just summed up 800 pages with only smilies) C
  17. I hope the book doesn't have as many typos as I just found reading the prologue. Sounds interesting. C
  18. Task Fork A1 captures Saddam Hussein! After a rushed phone call, members of Task Force 20, charged with the mission of finding Saddam, hurried to one of the US's outposts just outside Baghdad to find that Task Fork A1 had captured Saddam for them. Task Fork A1, consisting of members of the supply corp, cooks, and a couple of people with no real skills but are still in the Army, was put together by Central Command with the express intent of making sure that coalition forces would get all the steak dinners that they could hold. TFA1 had been at the US outpost fixing up a bunch of steaks when all of a sudden, drawn by the wonderful aroma's eminating from the camp (for the recipe TFA1 was using consult Army FM-57 Combat Gourmet Cooking), a starving and shrivelled Saddam ran out of hiding into the camp and tried to eat the cooking steaks off the standard issue GI Propane Grills that the cooks were using. "I was standing there making sure that the steaks were cooked according to Army regs for maintaining healthy soldiers in the field when all of a sudden Saddam comes running up, grabs my bottle of steak sauce and begins to try to pour it on the steaks as he is eating them off the grill. Not knowing what to do, I slammed to bulletproof lid of the grill down on his head, breaking his neck and crushing his skull," says Army cook Pvt. Frank Parsons. A CentCom statement made earlier today confirms that it was Saddam and he is dead. President Bush expressed his pleasure that Saddam was finally brought to justice but was unhappy that Saddam got such a good last meal. "I have been to visit Task Fork A1 and I must say that their food is superb and way too good for the likes of Saddam Hussein. Don't tell Laura, but for Christmas I've got her her very own copy of the field manual that those heros in TFA1 use." While the members of TFA1 are excited to have made such a huge contribution to the war (and they will all be getting a Bronze Star at a minimum), not everybody was elated at the news of Saddam's death. The members of Task Force 20 were all very depressed that they had been beaten "by a bunch of cooks."
  19. I think it is very appropriate that Congress passed something that made Mr. Hope an honorary veteran, seeing as how despite not being in the Armed Forces he did not shy away from going as close to the front lines as he could if there were more troops that he could entertain. He lived a truly incredible life and will be greatly missed. C
  20. That is along the same lines as people that hold up gas stations while wearing jerseys that have their names on them. C
  21. CtheHammer


    The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has done wonderful things to make sure that people with disabilities are not discriminated against, but sometimes it is just absurd. I'm sure everybody at some point has gone to a store, had a hard time finding a parking spot, has to park way back at the back of the parking lot and then walk into the store past all the empty handicapped parking spaces! Of course in some cases braille is put in places simply for humor, like on the door to the umpire's locker rooms in major league baseball stadiums. C
  22. My parents have some friends that have a picture of the big chicken in their house, and when they have guest in their house that need to use the restroom, they just tell them it's "down the hall and take a left [right, I don't really know] at the big chicken." So even in their house the big chicken is used to give directions. C
  23. I think I saw it in the latest Reader's Digest, but some basketball player commented that "every time we lose we just didn't score enough points." What a thinker. C
  24. Their PAE's all include the same things IIRC, but how they score them is different. C
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