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  1. Hi, I am an old school GR player. Didn't like some of the ways I saw GRAW (and of course the Rainbow6 series going) so I never went ahead and bought these games. Found myself moving more toward the Mil Sim side of things (POA2, CMSF, etc). However, while waiting and waiting for a great new FPS (like GB was suppose to be)....I've found myself recently thinking of jumping back in with GRAW 2. I am a Single Player / Player. I don't do Co-OP / mulitiplayer. I loved how GR allowed for easy "terrorist hunt" type games. I've believe this is not possible with GRAW 2 ? Correct? A few questions for any that are willing to help me out. 1. Is there enough SP missions via mod / downloads? 2. Can one make SP missions on their own? Fairly easily? Thanks for any and all info...
  2. I have a new computer sytem. One of Dell's 720s.....running with DX 10 and a new 8800 series video card? Just curious, does GR run well on the newer systems? Any DX issues? Any issues with the newer Nivida Video Cards? Thanks.
  3. Just strolled back over to Gr.Net and seen that CentCom was released (yeah, I've been away awhile) but with no tactical FPS out on the market...and a new rig here at home....I thought why not reinstall [GR].....(can't waint until Ground Branch comes out!!).... How do I go about install CentCom.... I've never used 7-Zip file manger before? Can someone walk my simple-self thorugh this. I DL 7-Zip.... Now what? Can I simply DL CentCom as usual......... Meaning simple DL it to my desktop (I have DSL). Or do I use 7-Zip to DL it???? Or do I use the 7-zip once it has already been DL to my desktop? Thanks for the help......
  4. Thanks..... Regarding the HK416 - I hear / read a number of US SOF are now using it. Espeically SEALs and Delta....
  5. Is this a modded M4? It is not the HK416 is it?
  6. This game is fantastic! The realism is incredible (though the learning curve can be big). The moddablity is no other word then "perfect". (Put in udated Predators, with payloads of your choice, SPECTREs, you name it.....with exact specs and capabilities). You can edit all weapons, vehciles, etc, etc. The mission / scenario editor is great. The Ops surrounding Op Anaconda are tough as hell (playing them now). I hear the BHD Ops are just as good.
  7. Yes, I have it. Recieved it in the mail today. Has an excellent manual (140 pages). They also have an excellent message board.....where questions are answered stat!... There is a good size learning curve......but it ships with a complete scenario editor and database editor. Every possible weapon imaginable and an amazing AI platform. There are no bells and whistles in terms of graphics however.......this a true Mil sim (which is used by guys in the biz). The game ships with 4 missions surrounding the Black Hawk Down scenario. All maps and units are exactly as was in 93. It also ships with 4 missions revolving around Op Anaconda. Again, with exact maps and units. There are 4 Vietnam missions....as well as 2 training missions (which are downloadable in the DEMO....but they don't really do the game justice to be honest). Here is a link to a webpage dealing with the editor http://www.prosimco.com/atf/tutorial/
  8. ProSIM's Air Assault Task Force is out! This is a real time, ULTRA REAL type RTS (sans the great graphics). Though for a SIM it has decent graphics without quesiton. Using actual military maps and exact specs on all weapon systems, terrain details, etc, etc. Will include weapons systems from every type of U.S. helicopters (Cobra's, Apache, Kiowa, little birds, etc) to B-52's, A-10's, etc. Also will include light infantry (from 10th Mtn, 75th Rangers, Delta, SEALs, etc) This game covers Ops from Afghanistan, BHD, Iraq, to some from Vietnam. http://www.prosimco.com/aatf.htm Click the "Screen Shots" tab on the left to get some views of the game - Again this is an ultra realistic type SIM.
  9. Why in the hell!!...Don't they simply go back to the original game-play format......where if one Ghost member dies you simply take over another member! - This worked perfectly ...and as is....in the real world. ....The mission simply continues on if one man goes down.... The orginal set-up worked fantastic and flawlessly (in both GR and R6)....R6 has since completely ruined itself with the game nothing more then arcade trash....and now it appears GR is headed the same way. Sucks that RedStrom sold out........
  10. Wouldn't this / then be virtually the same thing as the "firefight" mode in GR?....Outside of the fact that all maps are "community" made instead of Stock maps that came out with GRAW..... No. It's the same thing as the normal quick mission in GR, without tagging either "firefight" nor "recon". As you're not using spawn points it can't be like firefight in GR. It's just a regular scripted mission with objectives. Same mission files as used with Coop, not [GR] Coop. Gottcha! - This is excellent if this is the case. And we start seeing plenty of *modded* missions coming out over the next several months.
  11. Wouldn't this / then be virtually the same thing as the "firefight" mode in GR?....Outside of the fact that all maps are "community" made instead of Stock maps that came out with GRAW.....
  12. Dragonlord... Thanks for the further explanation...... And yes, in GR the "Quick-Mission > "firefight" game mode was excellent - It gave an incredible amount of replayablity......to the gazzilon maps that were put out by modders....Where you could use your unit of Ghosts to take on all kinds of missions / situations... They also had this option in the R6 series as well (until the utterly ridiculous LockDown came out and completley ruined the R6 series for good) That GRAW left out the "Qucikmission>Firefight" game mode just dumbfonds me.......completely destoryed the SP side of the game (which is a huge market in itself)..... Oh well....I'll wait for Armed Assault to come out and see what that is like.....
  13. Thanks for the reply - So do I have this right??....[GR] COOP is simply a version of "lonewolf" firefight gameplay mode (of that of the original GR).... You cannot bring along AI Ghosts/teammates in [GR] COOP? (I simply for the life of me can't figure out why GRAW wouldn't make a fully functional "firefight" mode (with AI teammates)....that was a foundation of GR from the begining.....
  14. Errr... it's a coop mission, i.e. the extra friendlies are supposed to be human, not AI. It was never intended to be played solo ala Rambo style but you can if you wish. What you want is more pure SP missions and though there aren't any in the game out-of-the-box outside of the campaign, I expect we'll shortly have a bunch of nice SP missions courtesy of the mod community and patch 1.35. Yes I do want more SP options (you're correct)....Mainly the old GR "firefight" mode. Which I'm trying to figure out if [GR] COOP is meant to be??.....In that [GR] COOP has to differ from COOP mode that shipped with GRAW (or why make [GR] COOP mode with a patch). It seems it is a way to create new "firefight" missions........yet only with fellow human teammates?? (which it seems what GRAW COOP already was)..... My point being what options does [GR] COOP give the SP community that GRAW COOP already did not?? If [GR] COOP gave one the ability to make SP type missions with AI teammates that would be great (but it seems you still need either human teammates or you go sole rambo mode)....Correct?
  15. Thanks for the info - Regarding the new [GR] COOP "firefight" mode.....In this mode can one take along teammates?? In SP?? (meaning fellow Ghost AI teammates?).
  16. Ouch!....We don't have access to any "AI teammates" in [GR] COOP??? - How utterly silly. It is like rambo mode then?? GRAW completely blew it....They went the way of R6....(so sad). Any thoughts on Armed Assault? The new version coming out early 07?? I've read good things thus far....maybe the next GR??
  17. YES, minus the 'somewhat' part. It IS FIREFIGHT. Do the "tangos" simply show up randomly (like in GR?)......Do you still have a 4-man team to work with? (or are you sole?). THanks..
  18. What exactly is the difference?? (for someone who has never played Coop mode in either GR or GRAW). Does [GR] COOP (in GRAW) allow one the ability to play in somewhat of the "firefight" mode that was in GR?
  19. So what does this do?? For the SP crowd? - Using [GR] Coop, does allow you to take a 4-man team on any of the missions within GRAW?? (where the other 3 soldiers are AI controlled).....does it play out like an [GR] "fire-fight" game mode? I have wanted to buy GRAW since it came out....but its complete lack of any "fire-fight" or "terrorist hunt" mode has made me never purchase yet....
  20. I am a "lifer" in terms of GR and R6 series - Mainly play SP - (still play GR quite often). Like most everyone who played R6 from the start the R6 series is now completely dead - Nothing but a run and gun arcade game - I have yet to purchase GRAW simply because of the lack of *modding* abilities that were (or weren't) originally released.....and since then I have only heard quite a few bad things regading the SP modes. Answers to these questions would be appreciated. 1. Can one mod / make their own SP missions now? Is there an editor like IGOR?? 2. There is still no "fire-fight" mode? (why they took this mode out simply blows my mind...much like the foolish notion of having the game end when the lead guy dies???).
  21. Excellent, excellent post! Please someone within UBI read this over and over - (not to mention taking out the "firefight" game mode was utterly silly).
  22. Just wondering - I don't think this has been addressed yet (witin any of the patches to date)...or if it is going to be??? But will the "firefight" game mode be brought back in? This is one of the main features that kept GR around so long (along with R6, RS).
  23. I agree completely with this post (the original post) - I still haven't bought GRAW yet specifically because of the lack of COOP and SP options - The "firefight" mode being left out was simply foolishness. The lack of ability to spawn into friendly AI was another new feature I don't really like (but could learn to deal with.....IF the game was patched to reflect the needs of COOP / SP game modes). I won't be buying GRAW until this happens -
  24. I've read through a number of the threads on here and really haven't been able to find a clear cut answer to the following two questions that I have - 1. Will GRAW when fully patched bring back the "terrorist hunt" game mode?? - This game mode is one of the foundations of the RS/R6/GR family - It made for great longevity / replayability - (it seems completely foolish that it was taken out) 2. Will GRAW when fully patched give us the ability to make our own Single player games/mods?......I'm hearing it will allow for COOP type mods (and thus somewhat inferred that one could make SP game mods too because of this)........Is this true?....and will there be any restraints or differences when still trying to make a SP mod? (will you only have access to your one player??....or will you still be able to use a team of 4...with the computer AI contorlling your other 3 teammates? Thanks
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