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  1. Well i've had the mac for a week now and coudn't be happier although windows will always have a place in my heart for gaming, i can't see myself buying a windows machine in the near future unless i have money to blow on games and a pc. But with university around the corner and hop;efully a move to australia after that, moneys all going into the savings account. For now i hve the COD2 Demo as well as the Doom 3 demo on here that are keeping my amused enough for now. While i miss the gaming days i'm hoping i will no longer have to deal with blue screens, freezes etc. as much as before if at all, not to mention spyware/viruses and the like. For now i'm content with not putting XP on here, i'm goin to be purcashing Office for mac in the near future and that should take care of all my needs for school. Thanks again for all the input and hpoe everyone had a happy and safe christmas/new years
  2. alright so the mac has been ordered I'm probably going to be using bootcamp (am still looking into parallels though) I'm purchasing Windows XP home, and i'm able to get Office from a friend at work, who is also going to provide me with Symantec antivirus and adaware etc. A question about book camp though: Do i have to install XP on it right when i get the macbook? or can i wait and install it in like march? i heard you have to install it right away before you start putting other files and everything else on the mac...comments on this? Thanks again,
  3. I'm not actually thinking Parallels....If i do parallels, i can choose not to connect the XP portion of it to the internet right? So if i'm in XP using word for an esssay, i can quickly go over to parallels, use the internet for research, and pop back over to XP. This keeps me from worrrying about viruses/spyware at all! This is possible to have OSX connected and XP disconeected correct? Yes parallels cost money but so would buying antivirus software etc. ?
  4. Hey that'd be awsome Roco....i really want to just get an OEM version cause its cheaper but i'm hearing different stories on whether the OEM version works or not, and if it doesn't its not like i can return it So i may have to dish out full price for XP :|
  5. While i did thi nk about this, chances are i'm going to have to do some internet research wile writing papers....yes i could view them all in firefox on osx than shutdown adn boot back up in XP but its just easier to be able to surf in XP if needed. I have a friend from work as well who builds/repairs computers and is willing to put everything on there for me to protect it for anything...no downloading anything on XP for sure, just typing and web browsing....keep my fingeres crossed as well nothing comes up I'm more worried just about bootcamp actually working
  6. Hey thanks for your reply I have looked into Bootcamp quite extensivly and think i'm going to go for the mac and put XP on it as well for MS word....i'll be using OSX for everything else but when it comes to essay time boot up XP....this should avoid any problems that would come up in university, despite the fact i'm sure as long as i can run word/powerpoint etc. i'll be fine I was having such a hard deciding between windows and mac i figured this, despite being the most expensive option, would be the best option. I get the bset of both worlds (for the most part). Use xp for word osx for messenger, music media etc....the only thing is to make sure i don't get XP infected with viruses. just means more money for virus protection lol! Any more tips guys? Thanks again
  7. hmm the more and more i look at it the more i kinda want a kickin windows media laptop for that price....hmmm :S wish this was easier haha
  8. will do WK thanks for the tip I'm also starting to look at Sony's...any ideas on those? I'm going out again tonight to look everything over again which invloves me driving to about 4 different stores since none of them carry everything haha thanks again!
  9. Hey Kamakazi, thanks for the help! Just a few points i forgot to bring up earlier as well With firefox, will i have any problems viewing some sites? i heard videos on YouTube never worked?!?!?! While i do use youtube alot, i'm more worried about not being able to get on certain pages i need for University :S I will also be burning alot of DVD's/CD's probably In terms of building my own desktop...theres nothing more i would love to do than that but portability is a must for next year While what i am doing with it isn't very demanding, i want something thats gonna last a while, as well i love the speed right now i can't run word, itunes and msn at the same time and it kills me Thanks again for your quick reply as you did asnwer a few of my questions
  10. Well, its been a while since i've been here as my gaming hours have gone down the drain I however have not forgotten this place lol Hope everyones doing well as the christmas season is upon us Speakin of christmas this year, i'm asking for a laptop, and surprisangly enough, i'm getting one! possibly, a very good one! I've done my research and looked around quite a bit and i'm stuck! I know the guys around here know there stuff and trust many of them as i used to game quite often...so i come to you for advice Heres what i was looking at : Apple Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16 Ghz 15.4" Glossy Screen 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1440 x 900 pixels 1GB memory 120GB hard drive 6x double-layer SuperDrive ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics with 128MB SDRAM Backlit keyboard Link Here I was totally decided on this until my mom brings me to this guy she knows well and he rambles on about how hes totally about Windows and all the downsides to Mac. I know people have very biased oppinions when it comes to the PC/Mac battle so i'm hoping someone can shed some light on the situation. My parents are getting me this for university next year but i'll be doing alot of other things too: Microsoft Word (odd powerpoint presentation) Lots of Music Lots of Movies Web Browsing (i hear firefox is a better alternative to safari) Msn Multitasking capabilities without being overly slow (important!) Loading/viewing pictures from digital camera nothing overly heavy I've never had a mac before but have used them at school somewhat. While familliar, i will still have to sit down with it and learn some things. HP has been highly recomended to me, but i'm starting to get sick of windows. I hate trying to uninstall programs and tracking down the bits and pieces left behind by the program, the viruses/adware/spyware etc. blue screen of death as well as all the other things that come with Windows. I'm thinking with a mac i can get the reliability i need for University. If need be i can always load up XP on bootcamp/parallels Umm oh just one more question! Theres a desktop in my house and my brothers laptop which runs wirelessly for internet. Both windows pcs. With a macbook i could run off of the same wireless router right?? I know this is alot and i hope someone can help me (yn) haha hope your all going to have as good as a christmas as me. (o ya price range - $2000 USD max) DS22 P.S Rocky: Site is looking great and looks as busy as ever! Keep up the great work and hope everythigns well!
  11. Montreal: Been there, loved it, beautiful, nice people, good times...hope to go back there (brother might even be moving there) I live an hour south of Toronto so its not like a huge place to me but theres attractions such as The Hockey Hall of Fame and the CN Tower. I've been to Halifax a few times as well...it was in the winter so unless you ski there wasn't much to do i found, also since i'm not legal drinking age As for the west coast, i hear BC is beautiful...i'm hoping to spend a few weeks there a few summers from now hopefully Where ever you choose hope you enjoy it
  12. deadly_sniper22

    In 2006

    i knew it was coming, yet i had to scroll back to number 5 and as i scrolled back down i knew it was going to say i'd be laughing.. you know your in 2006 when you can predict what posts like this will lead to
  13. alright so its no professional camera but it does the job for me Anyways i've been talking alot of pictures since christmas so here are a few that i really. Quality wise they're not the best, they were all taken either on the 25th or 26th so i was still tinkering with settings alot(and still am). Let me know what you think
  14. digital camera: canon a520 first camera, wanted to give photography a shot, love it so far, not the one i asked for but good none the less.... Family Guy DVD: Stewie the untold story Spiderman 2 DVD Bedouin Soundclash: root fire CD, and sounding a mosaic cd three days grace cd sand wedge golf balls mars volta hoodie memory card for camera, starters kit for camera small little things
  15. Rainbow 6 was amazing, and i'm read over half of the op centre books which i love as well
  16. well after i posted last it crashed big time, ic oudn't even get into IE, it said there was no internet connection. We ended up upgrading to Windows XP so i guess some good came of it DS22
  17. ok update here: the random msn windows popping up has stopped but i still have all the 'winoldap' when i hit ctrl alt delete..... DS22
  18. ya i know i can always do that but i've had trouble with installing msn for some reason and updates always seem to give me errors so i'm sure that will just cause more headaches... DS22
  19. i have very few clothes cause i go to a school with a uniform code but since i started working at sportchek (sports store with equipments, lots of shoes, clothes) i get %25 i'll be buying alot more soon DS2
  20. i went to buy far cry the other day for $20 or something and the requirtments on the bottom don't list winddows ME as a O/S looks like i gotta stick with the classics DS22
  21. alright where to start. A guy on msn ssends me a link saying something along the lines of "hey is this you --> (my e-mail here)@jlkdsjflds.com" i wasn't paying attention at the time so i click it, as soon as i did and a page didn't come up i realized what i had done and shut down my computer immediatly. I let it sit for a bit and fired it back up. I ran Norton and it found nothing so i figured i was o.k. I go on msn and it seems fine but after 10 minutes, everyone who is online in my list, a window automaticaly pops up for them one at a time, than exits and it goes through every person online. This is when i realized i was in trouble. I hit ctrl + alt + delete and there is atleast 20 listings of 'winoldap' and i can't get rid of them. I search for winoldap under start>search>files and folders and it turns up nothing....i have no idea how to get rid of this th ing, right now the closest i could find was this thread link i'm running through some online scans and see what comes up anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it? DS22
  22. 5/10 i put they were all cg DS22
  23. i watch it, i like it....most of the people left are pretty talented... that one girl last night who sang dream on was pretty good except that one part I don't have a favourite, or care who wins, but its fun to watch DS22
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