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  1. That sounds really small (of course my siblings and I were all over nine pounds, with the heaviest of us over 10!) Congrats though! C
  2. haha, that first one looks almost exactly like one that I took. C
  3. I just found out tonight that the RIO of the F/A-18 D is a guy I had gotten to know from church. I had a lot of respect for him, particularly after he told me about all the times he had been injured before during training (almost lost a leg in one accident), yet he kept on going back to do it some more because of his strong sense of duty and patriotism. Despite all that had happened to him, he adhered to and followed the principles of honor, courage, and committment; God, Corps, country. Captain Jeffrey Ross, USMC, you will be missed. C
  4. If you have Photoshop, here is a tutorial on making your own ghillie suit in the style that you are looking for: http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/skin-tutorial-06.htm C
  5. One of the guys not looking through binocs or a scope: "For the last time, those do not have x-ray vision capabilities!" C
  6. And there are people out there that still criticize the US for using the two atomic bombs. This kinda puts Truman's decision into perspective a little bit. C
  7. I spy with my little eye, something that is... C
  8. I want to say that I remember when that happened. Not too far from where I live (I actually live in Lawrenceville). I don't like people like that because they cause trouble for the good teenage drivers like me (I've been driving for a couple of years, and have never had an accident or been pulled over). C
  9. I just got back today from a trip to DC, and I have now visited the memorial three times (twice just on this trip). I personally like it. I agree that it might be nice to have something to explain the symbolism or what is depicted in each of the bronze reliefs, but even without that, it is respectful of what went on and what was invested, and even if you don't know much about WWII you can get this awesome sense of something significant being remembered, which is exactly what the memorial is supposed to do. In the next day or two, if someone doesn't mind hosting or y'all don't mind following links, I can have pictures of the WWII memorial, Korean memorial and Lincoln memorial up for y'all to see (and there are pictures of other stuff as well if y'all are interested, I took over 100 pictures ). C btw, if you are going to DC, I would recomment checking out the International Spy Museum . My family visited it one afternoon, and ended up spending about five hours there! It does cost a little money (like $11 for adults), but it is chocked full of all sorts of interesting stuff .
  10. I talked to someone that was going with her family and she said that the first day was going to be mainly for those currently in the military, so if that's the case that might be part of why you weren't able to get on the base. On an interesting side note, the former CO (and first african-american CO) of the Blue Angels came and spoke to my NROTC battalion a couple of months ago. Showed us a cool "high speed" video about the demonstration team, fielded questions, and gave us a little insight into the things that he did as a Naval aviator. Cool stuff . Next stop for the Blue Angels? USNA? Commissioning week is coming up! C
  11. Who gave you that picture of me? C
  12. No not a real basketball problem, play off the idea of being an engineering school with a drinking problem, flip it around and things are a little more accurate . No Music Midtown for me. I'm actually going home tomorrow after taking my last final (Computing for Engineers CS1372 0800 ). Of course, I live in Lawrenceville when not in school, but going to concerts isn't really my thing. I'd prefer to spend my money on the CD and listen to a group whenever I want to . C
  13. Sounds like problems a lot of my peers here at Georgia Tech have. Heck, we are, after all, a drinking school with a basketball/engineering problem. C
  14. The teacher's comments on the second one about Jimmy McPherson are wonderful! C
  15. That's too bad. I'd listen to them on the way to school every day last year. It was something amusing to listen to before going into the pris--I mean school for the next six hours. Oh well, I don't even listen to the radio anymore anyways. C
  16. I was found under a cabbage leaf C
  17. funny, quite funny , but I would like to encourage anybody else that posts in this thread to comment on the humor of the post, not the contents. C
  18. This is sort of like MVD's question about berets, but do any of you that are former Marines have any tips as to how to roll the sleeves of my camouflage blouse so that they look sharp and crisp for a board I have to go before on Thurday? In NROTC we typically don't wear camouflage except for a few different occasions, this being one of them. Thanks for any input. C
  19. yes, whatever you were trying to say there jefferey, I must have totally missed it. C
  20. How to prepare a kiwi A guy down the hall has this on his door. Got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. C
  21. Plus, it is my understanding that the US's policy has been and still is to view terrorism as more of a "crime" than an act of war. C
  22. ummm...owned ? C (now waits to be owned by someone else )
  23. US Coast Guard Semper Paratus: Always prepared (IIRC) C
  24. Did someone say endless supply of beer? http://turnpikefilms.com/spots/nebob.html C
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