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  1. Personally, I like the outdoor environments... but I know a lot of people like the urban ones. One thing I would NOT like to see in another expansion are missions where you have to make sure tanks/trucks/whatever gets from point A to point B safely. However, on a similar note, I do like going in and rescuing hostages. Now if we're talking about a patch... obviously, there's some AI and map clipping problems that need to be fixed. My guys get stuck in doorways all the time because they both try to go in at the same time. Also, it seems sometimes during a campaign, the order of my fireteam isn't remembered from mission to mission. Eg, on Bravo I have "L. Cohen, Z. Sharp" in that order. But when I finish a mission, the order is reversed.
  2. I use ev1.net... $10/mo and it has a 12hr cutoff. I've never gotten disconnected in the middle of a game. They are based out of Houston, TX but they have access numbers in several other states.
  3. If that's $100 USD... well, that sucks. If it's $100 AUD, it still sucks, but not quite as much. I never said $40 for the Gold Edition was steep though... At any rate, the two expansions have 13 maps each, and the original has 21 maps, so that's a total of 47 maps. I can only compare to what I paid... so $20 for only 13 more maps seems a little steep to me. However, like I said... if it was good, I'd definitely consider it because I really like the game.
  4. I just got the game (Gold Edition) and I really like it, but I only paid $40 for the original plus the two expansions... so $20 would be a little steep for just an expansion. As long as the quality was comparable to the original and expansions, I'd definitely consider it, though. I wish the Desert Siege expansion had more single player maps, I really like the African setting.
  5. Is there a way to enable some kind of free camera during a replay, rather than having to use F2 and F1? I know GR has a console for manually entering commands and such, but I've been unable to locate much info on that.
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