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  1. If they are heat seeking couldn't they be trained possibly on the heat exhaust from a tank? I don't know just some good ol' speculation on my part. C
  2. Yippeee! Afghanistan is on our side! C
  3. IMHO, they are arguing not against war, but really against Bush. I have also seen suggestions that some protestors here in the US are acting in some lawless manners. Maybe just a bunch of college kids that want an excuse to go and stand in the street and yell? C
  4. Can you expound on what you mean by jungle warfare? C
  5. I would assume this is so the maps can't be transferred to another game or be drastically modified? C
  6. At one point I thought I might be getting 3ds max, so I had started the map in gmax, figuring when I got 3ds max I could transfer the file. I got most of the basic geometry of the outside done, when I found out it wouldn't work out for me to get 3dsmax (too darn expensive). If anyone is interested I could email that to you, see what you think or what you could do with it. C
  7. Even if you don't play SOAF, pick it up so you can transfer the maps and guns into GR. That is part of why I bought it, and I paid $10.00 for it . C
  8. CtheHammer

    odd facts

    It was very funny to watch a student teacher try to lick his elbow, he was like twisting all around like a dog chasing its tail It's kind of like trying to bite your ear (go for it, but please don't let us know it you suceed ) C
  9. There is one way that is pretty ghetto but it can work in special cases. First you will need to make sure that you have Mike Schell's character skinner that is available for dl here or at theplatoon.com. Note: this only works with the original GR characters, because all the body parts are separately labeled for skinning. Now I'm just speaking in hypotheticals since I don't remember exactly what is on all the different skins, but the first thing to do is to take the character files (.chr) that you want to be the base character, and copy them into a separate mod folder (otherwise you are messing with original files ). Go to properties for each one and uncheck read-only then change their names (xyz.chr, xyz_a.chr, xyz_b.chr) to whatever you want them to be. You then need to identify which skin you want the new boots to come from. Open up MS's skinner and open your renamed chr file. You should see several body parts listed (if you only see head and body it won't change just the boots), and select boots. Righ above the "browse" button you should see the name of the original skin. Click browse and then select the new skin that you want to use for the boots. Now all the other body parts should have their original labels, and the boots should have their new label (check above "browse"). Choose save and then just click okay and tell it to overwrite (you did copy from the originals). Next you would need to open IGOR and create a new actor to see if it worked the way you wanted it to. If you are unsure how to do this, Ruin's skin tutorials explain the process needed for this. Note: since each skin is designed specifically for its chr file, they won't always line up right, and I am not sure that the skins from DS and IT would line up right at all. Hope this helps you some. C
  10. CtheHammer

    Viva la France

    has the french military history been posted in here? C
  11. Maybe have the system that seems to be in ravenshield where you pick the weapon and then you have a list of various attachments that can be stuck on it like a suppressor or a high cap magazine. You have balance because you would only get one, but you would still get to have a cool toy! C
  12. I don't know what you wish to accomplish with that post, but it will only serve to ###### people off, something that is not looked to kindly upon here. If you want to debate who's military is better, well, that subject has pretty much been beaten to death. If you want to talk about how great the ASAS is, then go ahead, but please without all of the invective. Have a nice day, C
  13. I have a sniper skin which is almost invisible if you find the right place to hide on a desert map, I just have no way of posting any screenies If any of you are interested I can email you the skin or screenies of it. C
  14. I don't want to hear another word from you. Because I said so. C
  15. Executive Orders directly picks up from where Debt of Honor left off, so you might want to read that as well. As it is, even if you don't EO will still make sense b/c Clancy is really good at writing readable books. I am currently re-reading Cardinal of the Kremlin and loving it (again). Hopefully I will soon be able to read his latest two books. C
  16. I haven't heard anything about it, but it sounds like a job for the SEAL's, since it's a maritime environment. C
  17. CtheHammer

    Pirate Joke

    A guy walks into a store wearing only Saran Wrap that is wrapped around his entire body. The clerk behind the counter looks at him and says "I can clearly see you're nuts." C
  18. ya'll are just now starting...wow over here we are about halfway through. Boy are you in for a trip here's a preview of what to expect (in no apparent order)
  19. What about the airfield from Con Air? If this is a bad idea I appologize in advance, but what about something based on the governor's mansion members of ST6 hit during the invasion of Grenada? Someone mentioned The Seige a while back. It was actually filmed on the USS Alabama, and it would be VERY heavy on the CQB. The chateau from Dirty Dozen The town from Kelly's Heroes The guns from the Guns of Navarone (yes I am on a roll with the WWII movies) What about that Belgian fortress that was thought to be unconquerable until the Germans took it in about 48 hours by using paratroopers? I still think though that the rock/alcatrez idea is the best, though. C
  20. I had thought about this a while back, but I don't have 3dsm currently. about all I could do would be maybe mission scripting I second the pleas of others, if there is anyone out there that can make the map, please do! C
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