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  1. Nice one bruv

    Thank you!

    Thanks for reeling the swearing in a bit. Your previous video sounds like you had Doug Stanhope do the narration. :D


    LMFAO I am a potty mouth. Apologies.

    Nice recitation, but a lot of it sounds like 'talking points' that were probably heavily emphasized in Ubisoft's presentation; ie. what they want the press and Ghost Recon fans thinking about and looking at. Don't look over there, or talk about our horrible netcode, Uplay, and our dysfunctional MMS middle-ware.

    Seeing expectations escalated (especially my own) always has disappointing outcomes when the marketing message doesn't jive with what we actually see for our hard earned money.

    And about 'what we see', and 'things you may have escaped your notice'; Wildlands can't be a that 'seamless' and 'open world' if we have canned cut-scenes as interludes, segways, and outcomes.

    Out of the box the cut-scene aspect of the game puts a very finite damper on what we can do and what we can anticipate in terms of game design, and expansion to the game.

    I personally dislike literally every aspect of cut-scenes in realism genre games:

    · the uncanny valley

    · bad voice acting/over acting

    · sophomoric script/dialog

    · constant kinesically bizarre CGI animation (more ugly uncanny valley)

    · absurd expense that could be better applied to actual game design

    · the disjointed abruption of game render to CGI

    · cost consequences on finite outcome design

    · the time wasted you have to sit and stare at and listen to this dreck

    · the obvious linear limitations of narrative and outcome

    Summarily 'cut scenes' are as much the antithesis of 'open world', as corridor maps.

    I think it would be a lot cooler if we saw more ambitious game design rather then this sort of exit to punctuated self obsolescing game design; wouldn't it be cooler if rather then canned finite narrative, you in single player, or one of your team in coop had to infiltrate to learn about outcomes of what you were doing? Or find a contact that had? Or had to get to the top of a mountain to open a communications channel to get more intel? Or how about any/all of the above, rather then a cut-scene? Or how about use your imagination and add still more options that don't have to take you out of the game with a canned outcome by way of a cut-scene...

    Ok, that's just me, boo me down... I'm sure they're not talking about the networking code, interfaces and middle-ware, the consequences, costs and limitations of cut-scene mitigated deign because everything is on track and peachy three years in...


    In our actual play session in Paris I didn't notice a single cut scene like you are describing. I believe these are added to the reveal to better illustrate what's going on. Also the behind closed doors demo at E3 was cut scene free. I would be willing to bet the final product will have a cut scene possibly at the start of each mission as a way to set it up, but we have no concrete info yet. I will ask at the next opportunity and see if the devs can share anything for us because I do agree.

    I can say this: We all are on the same page as far as immersion and not breaking it for anything. The group consulting right now has constantly proposed ideas to avoid the break in immersion at every turn, no matter how outlandish they might sound. So in that respect, we are making this opinion heard and we will continue to. Excellent feedback, thanks!

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  2. If I could just hop in here for a quickie. To be fair, assuming it's going to be a letdown is just as misguided as assuming it's going to be awesome. So we probably should all tone it down a bit till we see more. Some of us had hands on and loved it and think it's going somewhere great and some of us are a little more reserved. That's totally ok to feel either way. But let's keep it in perspective and so far, even those of us that did go hands on don't know what will come next. Assumptions and all, well we know that saying right?

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