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  1. Did somebody forget to tell them that they were standing in line for APPLE computers? C
  2. nevermind, just asked a friend that is a fourth year CS major, who probably laughed at the simplicity of my question (he started to answer my IM before I had gotten all of my question typed and sent to him!). C
  3. Okay, so I am taking an intro computer course at GA Tech, and for one of the homework assignments we have this question: If someone wanted to figure out how a Linked List might behave in a particular programming language, where could this individual look inside of the Java API to get a general idea? Does anyone know what the "Java API" is or what it does? And what is a linked list? I have basically determined that the people that set up this course are morons who expect us to know all this stuff without being told it. Drives me crazy. Anyway, any assistance that could be provided would be much appreciated. Thanks, C
  4. What can I say? Lived here in Georgia 14 of my 18 years (though all of it around Atlanta). C
  5. CtheHammer


    If you build a man a fire, you keep him warm for the night. If you light a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life.
  6. I have it, haven't had time to read it (or any of the many other books that I have for that matter). I think the author has another book out now, but I can't remember what it is titled or what it is about. C
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    SOTOPhantm, I take it you think it should have a name that inspires fear in its enemy, sorta like Marine? C
  8. "Ahhh, women. They make the highs higher, and the lows much more frequent." -Nietzche True-er words are rarely spoken. C
  9. It is my understanding that the flag is only lowered to half-mast for the following occasions: 1. Special days (ie Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Sept 11, etc...) 2. By order of the president following the death of someone important. 3. By order of the governor following the death of someone important at the state or local level. 4. Following the deaths of such people as the president or former presidents. Look here to see where I got my information: main page for "Our Flag" page that has specifics about half-mast (look at the bottom, section m) So to truly answer your question, no it should not have been lowered for this guy. Hope this is what you were looking for. C
  10. I think I've got this whole camouflage thing figured out! C
  11. so is this the closest we come to behaving like women do all the time? j/k for any ladies out there C
  12. I apologize if this link has been posted before, but I remember IIRC Xian Saint posting a link to the video that precedes this one. Both are good, and I encourage you to watch this one. Navy/Marine Corps Team part 2 C
  13. Neither does anyone else!
  14. Okay, the quickie history of Israel (and someone correct me if I am wrong since this is all from memory): Old Testament, you have Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob gets in a fight with God one night, and God gives him a limp and changes his name to Israel, "for he faught with God" IIRC. From Jacob/Israel you have Joseph, who gets sent to Egypt. Eventually the "Israelites" as they are referred to are made to be slaves for Egyptians, enter Moses (Watch movie Prince of Egypt or read Exodus from the Bible for story of leaving). Anyway, wander in the desert for forty years until everyone that had been in Egypt save a few die. During this time they are following God to "the promised land" that he had promised them and their forefathers. Eventually have to cross over the Jordan river into what is now modern day Israel to claim promised land. Through God's support (walls of Jericho, etc...) the Israelites take over the area of Palestine. There they live for quite a while, fighting surrounding nations, being conquered when they disobey God etc... Jump to the time of Jesus. By this time the Romans have taken over the area. So the Jews, as they are now known live here in the region of Palestine under the rule of the Romans. Eventually the Romans become unhappy with the Jews and scatter them to all the ends of the earth. This is part of why they ended up all over Europe. Since then the Jews have never really been liked by anybody. As others have mentioned, there were massacres of Jews, and things like the Russian Pogroms, where it was an effort to get rid of Jews in a given region. Eventually Jews were starting to try to make it back to Palestine (the Promised Land), which by now has changed hands many times and has been ultimately taken over by the Muslims (think Mohammed and the Crusades where the Christians were eventually defeated). So the Jews are moving back to Palestine, with this movement progressed by things like the Pogroms and the Holocaust of Nazi Germany. They are settling it, and of course this is starting to create friction between the the Jews and the Arabs. Compounding this, following WWI the British are put in charge of running Palestine, and so there is now a third party involved in this mess. Long story short, the Jews go before the United Nations requesting that Palestine be established with a Jewish state and an Arab state (Text of UN resolution 181). This was passed in 1948. Shortly following the passage of the resolution, several of the newfound nation of Israel's neighbors invade in an attempt to "drive the Jews into the sea." This obviously doesn't happen, and ever since there have been problems. Israel has been invaded by its neighbors a couple more times (Six days war and Yom Kippur war), and there has been the constant issue of Palestinian terrorism (taking airplanes hostage, bombings, etc...). Which brings us to today, still a mess. And I wouldn't bet on peace any time soon, but that discussion is for another day (another forum perhaps too, since it could get political ). Once again I will say that this is off the top of my head and a little bit of quick use of yahoo, so if anybody finds any errors in what I have said or wish to add to it, please do. C
  15. That was wonderful. Thank you for posting that. C
  16. Why are Air Force bathrooms so dirty? Because they "aim high" C
  17. okay, that is what I thought, I just thought it curious that my NS prof (he's a submariner) would leave that out. As it is, our MOI flew helos (MH-53's IIRC) before coming here to GTNROTC. I also had not heard of the Z variant, interesting. Anyway, thanks for answering my question. C
  18. Have the Marines stopped using the Cobra helicopter, in particular its newest variant the AH1-W Whiskey Cobra? In an aviation brief in my Naval Science class I noticed that it was not mentioned amongst the aircraft in service with the Navy and Marine Corps, and it made me wonder if this was because it was no longer in use. Just curious, but any light shed on this would be cool. Thanks. C
  19. The rest of your post really wasn't necessary. Just mentioning "ladyfriend" is sufficient to explain any of about a zillion thought/feelings/attitudes for guys. For me today, I was in a really crappy mood because of school around 1700, by 1730 I had set up to meet my "ladyfriend" (if I dare call her that since right now we are simply "friends", but... ) for dinner at one of the dining halls on campus:flowers:, and by 1800, all concerns and problems of the day were gone since I was with her . @Ruin I personally think that you have got nothing on how lucky I feel . When I think about what a wonderful young lady this friend of mine is I can't help but thank God for every minute I get to spend with her (and most of you would not realize how odd or out of character some would view that statement, coming from me).
  20. Hey Ruin, as you may know I applied to USNA last year and did not get in, but I did learn a lot and my roommate here applied to USMA, so we could probably answer a lot of questions. Of course, the best source of a lot of answers is the source, so talk to those recruiting officers, inspect the websites, and don't stop until your questions are answered. Good luck. C
  21. take those AP classes, you will like them when you get to college and it turns into classes that you don't have to take or take again I am currently able to take Calc II here at Ga Tech, because I took BC Calc. I also took care of some sort of social science credit through AP US Hist and AP Govt. and Politics. Overall, I came into college with 10 hours of credit. Even if the classes are hard, they are also good prep for college. Take them if you can handle them, and don't get discouraged if they get hard. Keep it in a positive light and keep on telling yourself that it will be okay. C
  22. @slopok I'm not sure a better first post could be made. Good one. C
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