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  1. Great post. Good to see that fellow fans of the original are also getting as much enjoyment out of Wildlands as I am.
  2. Good news is the UI can be toggled off. All the red dots were a big issue for me and I'm glad the Dev team have confirmed today that we'll have that option.
  3. You can already tell that Wildlands has had a graphics downgrade. Compare the reveal trailer to the "We Are Ghosts" trailer. I'm not expecting Wildlands to have much in the vein of OGR. That game was one of a kind in the series. At this point it's better to hope that Ubisoft is competent and actually releases a polished, fun game. I'm not sure we can draw a conclusion that there has been a downgrade. All we can really say is that this trailer, which may not be truly representative of the gameplay graphics we'll get, is different in quality on some images to a previous trailer, which also
  4. This is my plea and feedback to the Dev team about multiplayer. Just a personal perspective and my own views. We still don't know if there will be PvP multiplayer at all! https://doc.co/yCiCNw
  5. Had a scroll through the comments on the video by YouTube watchers and the two recurring gripes were; Downgrading: it seems to have escaped the attention of some, or they don't understand the implication, that Wildlands isn't being developed for last gen consoles and then being ported to PC It's not a Ghost Recon game: even though the creators of the original are sat there in front of the camera saying it is.
  6. Nope. That Reds movie chimes really closely with me as well, thanks Burner. It is very similar to the first mission on the first!
  7. I'll be honest, the GRAW squad command system, as with GR2/summit strike was O.k for convenience, but lacked setting waypoints, fire arcs etc on a map. You could only send your squad to places you could point to and I'm hoping Wildlands will include the kind of options available in the original. Especially with an open map line of sight commands to where to move would be a limiting factor for me.
  8. I am hoping for a server browser and lobbies that can be customised by the host. I'd like that to be on a non-rental basis, but I'm not overly optimistic that will happen. I think the trouble is with ranking, unlocks etc is that they force an MMS approach from the publisher in an attempt to give every player a uniform experience. If you allow servers and custom settings, you are open to boosting and stacking for XP. Never a problem in the Ghost Recon community on Xbox and I guess not on PC, but then XP and unlocks didn't matter then either. Future Soldier brought the dreaded unlock system
  9. OK, if we're back on track ... Will Uplay be used to connect to MP - We don't' know. I was at a Star Players workshop at E3 that discussed Uplay, but not related specifically to Wildlands, just generally. The PC gamers at that workshop gave the feedback that Uplay seemed to offer no purpose in relation to Steam. I don't know if that means anything will happen, but the voice was heard. Will an Internet connection be required for SP - No it won't be, this is not an MMO Direct IP gaming? Dedicated server files - We don't know, this wasn't discussed as far as I recall. Demo recorder or
  10. It won't be first person only, Koelshooter, it will definitely be a third person shooter. However, there is a very clear message being given to the production team in Paris from the likes of Rocky, Deosl and Ulukai that the game could and should support first person only as a viable, playable option. The third person fans in that group (like me) are totally behind that as well. We don't know if it will happen, but it won't be for a lack of asking.
  11. Correct, I was arguing that your logical assertion is false, because the result if it is accepted is absurd. The graphics capability of PCs has nothing to do with the reduced amount of developer resource wasted on porting code developed for last gen consoles. Completely irrelevant response; as my point was that the effort could be spent on bettering and testing the net code. Anyhow, you clearly like a debate but as I have no wish to derail this thread then I'll make no further comment or reply to any further responses you may make. I'll just leave it to you, in your own words, in the ho
  12. Incidentally the only real logical fallacy above ... 1) Future Soldier net code on PC was poor 2) Ubisoft wish to reveal information on a gradual basis when they have decided features 3) Therefore Ubisoft are trying to hide that the net code for Wildlands will be poor. Come on, 101459, this is a non sequitur. Nowhere was the question "will the net code be poor?" asked and the response given that "we're not talking about the net code right now, we'll decide if it's going to be poor later". As said, I understand the caution and cynicism, but Rocky an apologist? Nothing could be further fr
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