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  1. Cheers man! The secret is simply to make the game YOU wanna play and then walk the extra mile for the features other people may want =) [over simplistic, i know, but there's some truth here]. RvS 2.0 was a kinda big project, the major work was done by another guy and me and eventually we incorporated work from a bunch of ppl that made stand-alone mods for RvS, for instance, Malleus's rainbow AI mod. I'll see if i can send you a weapon FBX one of these days, let's see if it works. I could also send you some architecture, that's what i have the most here, already in 3d. About the POV, a too wide one can have strange effects: things move too fast on the borders of the screen, the perspective lines assume large angles, for example, when you look up, the trees lean so much it seems they will fall over you, and things become too small on a distance, being unidentifiable. I think it's important to try, as much as possible, to achieve a natural result. Situational awereness must come with constant mouse movements anyway, and it involves being able to see as far as possible. best, jug
  2. This is some excellent effort, Burner!! Tell you what, i could help you with some static meshes for buildings, etc, I'm an architect and 3d artist, so if the schedulle permits me, who knows what we can do... =) I would like to suggest you to get the POV angle smaller than what you have set. It seems you are walking with a fish-eye lenses and the natural feel, because of the speed things pass you by, is that you are running fast, but actually you were just walking. A natural viewing angle would be somewhere between 40 and 60º, i believe. All the best man! Cheers!
  3. @ RichardG thx so much for the info Richard. I'll be here for the new iteration of your trainer, i appreciate it very much. take your time, bro! About the 3d ironsights, there are some weapons [blood-oil m4 with holo sight, for instance] which would be compatible. Look @ a gameplay video i posted here for an accidental view into the rifle's sight: jump to 1:59 and you'll see it. Problem is, each weapon would need to have its own settings because surely the eye position would have to be specific to the weapon. So, the trainer would need to be hard-coded into a mod, and it would have to come with its own weapon set. The advantage of it is that, with the right coding work, it could be a mod clear of weapon conflicts with other mods, so in an ideal world, it would override all weapons options for any mod that you use [campains, conversions, etc]. It would just have to be on top on the priority list. Seems HARD, man. But, with a developing team, it may be possible. What do you think? edit: btw, there's a mod out there that puts SOAF inside ghost recon, so the maps can be played. Only sad thing is that the campaing isn't ported by the mod.
  4. how much better is this compared to the enb series graphics plugin?
  5. first of all, i'd like to deeply thank you Richard for this true game changer. i gotta say, i KNEW this was coming, imagine, i had the full ghost recon installed on my computer for roughly 2 years without playing it, but knowing that one day someone would come with such a mod. It's a real immersion breaker to imagine you are an invisible crosshair moving around, u know? You're the guy man, and i have to say, your work is coming out better than i imagined... i got some questions regarding the mod: 1. is it compatible with 'the sum of all fears'? It's exactly the same engine... 2. How feasible do you consider it to implement true 3d ironsights, provided we can put nice detailed wepons inside the game? I tihnk we would have to tweak some character animations to achieve that, and it could prove hard to do, i'd like to know what you think. 3. there could be a 'cheaper' solution: 2d texture ironsights. i'm the guy responsible for the raven shield 2.0 ironsights, so i could help in that department. lemme know what you think, and a big THANK YOU agian. i haven't had this good fun for a long time! peace
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