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  1. If you liked the Bourne Identity (the movie and/or the book), I would suggest reading the other two books in the series: The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Both are really good, and would probably make good movies as well. C
  2. I have actually burned a CD of Ghost Recon and other R6 and RS music. Hey!! quit laughing at me C
  3. Winners never quit, and quiters never win, but those that never win and never quit are idiots. One of my favorites: Drawing on my fine command of language, I said nothing. Always practice safe eating, use condiments! C
  4. I had seen that as well, but I'm afraid I don't see the significance of the quote. OOOH a thought, has anybody tried entering it in the command prompt? I don't know, it may do something cool C
  5. Do you mean NGRU 2pt's missions with vehicles you can ride in and shoot from? look in the missions section of the downloads area would be my first suggestion (I'm sorry I don't know the actual name, just that it is a 2pt mission set). Hope that helps. C
  6. I know I am a super band-nerd (and I am okay with this), but I like the Marine Corp Marching Band. They rock my socks! No, I also like old-school weezer (blue and pinkerton), and some of the stuff by Chicago is pretty cool. Beyond that, it's not so much bands as it is individual songs. *begin shameless plug* Lost In Utah (my friends band) and the Collins Hill High School Screamin' Eagle Marching Band (my school's band) rock!!!!! *end shameless plug* C
  7. John Mason from The Rock(played by Sean Connery) The man from Soldier (played by Kurt Russel) Lara Croft (I'm sorry the only woman I can think of right now that sort of fits the bill) Cruise's character in Mission Impossible II (the falling from the heli scene) Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity John Clark from Vietnam GI Jane (Demi Moore) That woman from Starship Troopers Colonel Sanders General Failure Major Problems Private Parts Corporal Punishment Seargeant Snork That should be more than enough possibilities C
  8. I first came upon my name in world history class two years ago when we discussed Charles Martel and his stopping the muslims from moving into Europe. At the battle of tours he got his "martel" or Charles the Hammer. My first name is Charles and my style of playing is not real subtle, its to just "hammer" my enemies in games until they're finished off, so I figured it would be appropriate. C
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